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by Bruce Lee

lunes, 26 de agosto de 2013

Going where the work is

 Hard times to find a good job. Sometimes we are forced to go abroad to find a suitable job opportunity. Here are some hints.

How to move your career abroad: tips, tricks and insights

Facts About Hunting Jobs Abroad

and you can do this listening exercise: GOING WHERE THE WORK IS  

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  1. In my opinion, it's very important to know at least three languages​​, and especially English because in the actual Spanish crisis period, it's very difficult to find a job.

    Many students are unemployed after leave the university. For that reason, I think that young people should look for work all around the world because of the big market in developing countries, so students must have the highest formation and speak perfectly the language.
    I think travel to a foreign country and stay there for a few months with the help of a studentship is a good idea, or study at a European university.

    In addition, working with people from other cultures and learn about their life and customs will help us to have an experience that in our country we wouldn't find.

    By: Clara Prados 1ºBc B.

  2. ome people have not other option but having to go to other countries looking for a job.

    It is not related with the level of formation of the person because there are people who travel looking for jobs which do not require qualification such as waiters/waitress, home keepers etc and people with high studies trying to investigate really new stuffs. Both of them wanting to have a decent pay for their job.

    In Spain it is difficult to find jobs which doesn´t demand a title. And specially in summer. So that is a huge problem.

    Also there is a "brain scape" because we forme a lot of people but we are not able to give them a job so they go away to countries where they can offer them a better salary.

    We must find a solution because moving to other countries is not pleasent for everybody and it is a desperate option due that you have to leave behind your family, friends and maybe your partner if he/she is not willing to move away. Also not everybody have this possibility because you have to know the language of the country where you are going and the people who can not are stuck here in Spain without a job or with a badly paid one.

    In conclusion it is a hard situation and even if people don´t want to leave sometimes it is their only option.