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by Bruce Lee

martes, 1 de septiembre de 2015

SEPTEMBER is here!!!


Here comes September, a month where we probably have the best days of the summer, but also the month when we say goodbye to friends we have made during the summer time. Happy times, sad times. 

Holidays don't mean anything if we don't have routines. In July, holidays represented a break in our routines, but now also back to routines is also a break in our  holidays. However, before going on let's listen to this song ("SEPTEMBER") by Earth, Wind & Fire:

So what memories of this summer come to your mind? A summer love, an unforgettable barbecue at the beach, dancing in a disco, a party...?

And what are your expectations for the school year which is about to start? Tell me any changes that happen during this month. In a few days' time you'll be meeting your schoolfriends!!!

Are summer holidays too long? ARTICLE TO READ: Schools to end long summer holiday  


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  1. I am going to talk about my summer’s experiences and about my goals for this year. This summer I have gone to France and I have been in “La Alpujarra”. This year is going to be difficult, because I enter in Bachillerato.

    This summer I have been in France and I have visited the “Dune de Pilat”, the “Mont Saint-Michel” and Rouen. In this last place I have stayed for a week and I have had classes of French. Then I returned to Spain, but I spent some days in the north. There, I visited Oviedo, León and Zamora. When I arrived at home, I went to “Las Alpujarras” and I spent there a couple of weeks. In Sierra Nevada, I have done some trekking and I have played tennis. I have gone to the Mulhacén and to the Seven Lagoons.

    My resolutions for this year are to have good notes and to obtain the B2 at English and at the B1 at French. It is clear that this year is very important, because the notes I will obtain this year will affect for the “Selectividad”. I also know that there is a big step between the ESO and Bachillerato, but I have to do as much as possible.

    All in all, I think that I have visited many wonderful places this summer, but I would have liked to visit another time Paris. I also think that I will have to study a lot this year and that it’s going to be difficult.

    By: WILLIAM : )))

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  3. Well, I'm going to start talking about my holidays. For me and for many people the holidays started the last week of June. This last week is sometimes very difficult because some teachers would put exams this last week of June for that the students would come to class. Going to the point, this summer I've done many special things, for example, it is the first time that I go to the hotel Playa Calida of Almuñecar, it is a hotel located next to the beach (La Higuera) and it has a big pools, yacusis with hot water, water slides and fantastic bars inside it. Other thing that I remember from my holidays are the festival of my village, this year they have been fantastic, they have been the best of a lot years.

    My goals for this new school year are: pass all subjects with good marks, study almost every day and be very organized, because I have to go to the conservatory, to the karate, to the band of my people and to the football.
    Now I can't sleep so long, and I can't lie down on the couch so long.

    For me, these holidays have passed too quickly. Good luck students, I hope you pass all your exams during the schol year!!!!

    Joaquín Alejandro España Sánchez

  4. I am going to talk about my holidays and about my goals for this year.

    When I think in the summer, the first thing comes to mind is when I went to Isla Magica with my friends and our moms (We went by bus very early, and we spend all day there and we arrived home at 4 o’clock in the mornig). When we arrived we were very exciting, we hopped in all the attractions: El Desafïo, Ciklón, Anaconda, El Vuelo del Halcón... I think all my friends and I were scared when we hopped to the Jaguar (It is a roller coaster) because we were with our eyes closed and screaming all the time. That day was the best day of the summer. This summer I have gone to the swimming pool, I have woke up late, staied up late and I haven’t much more to say about my summer.

    My goals for the school year are: pass all subjects (the main math because is the most dificult subject), try to study almost every day and do my homework more quickly because I spend a lot of time with them and be more organized.

    I think the holidays are very short as compared to the time we spent in high school. I hope to pass all my exams with good mark ( including the E.O.I ).

    Irene Ramón Arellano 4ºA.

