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by Bruce Lee

sábado, 29 de septiembre de 2012


        Long, long time ago in january 1982, when the Football World Cup was going to be held for the first time ever in Spain during the summer, your teacher went to Cambridge as a young university student. Now, 30 years later something incredible may be about to happen.
       What do you know about Cambridge? Tell me what you know, search for information or articles about this university city, send me any photos or videos you find about it. By the way, do you happen to know the origin of the toponym CAMBRIDGE?

Here are some pieces of news related to this city:

Will and Kate to Visit Cambridge!

 Visit Cambridge       and click here.

and finally.....

  how about going to Cambridge?

I can't tell you any more, but we are working on it. Further news will come up soon!!!!

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  2. Cambridge is one of the most famous university cities in England and in the world. When you think about University in the UK you always think of Cambridge and its huge and beautiful buildings. I’ve travelled a lot and one thing which always catch my attention are the buildings. I think you get a better impression of a city if you go down the streets than if you only visit the tourist attractions. I’ve been twice to the UK and I was in two completely different cities, so I wouldn’t mind going one more time.

  3. Cambridge is a university town that is in England, 80km north of London. The origin of this toponym come from the fact that the city grew aound a bridge over the river Cam. This city is widely known for the University, founded in 1209 and which is classified as one of the top five universities in the world. However, this town has large green areas to rest in when and stroll. As well, it has a long history behind, and every corner you can see old buildings of gothic style. The climate is humid with not very high temperatures, so that is this good. I think that Cambridge is a good place to visit and I would like to go there onde day.

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  5. So, I think Cambridge would be a beautiful place to visit if we travelled to Great Britain. This town is well-known for its famous university, which was founded in 1209. Many people want to study in this beautiful town, which is full of history and old buildings of different style. Its skyline is dominated by the last two buildings, along with the chimney of Addenbrooke's Hospital in the far south of the city and St John's College Chapel tower. Its climate is very wet, as every town of England. It would be an interesting place to visit :)
    PS: Its noun means "bridge over the River Cam" as it was built over this river

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  8. Cambridge is a very famous city for its university, like Oxford. I've never been there and as London, is a city I’d love to visit. Although it is a city that has been modernized, it preserves its classical buildings and its streets full of monuments and tourist attractions to visit.
    Like any teenager, I would love to study in its university, but I see a bit complicated. I would have loved to go on the trip organized for this year, but I have some projects for the summer and I cannot afford everything I want. But I hope to visit it someday, because I've only been once in the UK and loved it.

    María Rodríguez Martín 2º Bach. A

  9. Cambridge is an old English university town, capital of the county of Cambridgeshire, on the banks of the River Cam. It is approximately fifty miles from London and several around her villages and towns.
    By: Joaquin Garcia 2ºB