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miércoles, 25 de abril de 2012

NEW ARTICLES, NEW ISSUES... It is your turn!!

Now it is your turn to send me any articles in English you find interesting about the issue you like. I will upload them if I think they are suitable for you.

Then you can make comments about the articles uploaded by you or your classmates.


Julia: - Why English is important   

- Importance of English in International Business  

Ana Béjar:  Why is English language so important nowadays?

Laura Leliugaite: Listening for young learners

Juan José Rovira:Esa selects 1bn-euro Juice probe to Jupiter

Cristobal Tarifa:  

Proms 2012: a season of pleasant surprises

Proms 2012 celebrates best of Britain - youth, royalty, and Wallace & Gromit

Breakneck Beethoven with Daniel Barenboim

María Navas:  The importance of learning English




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  2. I have read the websites sent by Julie and I think that learn others languages is important, but of course if you read these websites you will understand the real important to learn English nowadays. I have found websites and I have chose this one because I think that "job opportunities" is an important issue and in the future I'm sure that to find a job will be more easy if you speak english. For other hand english can make our daily routine more easy because nowadays english usually is the language aplication of computers and others things like that.

  3. I just read the articles that Julie was send and I think that English is very important.
    English is very important for the business or to work. If you want to go out of Spain you have to know English for understanding with the people who lives in other countries. I usually read much webs and articles of neuroscience and criminology and most of these text are in English, it is other reason that I think English is so important.
    I just read other webs that says why English language is so important
    Ana Béjar Sánchez 2ºBach B.

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  5. I think English is really important because most of business ask for it. Nowadays you can not think working in your hometown or near it because of the globalization. You must study in different places to learn diferent cultures and to learn diferent lenguages. Other important lenguage is chinese. China is one of the most global potency who sells lot of items in all around the world. The secret it is to travel!

  6. Listening for young learners.

  7. I think Ana's article is very interesting because English is a very important language, a lot of works needs a very well English.

    I was reading articles and surfing internet and i search a very interesting article about Jupiter:

    TThe mission on Jupiter is an idea to know better the planet and his icy moons (Ganimede, Europa, Callisto and Titan). "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Neil Amstrong

    By: JuanJosé Rovira Medina 1ºA Bach

  8. Last Thursday Albert asked to us if we knew anything about Juan Jose Guarnido. I've been looking for some information about him but everything appears in Spanish. I could only find a short biography in wikipedia and here is the link:

    In my opinion, we should be proud of him because his dream has come true. He works with the most prestigious animators and writers in the world and it has to be amazing!
    Juanjo Guarnido and Juan Diaz Canales also created a comic album series called “Blacksad”. All of the characters are anthropomorphic animals.
    They have received several prizes for the series, including three Eisner Award nominations and an Angoulême Prize for Artwork. “Blacksad” also has been translated into over twenty different languages

  9. I saw in the news that prince Charles and Camilla visited the BBC studio to celebrate BBC Scotland's 60th anniversary, and suddenly they decided to read the weather. I have choosen this article because in my opinion it's funny and interesting that doesn't happen everyday! :)
    I have put the link to the article below:

    By: Aurora Justo 1ºB Bach

  10. I have read the website sent by Julie and I think that English is a very important language for everything.
    These days the English has become a fundamental instrument in order to work outside or within your country English is the language that they'll always ask. For my part I want to work as a journalist for more and for this type of work English is essential to talk to all kinds of people.
    In recent times the English sa become the official language of planet Earth, now everyone should know this language for all kinds of work I think the importance of this language is dabe the importance acquired by the United States in the country global aspect, for centuries the dominant country has imposed its language on the rest, as is the case in ancient Rome or this country now.

  11. I think that English is the most important language to move around the world, also is French but English more. In times now to know nothing of English is a big problem because it is very important as when seeking a job are the most important foreign languages. ENGLISH IS VERY IMPORTANT!!

    Jesús Guirado 1ºBach-C