  5. September is a month which has a lot of changes. It is the moment to start again the routine.

    The first memory of this summer that comes to my mind was the night that I danced bachata, salsa, chachachá with all the neighbors of Lobres in the terrace while others were having a drink. The night was very nice. The man who taught us to dance this type of dances was called Roberto. He danced very well. The music that sounded was by Romeo Santos. All the people there were laughing.Something sad was when my friend from Barcelona had to return home.
    My expectations for the school year which is about to start are to pass Maths, because for me they are too difficult, and pass the B1 at the EOI. Some changes will be getting up early (during summer I got up very late), return home nearly 3'15pm and go to bed early, apart from studying, doing myh homework, and doing exams.

    I think that summer holidays are too long, and the school year is also too long. It would better, if we had more holidays during the school year.

    Andrea Gutiérrez

  6. This summer has been unforgetable. I have had real good times with my family and friends. Although, I have also studied maths for september exam.
    Firstly, I have had good times with my parents and sister. We have gone to the swimming pool and the beach. I prefer going to the swimming pool because you can relax yourself and it is cleaner.
    I also hate the sand and stones in the beach.
    Furthermore, I have been in the party of my town. It is very funny and many people come to Itrabo to meet their family and friends.
    Although, I have studied too much maths very difficult for me. I don´t understand them.
    Personally, I think this summer has been good. I hope my next summer will be better.

    Jose Manuel Ortiz Jimenez 4 de ESO A

  7. I hate september! Is the month when summer finsh and the routine begin again and I dont like it. I love summer, this summer wasn't the best summer but was a good summer. Summer alwayis is good! You have a lot of freetime. You can do enything what you want, you don't have homerwork, you don't have tests. 0 worries. I don't do a lot of things in this summer. I go to the beach with my family and sometimes with my friends. I played a lot to computer games, but now I can do it more because I need study and do my homework. I like school because you learn new things but I hate don't have free time!

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  9. What´s summer? Very easy, it´s the best part of the year when you can go to bed vey late, you can go to the beach with your friends and family, and you can also eat a lot of ice-cream. Lemon is my favourite one! Those three spectacular months after school are great! But you can only enjoy them if you have good marks. So you´d better study during all the year, or the summer will be a great disaster!

    Last summer I had a lot of fun with my family and friends because I had good marks at school. I went to Madrid with my family, I went to the beach with some friends and I also met them to go for a walk around the village. But, what I most like doing at summer is playing tennis in Granada. I train there for two weeks and I play with my friends.

    This term I´m going to try to get good grades to have a lot of fun in the summer and play tennis a lot. How wonderful the summer is!

  10. Summer is the best season of the year for many people, especially for teenagers. Teenagers and childreen spent most of the year studying in schools and doing homeworks. Going to school is a obligation and we must study to get a good job in the future and do what we reallly love, and not being obligated to do something because our marks are not good enough.

    All teenagers are wishing that 20 of june arrive and that the summer start. Summer means less responsability about studies and go out without looking at the clock. Days are longer and the weather is warmest. Beachs are the most famous place to spend holidays in summer.
    The first party of summer is san juan, which is a party with a bonfire on the beach. People like spend time with friends and family and in in summer you don't have impediments or excuses.

    However this summer is different because of covid-19. It has affected many people and many people have died. We have to be conscious and know that we are not secure in nowhere, there are outbreaks in many parts of Spain. We must wear a face-mask and keep the safety distance.

    This summer is going to its end and september means get back to the routine. School year start again and responsabilities arrive with him. The difference between this year and previous years is that this year we don't know how is the way of teach. We don't know if this school year we will study in person or online. And the most important question is what about selectivity?

    To put all in a nutshell, I have to say that for me summer is the best tiem of the year and when we enjoy the most. However this summer is different and we couldn't enjoy it in the same way. We have had to restrict our summer and not do all that we want.

  11. It is the ninth month of the calendar. In September we change the season from summer to autumn. In this month the temperature drops, it is neither hot nor cold, it is warn, we start using long sleeves.
    In September the holidays finish and we go back to work, to school, we go back to the routine.
    I don't like September because in holidays you have a great time, do fun things and now you have to work hard to have a good holidays next year without having to study.

    Francisco José Prados Espinosa