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lunes, 16 de abril de 2012

Do you like FORMULA 1 races????

Here are some articles about Formula 1, about the latest Grand Prix in Shanghai, China, and the next one in Barhain.

Who will win this year?

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  1. I'm not a follower from formula una, I never watch TV. I don't know most of the runners who appeard on the articles and I'm not interested at all. But it's true that Fernando Alonso has been a good runner, I hope that he continuous being yet!

  2. I watched the race and I want to say that this race was the most equaled race that I have watched, that race was great because I didn´t know who would win. Although Fernando Alonso finished ninth, he could have finished fourth behind Lewis Hamilton, but he didn´t finish in that position because he left the track when he went to overtake Pastor Maldonado.
    I think that it is safe to have the Barhain Grand Prix beacuse F1 safety it´s very important and I don´t think that will happen anything.
    The Fernando Alonso´s car have to improve for Barhain Grand Prix if it doesn´t want to finish in lower positions.

    Enrique García Prados 2ºA Bachiller

  3. I don´t like Formula 1 races, in my opinion they are really boring. I´d say that the funniest thing of races is that you can do and win them I think the same for other sports like cycling or golf, I don´t like watch them on TV. Although I have admitted that I supported Fernando Alonso when he was a winner and he was very famous, but I think that I did that because it was cool. Nowadays, I wouldn't support any Formula 1'pilots because it´s a sport that in a few minutes pollutes a lot and I think that is stupid because in this sport you don´t have to train every day to win, you have to have got a lot of money and a good team.
    BY:María González

  4. I like very much formula 1 races and I have watched it for eight years, one year before Fernando Alonso won his first world championship. I watches in TV all formula 1 races. Many weekends I get up early for watching formula 1 races. there are many people who say that formula 1 is boring but I think that that people haven´t watched a formula 1 race from start to finish.
    the truth is that I watch formula 1 because a driver famous is Spanish, this is Fernando Alonso, for me, the best formula 1 driver in the world today. he is in Ferrari, the most famous scuderia of all time.

    Fermín García Prados 2A bachiller.

  5. I really like Formula one races, but usually I haven't got time to watch them. I agree with María because at first the races can be really boring, but as the time happens we became more and more nervous. I think actually Alonso is one of the best formula one pilots and Spanish people like how he represent to Spain all over the World. I hope this year Alonso wins again The Formula One because I wil be very happy. However I don`t consider Formula One races as a sport. I consider it as a hobby, a rich hobby.

  6. I really like Formula 1, I have watched it since I was a child. I follow Formula 1 as I follow other motor sports, like rally, trial or motociclysm.

    My favourite driver in the present is Fernando Alonso. In the past my fovourite pilot was Ayrton Senna. Fernando Alonso is one of the best Spanish sportmen that had succeed in sport. He is in the most famous racing team in the history: Ferrari, and I hope he will win the World Cup this year.

    But we can not forget he isn´t the only Spanish pilot in the elite, there are Jaime Alguesuari and Pedro de la Rosa.

  7. The formula 1 doesn't enjoy me very much, because it is a sport, and I think the sport need more movement.

    I don't like that they are in a car, I know they for their sport need very much concentration and strenght but I like a sport that the sportmen can run, jump, and not being always sitting.

    In my opinion it shouldn't be a sport, like boxing, I think fight is not a sport, but is a stupidity.

  8. I like Formula 1 but this last years I hardly ever watch the races because they are very boring, specially when a few rules changed. I watched Formula 1 because of Fernando Alonso who won two championship. When he changed to Mercedes and after to Ferrari, he did not win any Championship and even having a best car...

    Now he is in Ferrari and he has a good car and I think that this year he can win the Championship if neither Ferrari and Alonso don´t have much errors.

    Nowadays I prefer other sports like football, tennis or basketball because they are more interesting specially because there are very good Spanish players and teams.

    Carlos López Ruiz 1ºBach D

  9. Of course, I like formula one but nowadays, I can´t follow it like before. A few years ago, I remember when Fernando Alonso ran with Renault and Michael Schumacher with Ferrari or Raikkonen reminds us a ice man when he won some career.
    I dreamed with the idea that the ideal mixture could be Fernando Alonso plus Ferrari but now I don´t know what happens. Actually, five careers have been realized already and each one has been won by different pilots.
    The careers are a bit boring though the rain or the urban circuits can give us a bit of emotion. I think that everything is controlled by the computers and there is a little improvisation.

