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jueves, 14 de abril de 2011

Some advice for your fellow students

Some advice for your fellow students??

The school year is coming to an end and I would like you to give some advice to the students that will follow your steps. Try to be sincere and, using appropriate advice structures, tell them what they should do. Include the level you are referring to at the beginning of your comment.

For example, here's Albert's advice to all of you: "You should listen to the teacher and follow the advice he will give you at the beginning of the school year in September".

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  1. I agree Albert´s advice. This level is very difficult. If you want to study, you will have to do it every day. Doing so, you will get good results but if you study only two days before exam, you won´t be happy later. Last year i didn´t study enough and i didn´t pass but i have realized and now i´m having better califications. If i were you i would study now because in june you could repent

  2. That advice is very good. You should do one composition every month too, study everyday and do the workbook to revise. You also can visite Alberto's page and revise the weblinks exercises, listen some music and view newspapers and magazines in english.

  3. I agree with all of this advices. You must study every day because English can't be passed studiying the day before. But the most important is you do your homework every day. You must take the things Albert give you as the CD.

  4. Well i think the school is harder to harder.You never can rest any time. English can be easy if you work everyday and if you listen all the tracks of the English book. If you do it, you will pass this subjet, but if you don`t, you will have a serious problem and English will become a most difficult subjet. Good luck!
    Águeda Muela 2º Bach

  5. 2nd Bachillerato. In my opinion this year is being hard for all. If you work daily, english isn't a too difficult subject.For students who next year will be in 2nd bachillerato I advised to work everyday and english will be easier. You should work daily, and to follow the Albert's advices.Courage!

    Laura Medina 2ºC

  6. I'm an student of English in second language. I have to say English is an easy language there. But you don't have to relax! You have to do your homework everyday and pay attention to the teacher's explanations. Today, English is the most important language in the world. So, if you want, you can visit English webs (like BBC, The Times, whatever you want!), listen to English music (you will improve your pronunciation)... If you do all i have said, you'll have a good mark, sure.

  7. (1º BACH) If I were you, I would do my homework every day and I would give a compostion every month to Albert. You'd better take advice of the teacher; for example, to study every day and not the last night, you also must pay attention in class.
    Finally, I advise you to read the books and listen to the CDs five minutes a day because there is always a dictation in the exam.
    (Noelia Fernández Béjar)

  8. I am an student of 2nd bachillerato. I don't want to repeat the same things that my classmates but is very important that you follow Alberto's advices because this year has been harder than I thought and now I think in all the things that Alberto told us last year and I feel very silly and also lazy. Now you can't study the exams the night before so it's better that you get used to do your homework and study everyday as soon as possible. I hope this help you. ;)

  9. If we want to pass this subject, we have to study only when it was necessary, or when exams are close (I mean one or two days later.) That's how thinks someone who doesn’t wanna pass the subject. The trick is easier than we think. We just have to study every day one hour for example and do the homework. With this, the day before the exam we only have to review and relax.

    Miguel Figueroa 2ºBach A

  10. I am in 2nd Bachillerato and it´s a little bit difficult.However I think that if you make homeworks every days you will pass this subject easyfull. You should listen the advices of Albert and follow them. Also you should make many composition.Before the exam you have to spleep a lot.Good luck!

    Dámaso Velázquez Caravaca 2ºA Bachillerato

  11. For students who they will be in first of bachelor next year I think they should consider where they will be spending because from the first day they must have clear ideas. My the advice is that they study a little every day and that they don't let the duties and works for the last day. But the most important thing is to listen and heed the teacher Albert because he can help you with him subject and they can give good advice.

    Laura Cano Guirado (1ºA Bach)

  12. From my point of view Bachillerato is hard. When I was in 4º E.S.O I didn´t imagine that this was so hard. But I got used to studying every day, and especially watching movies in English and series. I have also learned that when things go wrong I shouldn´t give up.I try to improve until the end. So the trick is to study constantly.

    Karen Vidoy Rico 2ºA Bach

  13. advice? then if no one follows ... XD I think if you are responsible for the subject of English if you do the exercises every day, and take notes but in a separate book where you can find things easily,you will not have problems in the subject of English.
    on the other hand ,make a composition every week, so if you haven´t got time because you have to study, Alberto doesn´t remember what he said at the beginning of the quarter ...

    Esther Valverde Muñez 2ºA BACH

  14. I think that in English you have to work in the subjet every day or the most you can. It must be a constant work and above all, listening something in English every day and watching a film you like with subtitles are very good for the exercise of listening, which is the worst for me at least. So, if you want to pass the subjet of English, apart from following my advices, pay attention to Albert and don't be silly.

    Ángela de la O Medina 2ºC

  15. I study english of second language. I think that they should do exercises everyday,do the compositions to write better english, listen everyday english songs and the listenings to improve the pronunciation and dictations, participate in classroom and finally I think if you follow Alberto´s advices you will pass english this year with a good mark.

    By:Almudena Pérez Puertas 1ºA BACH