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martes, 16 de febrero de 2016

Pau Gasol in the All-Star 2016 game in Toronto

Latest news: Pau Gasol added to NBA All-Star Game (Marca)

He will be the only white-coloured player and the only foreigner in the game!!!


Pau Gasol and his Spanish supporters to play in the All-Star game (Chicago Tribune)


 CONGRATULATIONS!!! You deserve it.


Jimmy Butler with knee injury misses the All-Star game  (We all wish him a fast recovery << to recover from an injury) >>>  Guess who'll be there for the sixth time!!! 


By the way, some questions for you about the venue: Where is Toronto? Which NBA basketball team plays there? Which letter is silent (the way it is pronounced in North America)? 

British vs American | English Pronunciation Lesson

And this is how British pronounce 'Toronto'.


Can you tell me any famous player that played in that team? Has any Spanish player ever belonged to this team?

Notes on MODALS for my students in 4º ESO (Can you give me some examples related to our champion Pau Gasol? For instance: "Pau Gasol can play basketball really well. I cannot play basketball as well as him".)

>>  TO TALK ABILITY we use can/can't, could/couldn't, be able to/not be able to.

Examples: I can speak English (Sé hablar inglés)      I will be able to speak English after my five-month course in England.
General ability in the past: Mozart could play the piano when he was four.  (had the ability)
Specific ability in the past: The little boy couldn't swim, but he was able to (=managed to) get out of the water when he fell into the swimming-pool.

>>  TO EXPRESS CERTAINTY we use must.

Examples: Someone is ringing the bell. It must be the postman.


Examples: 'Someone is ringing the bell. It must be the postman.'    'It can't be the postman because today is Sunday and they don't deliver any letters on Sundays.'

>>  TO EXPRESS POSSIBILITY / PROBABILITY we use may/may not, could/couldn't, might/might not.

Examples: It may rain this afternoon, but I don't think so.

>>  TO EXPRESS OBLIGATION, LACK OF OBLIGATION or PROHIBITION we use must/mustn't, have to/don't have to,  need to/needn't/don't need to.

Moral obligation: You must obey your parents.
Prohibition: You mustn't park here.
External obligation you don't have to agree with: You have to wear a uniform at this school.
Weaker obligation: You need to wear gloves if you are going out. It is freezing.
Lack of obligation: You don't have to wear a uniform at Mediterranean Sea Secondary School. (You needn't wear / You don't need to wear...)

>>  TO GIVE ADVICE OR MAKE RECOMMENDATIONS with a pinch of OBLIGATION we use should/shouldn't, ought to/oughtn't to.

Examples: You should/ought to study more regularly.       You shouldn't/oughtn't go to bed so late.

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  1. This weekend in Toronto (Canada) will take place one of the biggest basketball events in the world, the NBA All-Star Game 2016. What are the All-Star? The All Star is a basketball exhibition game hosted annually by the NBA, matching the league's star players from the Eastern Conference against their counterparts from the Western Conference. Each conference team consists of 12 players, making it 24 in total. There will be a lot of excellent players playing it, like LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony (Eastern Conference) and Kobe Bryant or Kevin Duran (Western Conference). But, what it has been the most awesome thing , it’s that Pau Gasol is going to play!
    Due to Jimmy Butler went down with a knee injury, Pau Gasol, who was going to miss making the All-Star team by just 360 votes, has entered in it in the end. He has to be really proud of it, because for the 35-year-center it will be the sixth appearance in the All-Star. Moreover, he is going to be the only white-coloured player and the only foreigner in the game.
    It’s true that there are other Spanish players that have played in the All-Star, like Jorge Garbajosa, Juan Carlos Navarro, Rudy Fernández, Marc Gasol and Ricky Rubio, but Pau Gasol is the only one who is going to play 6 times in this event. I hope that Marc Gasol gets over his injury soon and Spain could do something in the 2016 Summer Olympics Games of Río.
    All in all, I think that Spain has to be proud of having such good sport players like Gasol, Nadal, Contador, Alonso, Casillas… I reckon that if we did the same in everything Spain would be a better country. It’s for this reason that I think that we should also improve in other themes, like education, in which we aren’t really good at.

