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martes, 18 de noviembre de 2014

Twitter and its origins

As you know, your English teacher has just opened an account in Twitter, which you can follow, of course. Are you into social networks? What are the pros and the cons? (What does this question really mean?)

What does 'tweet' mean? Discover the origin of this popular means of communication.

Interesting listening exercise to do.


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  2. Answering the question, "tweet" means the sound which birds do, or the song that they sing every day.
    In Britain there are 596 types of differents birds with differents sounds. Experts say that their sound help people when they are studying, working, or when they've got stress, it is relaxing for them.
    Some types of birds make you feel that you are in a different place, like the eagle tweet. Inmediately it produces us a mental picture of the sea, the beach. A cucu is another type of bird, with its peculiarly sound which make you think in the opening time of the spring season. As these two birds, there are more who produce the same.

    Tweet is used too in the social network called Twitter. It was created in California seven years ago by Jack Dorsey. This social network permits the users to speak with others with just 140 characters in their messages which are called "tweets". The users can subscribe to others users, they can have people subscribed to their tweets, and put the same message again, these three things are called "following" "followers" and "retweets". Users used it specially to talk with famous people, to be more closer to them and meet their thougths, hobbies or other things of their lives that they want to show their fans, followers, or people interested to them.

  3. I only use whatsapp (which I do not think it's a social network). I see it on twitter a bit tired to write what you get. For me it is boring I don’t think it is interesting. There are cons like everything you write can read everybody, and pros is you can express yourself. on twitter is estimated to have over 500 million users, generating 65 million tweet a day and handles over 800,000 search queries per day
    Do you know where the name of twitter?
    One of its founders, Jack Dorsey, said that the network was originally designed to be used by SMS to mobile, and when receive the phone vibrate, would move. It is hence the first two names emerge: Jitter and Twitch, literally meaning fidgeting nervously twitching or jerking or small.
    However, not satisfied with the name, was sought in the Oxford Dictionary Inglés all words beginning with T and W up to Twitter, conjugation Twich and Jitter. To this is added that struck them the "small amount of information without a warrant, chirping bird"
    On twitter is estimated to have over 500 million users, generating 65 million tweet a day and handles over 800,000 search queries per day.


  4. Yeah, i have a twitter but i hardly ever use it.
    The pros are too. For example: If you follow a person you can see everything people tweet who you follow .The tweets are the main function of this social network: With them you can say whatever you want in public. The retweets are speaking in public a message that someone has sent. The favorites are obviously the things you love. The disadvantages are that you can only write 140 characters in a tweet. Means: What are the advantages and disadvantages?
    Since Jack Dorsey created it in March 2006, and launched in July of the same year, the network has gained popularity worldwide and is estimated to have over 500 million users, generating 65 million tweet a day and manages more than 800 000 search requests diarias.1 has been dubbed the "SMS of Internet". (Wikipedia)


  5. Twitter, it has greatly changed the way people communicate,it has good aspects, but also some that aren't.

    I think this is a way to communicate with people who don´t know ,you can write interesting information, or give "RT" to something you like to share with your followers. On the other hand, most people use it to write his life private,there are people who are interested in and this will only have twitter to gossip.

    In my opinion, each person can do with their social networks as they want, but I personally leave twitter because only read things that happened to people and I'm not interested.

  6. I knew the twitter thanks to the TV because some programs out and caught my attention being, I then looked online and I made an account. A lot of my friends also like the idea and I did and now everyone has it, but some just use it and that is the instagram and give a like.
    In some games you also ask for the twitter you get rewards or bonus.
    When you want people to know anything you write on twitter as '' very good day to go to the beach. '' And people can comment, retweet or give me love.
    Things clearly visible on twitter:
    1) Most celebrities use it.
    2) You can follow and can follow you.
    3) You can send direct more messages and meet people.
    4) Some people are known thanks to twitter.

    Cristina Béjar López 3ºB

  7. I met Twitter for my brother, one day he showed me from his cell phone and I became an account.

    The twitter is used to put states in which you mention to friends, upload photos and videos. Your followers can give "like" and "rettewt".

    At first there is one thing that hooks a lot, but while you get bored and leave it aside and use other social networks such as Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

    Paola Ruiz Fernández 3º ESO A

  8. Twitter is a website and is very similar to Instagram.Mis friends, and the TV ads came out much then I taught it and I loved it so I have I have a twitter. You can see the photos hanging people and also see the states that put, if you put something they see or if you hang pictures too see them. You can retweet things from others
    Alvaro Ruiz Rodriguez 3A

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  10. Twitter is a microblogging service, created in California in March, 2006, by Jack Dorsey. Actually, five hundred millions of people use it.

    The network can send plain text messages, with a maximum of 140 characters, called tweets, which are displayed in the user's home page. Users can subscribe to other users' tweets - this is called "follow", and the users and subscribers are called "followers". If you are a follower noob who haven't made many tweets, your name is 'tweep'.

