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martes, 17 de noviembre de 2015

TERROR IN PARIS!!!! Nous sommes tous Paris!!!

You remember some time ago when we talked about Paris here in this blog:

Le Tour de France est fini...mais Paris est toujours là!!!

and when we also talked about the intolerance of certain people in this world:

Palmyra: Historic temple destroyed, archaeologist murdered and AMERICAN HEROES IN FRANCE!!! 

Well it seems that this neverending sad story is not over yet. Some sad stories:

  Some videos in French:  1  2  3  

And remember that the Russian plane crash that happened some weeks ago was also due to a terrorist attack: Listening exercise (6 Minute English)

Latest breaking BBC news: Friendly match between Germany vs. Holland cancelled 


Episode 151111 / 11 Nov 2015   >>> Expressions presented: stem the flow, deteriorating, retaliatory steps & star lot.

  And we should never forget John Lennon's song:   IMAGINE  


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  2. It was terrible what happened, but worst of all is that, even so, they won't go to stop... Official spokesman for the terrorist group Islamic State; Abu Mohamed al Adnani said "Our eyes are on Rome, Paris and Granada, while you are thinking Kobani" and all the territories of Al-Andalus according to them.
    I don't understand why they do this, to them don't care die with explosive belts, only cares about his god Ala; terrorists with an AK-47 shouted before shooting ''Ala is large''.

  3. I couldn't believe what happened in Paris. I was having breakfast when I saw in the news that terrible incident, it was a masacre!
    The terrorists have killed many people in the capital of France and everybody was scared. People were screaming, crying, running... it was horrible.
    I don't know why these persons kill other people, and they say that they will kill more people. I think that this will cause a war, and this is not good for anybody.But, how can we stop it?

  4. It is a surprising fact in the XXI century, a slaughter of people of any religion, terrorists with machine guns, explosives to immolate themselves in the name of their god. In the media people running through the streets without knowing where to go because they knew they were going to die looked. There was even a pregnant woman hanging from a window protecting terrorists.

    But now the streets have died where most people are full of flowers, people who aren't afraid and are trying to get everything back the way they were fools because they cann't do that we give up our rights and freedoms.

    In short though most countries are in alert we must show that intelligence and freedom are above these radical people.

    Paola Ruiz Fernandez 4th ESO A

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  6. It's terrible what happened on last 13th Friday in Paris. There were several terrorist attacks. There was a shooting at the restaurant Petit Camboge, a second shooting in the 'Bataclan Theatre' and an explosion in a brewery near 'The France Stade'. In total, 137 people killed and 415 people injured.

    These terrorists or 'Yiadists' have said that they will attack again. Their new goals are London, Rome and Grenade! I'm a bit frightened because of it. I think it's going to be a world war.

    Because of what happened on Friday 13th, the Eiffel Tower tuned off its lights and thousands of famous monuments all around the world dressed with the French flag. In fact, for the first time since its opening, Disney Land Paris closed its doors for a day.
    Now, I would like to give my personal opinion. I reckon that we are giving too much importance to all this that has happened in Paris. Everyday, people die, especially in third world countries, and nobody does anything.

    On the same day that Paris attacks happened, there was an earthquake in Japan, a funeral bombed in Baghdad, a suicide bombing in Beirut and another earthquake in Mexico. In 24 hours, we lost 115,200 heartbeats.

  7. The recent terrorist attacks in Paris were sorprendentes. A lot of people want to kill other people with much violence and without asking anything, however they say they do on behalf of their god Allah .
    I reckon no one can take the life of any person , nor take away the freedom in the name of any religion.
    Antonio Peregrina Martínez 2º ESO A

  8. It's terrible what happened on last 13th Friday in Paris. It is a surprising fact in the XXI century, a slaughter of people of any religion, terrorists with machine guns, explosives to immolate themselves in the name of their god. Islamists say that Allah is peace , there is true , but there are Islamist radicals that do attacks to cities etc..

    There called ``Yiadist´´have said that they will attack again. Their new goals are London, Rome and Granada! I have a little scared by the attacks.Hopefully this will end soon and no more attacks.

    Jose Manuel Diaz España 4ºB

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  10. On the last 13th Friday of November, France suffered a terrible terrorist attack. The attack was divided in three parts. Firstly, they attacked in the surrounding area of the stadium, where France was playing a match. In this match, there was the President of France, François Holland. However, they couldn’t enter and they exploded their self in front of it. Hopefully, the President could escape finally.

    Secondly, they killed people from restaurants, bars, café that where near the stadium. Fear was extending all over Paris.

    Finally, they made their last and biggest attack at Bataclan theatre where there was a rock concert. They abducted and killed many people there.

    All in all, they killed 130 people and extended fear all over France and Paris. I hope that there isn’t any more terrorist attack either in France, in Syria or in any other part of the world.

    By: William : )))

  11. Last Friday, 13th November France suffered one of the worst episodes of the 21st century. I didn’t write about this before, because the event was too recent and I wanted to see what was going to happen next, the reaction of France, how much this has affected us, and obviously how this was going to affect Spain, because I remind you that Granada is one of the most menaced cities by these fanatical terrorists, because they still think that the south Spain is Al-Andalus, as it was called when they invaded the Iberian peninsula in 711 AD, and they still think that is part of their “empire”.