  2. Toronto is the most populous city in Canada, the provincial capital of Ontario, and the centre of the Greater Toronto Area, the most populous metropolitan area in Canada. An alpha global city, Toronto is an international centre of business, finance, arts, and culture, and is widely recognized as one of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities in the world. It is located in Southern Ontario on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario.
    In Toronto plays the Toronto Raptors, which stadium is the Air Canada Centre. One of the most famous players who played there, was Christopher Wesson Bosh who was consider as good as Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony. Also a worldwide Spanish player played there, José Calderón.
    Paul has finally reached the NBA All-Star Game, which I think it is a very important achieve. It is a bit strange that he is the only white-coloured player and the only foreigner in the game. This happens, because Americans are very good at basketball.
    All in all, I hope that one day more Spanish players could play at the NBA All-Star Game. I wish that Pau Gasol make good matches in order to win the trophy and in order to be re-elected next time.

    By: WILLIAM : ))

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  5. Pau Gasol is a Spanish professional basket player. He play in the Chicago Bulls of the NBA. He is a six-time NBA All-Star, and a four-time All-NBA selection, twice on the second team and twice on the third team. He has won two NBA championships, both with the Los Angeles Lakers.

    The 13rd may, 2009 he was elected for the first time in his career in the ideal quintet of the NBA, specifically in the third. In 2010, he was elected a second time to this name, and in 2011 and 2015 was chosen in the second quintet.
    He is one of only six players in NBA history with at least 18,500 points, 9,500 rebounds, 3,000 assists and 1,500 caps accumulated during the regular season.


  6. Pau Gasol Sáez is a Spanish professional basketaball player who plays for the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

    Jimmy Butter is Chicago Bulls swingman. Currently, he has got a strained left knee, so he will miss three or four weeks. The NBA has announced that Bulls big man Pau Gasol will take the place of Butler in the All-Star Game. Pau is very lucky because it's the sixth time that he has gone to this game.

    But what's the All-Star Game?
    It's an exhibition basketball game that will be played today. It will be the 65th edition and it will be the first time that the game will be held outside the USA, that is, in Toronto(Canada).

    Toronto is the most populous city in Canada, the provincial capital of Ontario. In 2011, Toronto had a population of 2,615,060,making it the fourth most populous city in North America, after Mexico City, New York City and Los Angeles.

  7. I think he's one of the best player on mis position, but there were many players that play on the same position that him and that's why the coach didn't give him much minutes but he really played so well, Jimmy Butler is one of the best Wing that I've never seen not much players can throw from three points as he does, it's angry for everyone who like basketball watch the injury because the world of basketball lose him but i'm sure that he will be back soon.

    The match was really interesting but there were a clear champion and this champion was the western conference where plays my favourite basketball player, Kevin Durant, the western conference had better team than eastern conference players like James Harden, Anthony Davis, Stephen Curry and others.

    Finally I think that Spain will wait along time to have a player as Pau Gasol, the best or one of the best spanish sportsman

    Eduardo Pérez Muelas 4º

  8. Pau Gasol is a Spanish basketball player. He was born on 6th July, 1980 in Barcelona. He has played in famous teams of basketball, for example, Barcelona (the only Spanish team where he has played), Memphis Grizzlies, Los Angeles Lakers and at present he plays in the Chicago Bulls in the NBA. For me, he is one of the best Spanish basketball players and he has been one of the best basketball player in the world.

    Toronto is the biggest city in Canada and it is the capital of the province of Ontario. Toronto is one of the principal financial cities in the world. Toronto possesses one of the best qualities of life of North America, and it is considered one of the best metropolis of the world to live. It is one of the surest cities of America, its rate of criminality is minor than any great city of the continent.
    The basketball team in Toronto I know is Toronto Raptors, because I’m not into basketball.

    The All-Star Game of the NBA is a friendly match celebrated during the All-Star Weekend of the NBA, in this match play only the best players of every year and it is divided in two teams that represent every conference. The principal objective is to give a basketball spectacle.
    I think that it is fair that Pau Gasol plays in the All-Star team, because he is one of the best players in the NBA and he will play well and he will give spectacle to the fans of the NBA.

