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viernes, 9 de octubre de 2015

Miraculous operation and some tips to live in the UK

Toddler's miracle operation (BBC)

NBC: 'Miracle' Surgery Reattaches Australian Toddler's Head After Internal Decapitation 


Getting used to life in a foreign country can be difficult…

Life in the UK – 7 tips  (BBC Learning English)  

Talk about habits in the past and getting familiar with new things

Used to, be used to & get used to   (BBC Learning English) 


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  2. This is IMPRESSIVE!

    Sugery lastened for 6 hours, and recovery will be long. If all comes out well, Jaxon Taylor, would be able to have a normal life. Jaxon was transferred to an hospital by helicopter.

    All happened the past 15th September, when Jaxon travelled with her mother and her sister from New Wales to Queensland. The road was covered with dust, and their car crashed out with other car.

    In my opinion, this is an absolute miracle of science.

    Living in a foreign country requires get some culture, speak it language, meet its gastronomy and know where you are. On the other hand, you should have enough money.

    María Béjar Rodríguez 4º ESO A

  3. We saw a few days ago the news that an Australian family had a car accident and the baby that was just a year, had an incredible spinal injury and was moved to hospital by helicopter.

    Althogh the injury was that he had his head separated from the body and the operation took a long time, the doctors didn't know if the baby would make a normal life.

    However we have seen in the media images of the child with a metal device around his head, but the boy smiles speaks, walks, or starts to do her normal life. Although much time will pass medical and scientific advances will help the baby to have a normal life.

    A surprising and wonderful news.

    Paola Ruiz Fernandez 4ºESO A

  4. There are many news that seem very impressive. a small child had a traffic accident and his neck was separated from his body. The doctors operated on the boy for hours and they got a miracle.
    It's amazing that the baby can walk, smile and play. twenty years ago the doctors could not get that result. In the future we will see amazing things because science advances and surprises us every day.
    Antonio Peregrina Martinez 2º ESO A

  5. Certainly it is a miracle. Poor baby, in other cases he wouldn't have survived, but in this case he is safe.Thanks to the helicopter it brought him quick to the hospital, he arrived in time It was a good job carried out by the doctor after six hours of operation.

    It is true that getting used to life in a foreign country can be difficult, but you should try to talk all you can, make friends, eat the food from there, save money, visit as much as you can in a city, like: museums, theatres, cinemas, go to cafes... and why do you want your mobile? Look for information, download an app and so you can have access to all information about the city. I am going to go to Ireland and I hope that when I stay there all will be easy to get used to.

    Andrea Gutiérrez López 4º ESO B

  6. It is a very surprising news. This little child had a car accident and he cut his head. He had a difficult operation of six hours!! But he had saved his life.
    Nowadays, medicine has developed a lot. We can see in the news many difficult operations, for example one man has a new face because someone donated it. We have advance too much because of the new technology and the good doctors we have.
    I think there will be more advances in medicine in the future, and some deseases will be cured. I hope that this baby will be fine and well in the future. He is a survivor!

  7. The main characters of this article suffer a terrible car accident. His parents died while he was transported carried to a hospital. After doctors evaluated his case, they decided to opérate him as quickly as possible because of his state . An operation in your head should be very difficult to do because it is a very delicated place of your body.
    After this operation, Jaxon Taylor could live in a good condition.
    All in all, I think that medicine is the most important science because it can solve our healthy problems. In the future, it will also cure the most terrible illness: the cáncer.

    Jose Manuel Ortiz Jimenez 4 de ESO A

  8. Incredible. It's a true miracle what these doctors have done in order to save little Jackson's life after having a car accident, where his mother and sister were. Even though the operatiom was long, it was worth the waiting since little Jackson will continue growing up next to his family and enjoy his life.

  9. Incredible. It's a true miracle what these doctors have done in order to save little Jackson's life after having a car accident, where his mother and sister were. Even though the operatiom was long, it was worth the waiting since little Jackson will continue growing up next to his family and enjoy his life.

  10. In this comment I am going to write about a miracle which has happened to an Australian baby. I will also give my point of view of getting used to life in a foreign country .

    I hope this type of miracles could pass more times. Jaxon Taylor, a 16-month-old, was injured on 7th October 2015 because of a car accident. This accident produced an internal decapitation; in the car collision in which they were involved, his head pulled apart his neck. After an exhausting operation, the doctors finally could give the little children a second chance at life.

    Nowadays, workers usually have to leave their countries, because of the lack of work and the increase of international companies. Getting used to leave in a foreign has never been easy, but is becoming easier. First of all, when you travel to another country, you have to search a job, which is usually as waiter for learning the language. Then, you should find an apartment or somewhere to live, which is usually a very small flat, because you don’t have too much money. Finally, you might want to meet people and make some new friends which will be a difficult goal to make, because you don’t know the habits of the new country. These types of problems could be better solve if you go with a friend or if you go with your job company which could provide you an apartment.

    All in all, many people die, because unfortunately they don’t have the luck of this baby. A foreign country can be also a good experience, because it shows you a different culture and you can learn another language.

    By: WILLIAM : )))