    First of all, I’m going to talk a bit about the incident. It began in the northern suburb, Saint-Denis, on the night of 13th November 2015. The attackers killed 130 people, including 89 at the Bataclan theatre, where they took hostages. In total 368 people were injured. Afterwards, three suicide bombers struck near the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, followed by suicide bombings and mass shootings at cafés, restaurants and a music venue in Paris. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) claimed responsibility for the attacks, saying it was in retaliation for the French airstrikes on ISIL targets in Syria and Iraq. The President of France, François Hollande, said the attacks were planned in Syria, organised in Belgium, and perpetrated with French complicity.

    In response, a state of emergency was declared, and temporary border checks were introduced. On 15th November, France launched the biggest air raid, striking ISIL targets in Al-Raqqah. On 18th November, the suspected lead operative of the attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, was killed in a police raid in Saint-Denis, along with at least two other people.

    France had been on high alert since the January 2015 attacks in Paris that killed 17 people, including civilians and police officers. The November attacks have been the deadliest on France since World War II, and the deadliest in the European Union since the Madrid train bombings in 2004.

    But, why hasn’t Europe reacted now to this problem and not before? That’s because things only affect us when they are near us. There have been many attacks in other countries like Tunisia, Kuwait…, but it’s now when Europe is doing something against these terrorists. People think that this could be the beginning of the 3rd World War with a new type of fighting in which there won’t be a war between two factions, instead of that, we will have attacks like this one in Paris, where we could see that the terrorist hadn’t fear to die and kill themselves with bombs.

    And regarding the response of France, I reckon that it’s not the best way to solve this problem, because I think that they are killing too many civil people that maybe couldn’t have escaped from these places, even if now there isn’t another solution, because they are recruiting more and more children so that they can train them to do this type of things, which is inhuman.

    I only hope that this war will finish as soon as possible, so that these episodes won’t happen again in France, in Tunisia and in any part of the world. Even if experts say that it will take several years. Nevertheless, I only want our governments to stay together against these terrorists and not be hypocrites just putting a French flag in their Facebook profiles, because I didn’t see anybody with other flags when the terrorists attacked other countries, and please don’t say hypocrites to the people that observe a minute of silence, because nobody has observed a minute of silence in other terrorist attacks.

  12. It's terrible what happened in Paris last Friday. There were several jihadist attacks, where there was more dead in the theater named Bataclan. They tried to enter the stadium where England played France, thanks to the police could not enter. Many people are afraid even because yihadistan have said they will strike again in London, Rome and Granada.

    I'm worried because they threw three bombs in Paris, and France with 20 bombs jihadist bombing a city. Spain joined France's war with the jihadists and if this continues we will find us in the third world war. Many people put on social networks a photo with the flag of France. I think that we are giving too much importance to France as many countries as Italy, Belgium, UK, Spain and a super power like the United States, which is one of the countries with more ammunition and weapons in the world, because the same day there was an earthquake in China and the two things are very important.

    If not quite soon we're going to see a war in which there will be thousands of innocent dead and nobody wants that. The jihadis are based on their religion and do not mind dying and innocent people die.

  13. Last Friday, 13th November, in Paris during a official match (Francia 2-0 Alemania) several terrorist exploded in the surrounding area of the Stade de France. There were several jihadist attacks, where there was more dead in the theater named Bataclan.

    Their new goals are London, Rome and Grenade! I'm a bit frightened because of it. The islamic want get it back the Alhambra and Granada because their think is their.

    I think the moors should be in his country and not entry in others countries.
    We would save us all a lot of trouble.


  14. Ohhh my god!!! I still see the images of the attack in my computer and I feel pity for all the victims and their families. In total, one hundred thirty-seven persons were killed and four hundreds fifteen persons were wounded. This tragic event the last 13 rd November had three places where the accidents happened: in a restaurant called Petit Cambodge, in a theater called Bataclan and in a brasserie near the Stade of France. At the restaurant there was a shooting, at the theater Bataclan there was a second shooting during the concert of the American hard rock band called Eagles of Death Metal and there was an explosion near the Stade of France.

    For me and I think for all the people, the Yiadists are bad people who kill other people just for not being of the same religion. They kill by Allah, their God, and they say that Allah is big when they are going to kill people.
    It's incomprehensible!!!!!

    Joaquín Alejandro España Sánchez 4ESO.B

  15. It's terrible what happened on last 13th Friday in Paris. In total, one hundred thirty-seven persons were killed and four hundreds fifteen persons were wounded. Well that's not all currently in January 2016.Islamist radicals have not had enough and are doing attacks in more parts of the world , Islamists say aims countries and Granada in Spain specifically they said that would infringe the Alhambra And I was planted in Granada panic and put the country at risk of terrorist attack .

    Jose Manuel Diaz España 4ºB

  16. On November 13, 2015, there was an attack in Paris. The Islamist terrorists entered a party hall where there was a concert and they killed dozens of people. They also tried to attack Saint Denis football, but luckily they did not succeed. I think they are cowards who hide behind some weapons to defend their radical ideas. This problem I think should be solved by education in school because jihadists teach children to kill since they are small.

    María González Lozano 2ºESO C