Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

lunes, 5 de diciembre de 2011


What do you reckon about this hit parade?
  • Laura Leliugaite     1   2   3  
  • Enrique García 1 
  • Fermín García  2   
  • Laura de la O    1  
  • María Rodríguez    1   2  3      
  • Marina  1 
  • Ignacio Castilla   1   
  • Ana Béjar & Aurora  1      
  • Aurora  1  
  • Julie  1    
  • Javier Pulido   1    and the one dedicated to Albert's swimmin style 2  
  • Ray Look   1   2    
  • Mª Gloria Lozano    1   
  • And here comes María Navas with her favourite songs:  

    1 ~Welcome to my life of Simple Plan, it's a bit sad song but I like rock and pop, and the voice of the singer, this is why I like it very much, also in my personal opinion the videoclip is amazing.
    2 ~This is one of my favourite groups so I don't know if this song is my favourite because there are more that I like, but I've chosen this one because it is a love song full of energy.
    3 ~And this is my contribution for Christmas!!... 

Which one do you like the best? And send me the link for your favourite song.

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  2. I don't know...I don't really like these songs very much because they are not my type of music. I think I don't like the two first as they are a little old. However, I like the third one, even if it is also old, because it reminds me when I was a child and I was listening to it with my sister in summer.
    On the contrary, I like Enrique's song because it's more modern than the others, although it is not a super hit, as the song is too slow.
    In conclusion, I like more Laura's third song than Enrique's song, but all of them are good.
    An old song that I like is this one:
    By: Laura De La O Sánchez. 1ºBach. A

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  4. I do not know that song to choose, but I prefer Enrique's song because the singer has a very nice voice and the song is very sweet. (:

    Also I like Laura de la O's song because it is a very animated song and is the classic one of the rock.

    I haven't got favorite song because I like many, but one that I listen normally is Wonderful life that is very old but I never get tired of listening to it, I love this song because he remembers me to when I was small and my mother taught her to me and I was listening to her before being going to sleep . ^^

    My song:

    Marina Jódar Navas 1º Bach C

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  6. I like Enrique's song and Laura de la O's song. I like Laura's song because it's in my opinion one of the best rock and roll song of seventies. And I like Enrique's song because the videoclip and the singer are really wonderful, although is a sad song because anyone want to died younger.

  7. Obviously the song that I choose is Laura de la O´s song because that song is legendary, it´s a great song and always that I remember this song I start to sing.
    My song it´s very wonderful and I send to Albert because it is slow and I can understand what he says in English.
    Laura Leliugaite´s song are also good but I prefer earlier Laura de la O´s song and the mine.
    Any song give me nothing special, this songs in my opinion are normal, except "I love rock n roll" and I can say many songs that are greats and they have been number one in their time as, "We are the world", "I just call to say I love you", "Man in the mirror", "Eye of the tiguer" (soundtrack of Rocky¨S films), "Smells like spirit" etc.
    If I can I would like to leave another song, and the song is:

    Enrique García Prados

  8. I think the best is Welcome to my life of Simple Plan. The other songs are good but this is one of my favourite song and Simple Plan is a great gruop. I also like Laura de la O´s song because I think this is one of the best rock songs. There are so much song that I like very much but there are some singer that I love like: Van Morrison ( I love him since I was little ) Morrisey ( I think that he is the best rock singer) and others like James Blunt, Articks Monkeys....
    In this link you can find my favourite song, I hope you enjoy it ( when you open the web it start)

    By:Ana Béjar Sánchez 2ºBACH B.

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  10. The songs that I prefer are Enrique's and Laura de la O's song.
    I have listened to them before and I think both are wonderful.
    But of both I choose Laura de la O's song because this song is so famous and I can say this song is mythical.
    One of my favourite song it's Wonderwall of the group Oasis, I'll hope you enjoy it as like me :)
    This is the link:

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  12. In this list there are some beautiful songs but for me, the best is Wonderwall by Oasis, I have listened this song lots of times and I enjoy it like the first time. But there is another song that I like a lot, Welcome to my life by Simple Plan, it´s a very sad song but the voice of the singer is beautiful, I really like this band.

    One of my favourite songs is 21 guns by Green Day, Green Day is my favourite band, and this song is awesome:

    Other song I like a lot is Lonely day by System of a Down, other sad song...

  13. For me, my favorite song is Don´t Stop me Now by Queen. Here is the song!

    Other groups that I like so much are Michael Jackson, Boney M, Lady Gaga but Queen is my favorite.

    I like the voice of Freddy Mercuri, is incredible because is really beautifull

    By: JuanJosé Rovira Medina 1ºA Bach

  14. Actually I prefer Laura De la O's song and María Navas' song because rock is one of my favorites kind of music. But as Christmas is coming I take and share this song that I love:


    Apart from that, there are actual songs that I love like 'Moves like Jagger' or 'The lazy song'. I leave them here for if you like them:



    I hope you like them!

  15. I think music is becomig more important for us day by day. Listening music isn't only a way of hang out, I mean, music can makes you feel happy or depressed, it can helps you in many moments much more than a person, or it can makes you feel miserable.
    I love music and listening new groups, because for me music is more than a lovely sound.
    This is a very good and famous song that sure you know:

    Javier Pulido Álvarez 2ªBACH

  16. I think the best song is Javier Pulido's first song because it's a classic that my father likes, I like, and my son will like..

    I like a lots kind of music, but I prefer Spanish Rock, althought we are in English, I advise you about another classic:


    First I thought in Sweet Home Albama, but I wathed in your playlist, and I don't wanna be repeated.

    Ignacio Castilla 1º Bac C

  17. The best song for me is the first maria's song because that song is very famous and everyone has had to listen. It´s true that doesn´t the best song of the history but it was famous and known years ago and when I hear it takes me to the past. Laura de la O's song also I like because is very known but the letter of the Maria`s song I like more because said things that the people feel any time and the Laura de la O´s song only said things about rock and roll altough very well, that is that "welcome to my life" has more interesting content but "I love rock and roll" has better chorus than that song.
    Here I send a mythical song that is call "somewhere over the reinbow¨"

    Fermín García Prados 2Bachiller A

  18. I like Ana Béjar and Aurora song! I think though I don't like so much English songs and it's a old song, Wonderwall by Oasis is a really good one.

    The song I like the most in English is this:
    it reminds me the summer and makes me dance a lot!
    Mari Gloria Lozano Prados 1ª BACH A

  19. I love Jennifer López. For my she is one of the best singers because I don´t like much the songs but the Jennifer´s songs yes.
    The song that more I like is On The Floor because he me resembles the trip of studies of last year and every night of last summer when it was with my friends who live far.
    I have listened to this song in Spanish but in English I love it.
    It is my favorite song in English, I her have listened to thousands of times.