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by Bruce Lee

miércoles, 2 de noviembre de 2011

London riots: Dozens injured after Tottenham violence last August

Here you've got  a newspaper report about the riots in London last summer. Please, watch the TV reports as well.
And some other reports:   1  2  3     

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  1. It makes me very sad to see a peaceful protest
    turn into a battle field. In my opinion a group of hooligans who joined the protest not to show sympathy or support started the riots which ended in dozens of injured and thousands of pounds in damage. I also think police should be more controlled so these events can be avoided.

    Mireya González Paredes 2ºA BACH

  2. What happened in Tottenham, the last summer, it should be controlled best by police, because there are a lot of injured people and damaged buildings.In one of links we can listening to the opinion, in an interview, of Jon Stratton about it, and he says, with humor, that in his times hoddies are popular and common.The last disturbances in Paris and the disturbances of London, in both the teenagers wore hoodies with the object of hide their faces this is the caused that some people want to ban hoddies, but in my opinion this is a nonsense, I think the best for it is ban the shoes, i isn't the solution.

  3. The riots in England in particular in Tottenham are a sign of revolutionary character of the English.
    These disturbances are caused as a sign of revelion against society by young people, especially students who want to take steps to resolve the crisis.
    I think not so much havoc is needed but rather talk to solve the problem.

  4. These disturbances affected me too. I´ve arrangemented my holidays there and I couldn´t go because we saw the notices in the Tv´s in the newspapers, in the internet and them scared me and all my family. I think that we all have the right to say what we think but I think that the violence isn´t the best way for it. If we use the violence, nobody will think that we are right. However I think that we should say what we think more usually that we do because if we don´t do that, the politicians will do what They want.
    BY: María González 1ºBach A

  5. I think there are other ways to solve problems. Many people were afraid and lost their business. When this happened, I was in London, people said that it was dangerous. It was very ugly to watch on TV many people burning the streets. All this could been avoided if people had talked to their problems. I think the people who live in this neighborhood does not deserve it.

  6. I am totally agree with María Navas, ban de hoodies for this is a crazy and a nonsense. Apart of this, I think that thanks to a news like this, Spain know that we aren´t alone and it give us much motivation for the peopple keep fighting for de true democracy