    From what I've seen, Twitter has been very famous, but now there are other social networks like Facebook, Whatssapp, Instagram also very famous.They are very similar, but the problem is that Twitter is old-fashioned.

    From my experience, Twitter is as interesting as the others, but it's less secure, because many people use it.
    So Twitter's got a point, because you can write short messages, communicate with other people, meet famous people, you can follow lots of people and lots of people can follow you, but it can be an addiction and you should do other activities like meeting your friends, walking your dog, riding your bike, going to the park, etc.

    Maria Jose Garcia 3ºA // Unit 4.

  11. Twitter is a company like Facebook, Myspace, Tumblr etc ... They are social networks. Twitter is a kind of blog you can post photos, videos put sentences share links etc ... It is designed for people to put a pseudonym preceded by "@" mine @josemolvizar. I usually post comments, quotes from songs or things I like, made hole in twitter is fairly easy can do things like #FollowforFollow #FollowBack # F4F etc ... There are people all over the world is the most used social networking world but also this very controlled advertising pages as "adfly" are blocked so you can not make money with your tweets I see it well but still many people begin to send you direct messages sending you advertising on my twitter opinion has many uses.

    Jose Manuel Diaz España 3°B

  12. I don't like Twitter bicouse is very borin for me.
    I like more Facebook. You can play compiter games whit Facebook.
    Facebook is good. I have Facebook.

    Rubén Rodríguez. 1ºESO A.

  13. Rubén's got a pint, but I prefer "instagram" because is very cool, and some people say that is not very easy to hack into.
    I use internet mainly to look for information and to play videogames, but I also use social networks like facebook and twitter to chat with friends and post some of my photos.
    Internet can be very addictive, specially for the people who play computer games, beacuse they play in a network where they can communicate. My brother uses internet a lot to look for information for his projects, but he is also playing with it every day!!! If people use internet very much, they don´t communicate with other people face to face and they can become addicts!!
    I personally think that internet is a good tool if you make a good use of it,because you can find everyting you want, but don´t spend too much time in front of your computers! It can be dangerous!
    Margarita LLanes Venegas 3ºA

  14. Nowadays, Twitter is one of the largest social networks. Anyone can create an account for free and start following his favourites actors, singers, atheletes or politicians. Almost all celebrities have a representation in Twitter, so that anyone, just like fans, can send them tweets of support, disagreement, etc.

    This social network, which was created in California in 2006, is based on a chronology in which messages appear like tweets of the people you've chosen to follow. Likewise, you can also send direct messages or create lists about topics that interest you. It’s really useful.

    The word "tweet" is inspired in the song of the birds, and if you pronounce it in high-pitched voice, we realize that this is true. Therefore, the Twitter logo is a bird, and people communicating through this network could be identified with birds singing.

    Taking this into account, not only do I think that Twitter is one of the best social networks that allows us to be connected at all times, but also you can only write messages of 180 characters, so is a simple and concise way to be informed without paying much attention. It can be said that Twitter "goes straight to the point".

    Clara Prados. 2ºBACH B.

  15. Lately , to many tv programes , series , films , actors , singers , documentaries etc... using the #HASHTAG
    What is this? . There is a form with people diffuse the information about programes , series etc.. in twitter .

    Today in spanish exist the word ''tuit'' (del verbo tuitear que tambien se ha añadido a la RAE ) in english tweet there are other form to diffuse information , comentaries , opinions etc.. of you .

    Twitter is a big company in the world of the social networks , in this moment with the facebook there are the most populary social networks .Twitter is a kind of blog you can post photos, videos put sentences share links etc ... It is designed for people to put a pseudonym preceded by "@" mine @josemolvizar.

    I usually use twitter.

    Jose Manuel Diaz España 3ºB

  16. Twitter is nowdays one of the most used social networks, it´s estimated that Twitter has more than 500 million users, who generate more than 65 million Tweets per day, Twitter was created in 2006 by Jack Dorsey

    In my opinion Twitter is having such an incredible success because almost every famous person uses it, they can easely answer questions made by their fans. Many people create their accounts to try to talk with their idols or just talk with friends or maybe meet new people, I personally use my Twitter account to know what is happening in that moment all over the world, for example, I followed the Barcelona and Cambrils attacks almost in real time while Tv Channels were showing images without sense.

    But Twitter, like every social network you have to be very carefull with everything, because there are fake news, Hackers, scammers, It´s not really a problem, it´s just be careful where to click or what to say.

    Twitter is also very used to have some laughs, there are many users who post photos, or simply their opinion to make people laugh, these post are called memes, and there are so many funny tweets. My favourite account to have some laughs is called "El Mundo Today"

    Eduardo Pérez

  17. Twitter today is a social network used by many people around the world. This social network was created by Jack Dorsey in 2006.

    In my opinion this tool is having a spectacular success as many famous and not famous it has, many people upload phrases, questions, videos and photos, if you feel identified with the person who upload you put a comment.
    But as every social network also has its bad side as many people can take personal information from you or even take your account.

    I think it's a social network where you laugh a lot and have a good time seeing what people are up to.