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by Bruce Lee

miércoles, 1 de mayo de 2013

The best restaurant in the world

Do you like cooking?

Could you give us a nice recipe or just tell us your favourite food or restaurant to go?

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  1. I really like cooking. I love to spend hours and hours in the kitchen trying new recipes. My grandmother often teach me traditional recipes and I try to learn it to show them to my children. I also use to watch cooking shows such as "Carlos Arguiñano in your kitchen" or "Masterchef". In Spain, we have very good and important chefs who are recognized around the world: like Ferrán Adriá or Roca brothers. Spanish cooking is very healthy and tasty and everyone loves it. My favourite Spanish food are crumbs, specially, my grandmother's crumbs because she uses a typical recipe from "the Alpujarra" with potatoes. The foreign food I like the best is Italian pizza: I love to cook and eat it with friends!
    In Salobreña there are very good restaurants with excellent food. my favourites are: "Chanquete", "Verdejo" and "Mesón de la Villa". And if you want to eat a fantastic pizza, you have to go to pizzeria "Fontana": it's wonderful!

  2. Actually, I don’t like cooking. I don’t cook almost anything, just some simple dishes to dinner when I'm alone. I think that it’s a privilege that the best restaurant in the world is Spanish. I’d love to go there to try some of the dishes, but I recently saw on television that reservations couldn’t be made until September!
    I'm not fussy, I like almost everything. I love fish, vegetables, pasta ... so I have no problem when I go out to eat. In Salobreña, I often go to some restaurants as 'El Trasmallo', and with my friends, I go to pizzerias or sandwiches bars almost every Friday.
    My favorite dish is fideuá, a noodle paella with seafood and meat. It’s delicious, and although my mother doesn’t know how to cook it, when I go to my aunt's house, she cooks it to me. I also love cannelloni, crumbs and all kinds of fish, whether squid, swordfish, anchovies... But the things I like most are sweets. Ice cream, chocolate, and fruits are my favorite desserts and I like making strange mixes to blend different flavors.

    María Rodríguez Martín 2º Bach. A

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  4. I like cooking, but the problem is that I am not allowed to cook anything.. I like almost everything.I like fish, except the ones with fishbones,I also like meat, such as chicken, and vegetables When I go to Salobreña I go to bars that do not

    put fish or pizzarias. I prefer going to Motril because there are more combinations of bars and there are macdonalds ...

    My favorite dish is chicken with chips and spaghetti.
    I like the chicken and chips they sell in the "King of chicken"

    I like most are the desserts (sweets), ice creams, cakes, chocolate ... I also like fruit a lot, my favourite one is watermelon.