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by Bruce Lee

martes, 18 de octubre de 2011

The girl who silenced the UN for five minutes.

Julia Romero (2º Bach A) sent me this video about a girl talking in the United Nations. 
Can you understand it? 
What do you think about what she tells them?
How much vocabulary do you know?
You can make a summary of the vocabulary and expressions used as part of your comment. Thanks!

16 comentarios:

  1. I´ve seen this video a lot of times but it still suprises me, it´s increible that a girl could silence the United Nations. I agree with all that the girl said and I also think that these problems are more important and serious than many people people believe.
    By: Miguel Román Fdez 1 Bach A

  2. I think the same as Miguel, I have watched this video other times and it reminds me that if we want, our voices can be listened. To be honest, this is difficult but that girl says to us this is possible. The vocabulary aren´t very difficult because she talks about the global issues that we hear talk every day.
    By: María González 1ºBAch A

  3. I too have seen this video many times and always impresses me all those truths she says and I agree with everything she says in the video that talks about what happens every day in this world.

    By Jesús Guirado 1ºBACH-C

  4. This girl is really brave. I have seen this video lots of times, and always it makes me think... This girl is really right. This video makes me be angry with the world. It's really unfair, and any political does nothing to fix it. They should listen more the peoople, the should make the world a better place, they should fight for hapinness...

    Julia Romero Ortega 2ºA

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  6. I've seen this video a lot of times, but it always makes me think that we live in a wrong world. It's incredible how a 12 year-old girl silenced the UN to talk about those global issues which, unfortunately, are still seen. I completely agree with her that we should make the world a better place. By the way, I think the vocabulary isn't difficult, I understand almost all.
    By: Pablo González 1ºA Bach

  7. I think that the normal people with two finger of forehead and little of understanding in the environment, we are agree with the argument that the girl give in the conference. I hope that these words serve of something for the future. See videos of these type, it do to raise awareness of the situation actual.
    By: Belén Pérez 2ºA Bach.

  8. In the video the girl explains the failures of modern society and how it has to improve in the future.
    I think that is right, but it is very difficult to do.
    Explains how nature is attacked by the man and also what we do to fix it.
    Also talks about the discrimination. I believe this problem can be solved talking.
    Finally I liked the video and frflexionar us about our society and its problems.
    By:Gabriel García Jacobs

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  10. I'm surprised that a girl is able to express all those things on that issue, as children of 12 years thinking about other things. She is right in everything he says and I think if someone else had said the same thing wouldn't have been more important, which is a pity.
    By: Laura González Fernández 1ºA Bach.

  11. I have seen this video a few times, but every time I see it, I'm impressed Severn Suzuki, although she was talking for important people who decided the future of the planet, she was very quiet. She is the girl most mature that I know, because when I was 12 years old, I didn't think about go to talk with the United Nations for to save the world.
    By: Noelia Fernández Béjar 2º Bach A

  12. I think that this video is incredible and everybody should learn from Severn Suzuki because she worries about important problems. I think that we can learn a lots of things of the childrens and this is one of them.I have seen this video many times but it is always affected me, because I can´t understand that a girl who is twelve years old thinks about things that really matter that people who is fourty or fifty years old. Finally we should think about this problems.

    By:Carmen Presenta Prados Ramón 2ºA BACH

  13. I have seen this video more times and I think is incredible.
    This video is easy to understand because the girl uses a simple vocabulary that we listen every day. I think that Severn Suzuki is very mature to be twelve years old and I agree with everything she says.
    We all must fight for a better world!

    By:Vanessa Castaño Román 1ºBach A

  14. She's an incredible girl who silenced the World!. She Spoke about biology, nature and climate change but the only objetive was awarened the world about this topics.

    I think that this girls is 12 or 13 years old but she have got an incredible mind to do this speech.

    By: JuanJosé Rovira Medina.

  15. I agree with what is said in this video because we are informed of these problems every day and nobody does anything to solve them. This girl is very brave.

    Por: Laura Trujillo Reyes 2ºBach.B

  16. I've never seen this video and I was very suprised. Are incredible all those truths that the girl says and I'm very agree with she. These problems are very important and are what happens every day in all world .
    By: Eva Mª Pérez Ortiz , 1ºBach A