  9. To begin, I am going to talk about Pau Gasol. Pau Gasol is a Spanish basketball player, who plays in Chicago Bulls. He is the second Spanish player to play in the NBA. Marc, who is his brother, plays basketball too. Actually, he will be the only white-coloured player.

    Regarding Jimmy Butler, we know that he is a 26-years-old Chicago Bulls' player. At the moment, he has a knee injury and Pau will replace him, in the All-Star. The NBA All- Star Game is a basketball exhibition game which is played between the Eastern and the Western Conference. It is the first time that it will be out of USA, in Toronto.

    Toronto is the provincial capital of Ontario and the most populous city in Canada. There it is found the Air Canada center, where the Toronto Raptors, the local NBA basketball team, usually plays.

    Finally, I think that American players are very good at this sport, although some Spanish are good too, like Rudy Fernández, Ricky Rubio, Juan Carlos Navarro and both Gasol brothers.

    Andrea Gutiérrez López 4ºESO B

  10. Pau Gasol Sáez is a Spanish professional basketaball player who plays for the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association (NBA) .Pau Gasol began playing in the ACB with FC Barcelona and became the best player of the competition ,later he signed for the Chicago Bulls his current team.

    Pau Gasol is the emblematic figure of the high level achieved in recent years by the Spanish basketball. eminent member of a fifth known as the gold juniors or children Lisbon, the 2000-2001 season marked the emergence of his talent: with F.C. Barcelona ACB League champion and the Copa del Rey was proclaimed.

    Hailed as the best player in Spain, in June 2001 made the jump to America to play in the NBA, and the Memphis Grizzlies began his American career. The NBA granted the title of rookie award that distinguishes the best rookie player of the season; no European had obtained before him. His victory in the 2006 World Cup with the Spanish team and his move to Los Angeles Lakers team that he played in the 2008 NBA Finals, are the latest milestones in a career that is far from over. This tall young man has made 2,16 his childhood playing among the greats, becoming a place in the elite of world basketball dream.

    He before turning to basketball, he made studies of music and medicine, his mother wanted him to be a musician. In fact, between eight and thirteen years he studied music theory and piano, and still sings great, imitating Pavarotti, when among friends.

    The day he decided to study medicine, finally abandoned music. He arrived at ten p.m. home after a hard workout and was still able to concentrate to study late into the night. However, its passage to the professionalism prevented him from continuing these studies.

    Jose Manuel Diaz España 4ºB

  11. Pau Gasol is a Spanish basketball player. He was born on July 6, 1980 in Barcelona. He has played in famous basketball teams, for example, Barcelona, Memphis Grizzlies, Los Angeles Lakers and currently plays in the Chicago Bulls in the NBA.
    He left Spain to play in the United States because there is the best basketball league in the world, and like any good player is going to play there.

    For me Pau is one of the best basketball players that there are ahead of him there are only 4, I like how he plays but what I like most about him who never gives up, thanks to him and to other players the Spanish team of Basketball has got Europeans.

    The day will come when you retire that day will be a special day for him but very bitter for his followers because he would be the best of the team and the world.

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  13. Pau Gasol is a Spanish basketball player. He was born on July 6, 1980 in Barcelona. He has played in a famoues basketball team, for example, Barcelona, Menphis Grizzlies, Los Angeles Lakers... but in this moment he don't play in any basketball team, because this summer he punch in for the Portland Trail Blazers, but when he punch up for this basketball team in one of the clause of the contract put that if he did'nt recover from his injury in one determinated term the team can go out he for the team, and these is that has passed. In this moment he haven't got any basketball team until he recored of his injury.

    He left Spain to Untided States because there is the best basketball league in the world, and like any good player is going to play there.

    Pau Gasol is the best basketball players of Spain, he had gone with Spain selection a lot of times, He has won with Spain 3 gold medals with the Spain selection absolute, 4 silver medals and 3 bronze medals every this with the Spain selection absolute, but he had gone other with the Junior.

    He have got more medals and awards with his teams and individual awards for he merits.

    I think that Pau Gasol is the best basketball player of Spain and very probability one of the best basketball players of the world for don't say the best.