    Lorena Gutiérrez Paqué 1ºB Bach.

  10. I liked Formula One, but in the last years ,they are being so boring because always there was a certain winner.

    But this year It is being so exciting because, for now, in six grand prix there has been.. SIX DIFFERENTS WINNERS! This had never happened in the history of formula one.

    Best of this is that Fernando Alonso is the actually leader of the championship. Is important see all the races this year! Alonso will be the champion, I'm sure.


  11. Many motor sports and one of them will be racing, a sport that to me I do not like much, where more than 20 cars compete for racing around 60 lap, Fernando Alonso is the pilot who represents Spain and State in Renault, maclaren and renault (which is now). A few good opponents to Fernando are: Hamilton, Button and Vettel
    Laura Trujillo Reyes

  12. On the one hand, to tell you the truth, I don’t like Formula 1 races; in fact I think that they are really boring.Therefore, I don’t understand my friends, especially my friend Paola who likes Formula 1 races and LOVES Fernando Alonso, when they are excited watching Formula 1 races. In my opinion, these kinds of sports (Formula 1, cycling, moto gp…) are very exciting when you practice them but not when you have to watch them on TV. Furthermore, this is a sport which pollutes the world in few minutes and it is very dangerous, because the pilots have to run so fast.

    On the other hand, nowadays, Spain is living a very good period in sports. Although I don’t like Formula 1 at all I think that Fernando Alonso is one of the best pilots of Formula 1 races and he’s Spanish, I’m very proud of it!

    To conclude, my father loves Formula 1 races and he always watch them on TV and I have to say that our pilot Fernando Alonso won the Chinese Grand Prix well ahead of Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton on Sunday in Shanghai.

  13. In my opinion F1 is a show, I´m not saying that F1 is the worst thing I´ve ever seen, I mean, F1 is not a sport, like everybody thinks. It´s all about Motors and not about drivers, If you see the first Grand Prix, you have already seen the next 20 races.

    I think everybody should have the same pieces, or at least the same motors.
    I don´t know if you know Robert Kubica, if you don´t know him, he is a polish Ex-F1 driver who last drove an F1 car in 2010, and it is said that he will return to F1 in 2018, you would think "wow 8 years without having driven an F1 car, it won´t be easy for him to adapt to the new cars". In his first test with the car, he set a time only one second under Magnussen, who is the driver that it is said he will be replacing in 2018.

    Finally, I think It will be the last year of Fernando in F1 I think he will go to another competition like Indycar or Rallys, I think he would only continue in F1 if he had an offer of Mercedes or Ferrari, from my point of view that´s imposible

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  15. I love Formula 1 races because I love cars, but I don't usually see Formula 1 races because I think that sometimes they are boring. My favourite Formula 1 driver is Fernando Alonso because he is the best driver in all the world.

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  18. Since I was young I see the Formula 1 and MotoGP too. I am a lover of sport and I always have aupported to Fernando Alonso and nowadays also to Carlos Sainz, even so neither of them have had a good season and the best has been Lewis Hamilton, one of the best at the moment.

    Fernando Alonso has won the Formula 1 Championship twice in 2005 and 2006, has been runner-up in 2010, 2012 and 2013, and finished third in 2007. He has competed for the Minardi, Renault F1 Team, McLaren and Scuderia Ferrari.

    Carlos Sainz has competed in several international competitions, such as the World Series by Renault with the DAMS team, which he won in 2014. He is currently a pilot of the Renault Sport F1 Team in Formula 1. He is the son of the double world rally champion Carlos Sainz, one of the best drivers of DAKAR of the world.

    Finally, I recommend the the Formula 1 to all people because it is very interesting and the next year I hope that Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz have more luck.

  19. I like Formula 1 races because they are fantastic. I don't usually watch the races because it is boring for me. I don't like the car crashes wish it for anyone My favourite even if he does not win the best driver in Formula 1 two world titles thirty-two victories a Spanish driver and a reference to the teenagers the best driver in the world

  20. Fernando Alonso Díaz is a Spanish driver of speed racing. He has won the Formula 1 World Drivers' Championship twice in 2005 and 2006, has been runner-up in 2010, 2012 and 2013, and finished third in 2007. Alonso is the only Spanish driver and sixth driver with the highest number of victories in the world. the history of Formula 1.