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martes, 23 de octubre de 2012

A sports hero or a liar????

Here are some articles about American cyclist Lance Armstrong and all the latest news about his possible doping case:

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  2. I must admit that I have never liked watching cycling, but at the time of Lance Armstrong I used to watch it every day after lunch.
    In my opinion Lance Armstrong has been, is and will be the best cyclist in history. He changed the world of this sport, he won 7 tours consecutively! Amazingly, I remember that time when he suffered a testicular cancer and overcame it quickly.
    Moreover, I think UCLA has punished him harshly. I agree anti-doping controls are made because, competing in that way, would be unsporting. However, I am sure that almost all cyclists get doped because this sport is very demanding. I think it is very difficult for cyclists not to get injured during very hard stages, even they are fit. Furthermore, if Contador is suspended due to a minimum quantity of a doping substance, anyone would be punished after a doping control.
    In conclusion, I think if Armstrong really got doped, UCLA should put him a just punishment. The seven Tours the France were won on his own merit and the cycling championships he won shouldn't be removed from him.

  3. My cycling I never liked, but I think this man deserves this, because I don‘t have miss trap for seven straight years. But if those who are investigating the case have lied all those years because he could remove.
    As Alberto Contador accused him, he was punished with two years without being able to run and they took a tour, if this man is guilty shall punish him also.

  4. I´m a big fan of cycling and I was a big fan of Lance Amstrong, winner of seven Tour de France. But one day I heard that Lance suffered a cancer, from that moment I had doubt about Lance because It was very difficult to keep the level that he had tenía before cancer.
    Years later, was accused by USADA for possible doping, and 22 October 2012 be confirmed her doping and suspension. Lance lose all their prizes and her career will be a big disappointment!

  5. I don't like cycling very much, but my dad watch it on tv every day. Obviously, I'm not agree with dopping in general, but specially in sport. In my opinion, athletes should get their victories with their effort and their daily training because that is their real job. We can see in the news many doping cases every day and it isn't good for sport. I'm sure Amstrong is a great cyclist but he didn't win legally the seven Tour de France so UCLA should put him a very hard punishment. Currently there are many more anti-doping controls than there were when Armstrong won his Tours so now is difficult to deceived sports organizations. I want to congratulate the Anti-Doping Agency for his investigation because then we can know that some athletes want to deceive us, like Amstrong.

  6. I have never liked watching sport on TV, but my parents and my brother are always watching it and they are always talking about sport after lunch. When my brother listened the piece of news he felt outraged because Lance Armstrong was a hero for him. My brother love cycling and he thought that Armstrong was the best cyclist of history.
    I think Lance Armstrong changed the world of cycling and everybody were proud of him, but now we know that he didn’t win 7 tours legally. Therefore, I think the cycling championships he won while he was doping should be removed from him.
    In conclusion, I don’t agree with doping because, in my opinion, athletes are very important in our society. They should be aware of his actions, because they are an example for many people.

    Elena de la O López

  7. In first places, I like watching and practising the cycling so I think that Armstrong is a hero sport.Armstrong has won seven "Tours de France" had working and with much effort but with a little help.
    In muy opinion, Armstrong was a good cyclist but I am disappointed to find out that He doping. I think that the sport is very important thing for young peolpe so the athletes should set an example by not taking drugs.
    Nowdays, there are too many anti-doping controls and consecuently is very difficult for the athletes chating UCLA and if someone tries to cheat is discovered soon.

  8. In general I like all the sports and cycling too. Lance Armstrong has been accused many time of doping during his sports career, but not hasn´t been until last October when the UCI confirmed the case. Because of this, Armstrong has lost his seven Tours de France that he won from 1999 to 2005 and others achievements.

    When I heard the news on the radio, I didn´t believe it. How was it possible that Lance had done this? I was very surprised because Armstrong has been an elite athlete and he has always fought for his disease, the cáncer.

    This case is similar to the case of other cylists like Alberto Contador, but the Spanish cyclist has already been absolved. I think that athletes souldn´t doping beacause they are an example for all sportsmen and many people believe in them and their work.

  9. I like this sport so much and I admire the cyclists because they need to be prepared to do what they do, they cycle a lot of kilometres only with their bike, and they are an example for so many people who want to be like them.

    Armstrong is one of the best cyclists in history, he has done a lot of efforts to be where he is, and I think that although he has lost the seven Tours de France he won, he is a great sportsman, maybe people think that he doesn't deserve to have those tours, but I think that if he hadn't doped himself, he would have won anyway, because he is the best.

    We don't know if it's true or not, but maybe that's not the way to be the best, you have to demonstrate that you can do everything without the help of doping and anything like that, but I wonder why they discover the doping case a long time after he won it? why wasn't it discovered in that moment? I think UCI knows the reasons.

  10. I like sports; in especial I like cycling and football. I admire a lot what cyclists do because this sport is very difficult and exhausting. I have gone cycling and it is hard. I know some cyclists that are very good cycling, for example Alberto Contador or Purito are brilliant.

    Lance Edward Armstrong is a person who cheated all the world, I think that Armstrong have done a very very bad thing and he will have to pay all his mistakes. The problem of Lance Edward Armstrong was that he wants to win more and more competition and money!!!. That it’s!!! Now he has known that the thing he has done is very bad. Armstrong was a great cyclist what but he fell into the temptation of doping.

    Now the problem is, what are we going to do? We are going to steal him all the money? We are going to remove all his trophies? Yes or no? I don’t know. The justice will know what to do.

    By: WILLIAM 