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by Bruce Lee

jueves, 7 de agosto de 2014

SUMMER 2014: our hit parade

Go ahead and tell everybody. We want to know what are going to be our favourite songs for this summer. 

Here's my hint. What about yours?

Our hit parade:

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  1. My favourite summer songs:

    When summer is coming, it is clear that many artists are already prepared to release what will be their summer hit. In the music industry, it is very important this fact because a lot of people will listen and dance their song during a summer and in many cases, this song will be remembered for a long time.

    What have artists done in order to sucess this summer?
    From my point of view (and now I am going to tell my favourite songs: Cola Song - Inna; Bailando – E. Iglesias, Sean Paul, Gente d' Zona), the special ingredient for the 2014 Summer Hit is to insert Spanish words or sentences in the lyrics. This makes songs to be more colourful and “catchy”. At the same time, people start moving their bodies unconsciusly.

    María Béjar Rodríguez 3º ESO

  2. When the summer starts, I think the people listen songs with beat and they can be danced. This is my case because in the summer I listen songs that I can dance and in the rest of the year I listen other kind of music, music slower or my favorites singers’ songs.
    People like lively music because if you go out or go to the party, that in summer it is very common on the weekend, you want dance, sing and enjoy with the music. And for this reason, when the summer come singers and group record this kind of songs, songs that people can dance.
    The song of this summer, clearly, has been “Bailando”. This song has been sung by Enrique Iglesias with Sean Paul, Gente d' Zona and there are one Spanish version and one English version, but I like more the Spanish version because the song was written first in Spanish and later he did the otter version.
    My favorite song of this summer has been this, “bailando” because I like the music and the beat of the song. Other song that I like too much is “Adrenalina” by Wisin, Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin.

    Andrea Ligero Alabarce.

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  4. A lot of artists write songs in summer because they know that people, especially young people, are going to listen to them during their holidays. Nowadays, I think that music is not as good as it was a few years ago in the 60s, 70s and 80s. I say that because now you can do a song without voice and instruments, only with a computer, and that isn’t good music.

    In spite of this, I’ve heard good music this summer for example The Man (Aloe Blacc) or Summer (Calvin Harris)... I don't like all the types of music that I’ve heard this summer, but there are some of them that can be really good. I think that languages are very important in music, because most of my friends only like Spanish music. I don’t say that Spanish music is bad, but we should listen to foreign music, to learn a foreign language, if you want to learn one.

  5. In my opinion the conteporary music isn't as good as music of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Some artist usually wait for the summer to his albums on sale, but nowdays the music isn't very good and summer's music is worse than ever sometimes, because people are more relax and doesn't take care music they hear.

    I like the song the Aloe Blanc-The Man, because he mixe different languages and have a lot of rithm. Egbert Nathaniel Dawkins III was born the 7 of January of 1979. His nickname is Aloe Blacc. He is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, businessman and musician. His best songs are "I Need a Dollar" and 'The Man'.

    By: WILLIAM:)))