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miércoles, 1 de marzo de 2017

Papparazzi, a fair job?

What is the singular form of the word 'papparazzi'? Read this article about the origins of this kind of journalism and tell me.  

In Your Face: Paparazzi take root in Washington (The Washington Post)

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  1. Paparazzi is a photographer of the press who is specialized in taking indiscreet photos to the famous.

    On the one hand if I was famous and had a paparazzi following me would have some benefits like that would make me more famous, would have more job offers, would go out in magazines, hire me for ads, earn more money ...

    But on the contrary, some of the drawbacks of having a paparazzi would be for example that my family would feel harassed and uncomfortable because they would not have intimacy because of these people being on top of them continuously taking pictures of them.

    To sum up, it seems incredible that some people hire paparazzi to take photos of themselves, just to have some pictures of them for some events, because afterwards these people would not have private life and from my point of view, I don't hire a paparazzi to take pictures of my family or me.

    Paola Ruiz Fernández 1º Bach A

  2. Paparazzi doesn´t a easy job; you must doing photos to the famous being discreet. A lot of people think that is a bad job for getting into the lives of celebrities, but I think that is a normal work.

    Many of them traveling for a long time for try to get some photo engaged and for this they can let away to the family. Even so, they are treated poorly for the society and for the celebrities. If this people is famous I think that the people should know what they are do.

    Not only is the paparazzi despised, also the journalist so they are despised and I don't see this good, because they are working in a normal work.

  3. The article that Alberto has put in this post is lot interesting because It tells how a paparazzi became famous for taking a photo of a celebrity called Oprah Winfrey. In that photo can see that Oprah has six toes. This fact made a big stir between gossip magazines, aticles of press,etc.....

    To start with, I'm going to explain what a paparazzi is. A paparazzi is a photographer who works for press, magazines, programmes,etc..and have to take photos of celebrities by one discreet way. This job usually is cuestionated by celebrities because many times the paparazzis invade the private life of them.

    On the one hand, being a paparazzi has good things such as having a good salary depending of the photos that you make. If you make a good photo you can become famous rapidly, like photographers that have made historic photos such as the government coup here in Spain or the syrian boy that was died in the seahore. From this point of view being a paparazzi has positive things.

    On the other hand, it also has negative things. Recently it's very common that paparazzis are attacked by celebrities. It's because of they often want to take embarrasing photos of them without their permission. For example, many football players sometimes go out with friends and they drink like in any party and they are often waiting them at the exit of the night clubs for taking embarrassing photos.

    In my opinion, being a paparazzi is a respectable job, however there are some paparazzis that make photos to cause problems.

    Joaquín Alejandro España Sánchez 1ºA.Bachillerato

  4. A papparazzi is a person who takes photos for gossip magazines all over and they are always looking on famous people. Have you ever thought to get this job? Is it a difficult job?

    Firstly, I wish you knew some things before becoming a papparazzi. Papparazzi shots are a really style of photography since you're a spy. You also need to be quiet and follow famous people. In addition, everyday youl'll be in a new place. You have to get up early. The most reliable of this, it's that you can make great money from a single photo.

    However, this job has also so many disadvantages, for instance, according to that I've already said, you can't expect to make a living taking great photos every so often. Other point is that, the hardest thing about this job is the other papparazzi. It's a very competitive bussiness, it is likely that there were other workers who take better pictures than you and besides, they could have a better reputation.

    From my point of view, I believe I wouldn't be able to work as a papparazzi. This kind of work takes away your social life, you don't have any time to spend on yourself and on your family. I'd like to point out that if you work as one of them, you will meet people tho you wouldn't meet if you were an ordinary person.

    María Béjar Rodríguez 1º Bach

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  6. To begin with, paparazzo is a freelance photographer who takes candid pictures of celebrities for publication. Etymologically, this word comes from Italian and its plural form is paparazzi. Experts have described the behaviour of paparazzi as synonymous with stalking. Some public figures and celebrities have expressed concern at the extent to which paparazzi go to invade their personal space, like the model Bella Hadid who flipped the bird to them while walking in New York City.

    One the one hand, paparazzo is thought to be a real pain in the neck. They are always taking photos of famous without their permission. If one of them took me a photo and I didn’t know it, I would be so angry, because I think nobody has the right to sell your photos to win some money. On the contrary, working as paparazzi has to be a difficult task, because you have to know all about famous, like where they go, what they like doing… and even invade their lifestyle. The most important task is taking photos discreetly and spending time among a lot of people not standing out.

    On the other hand, Oprah Winfrey is an American TV presenter and actress. According to Forbes, she is the wealthiest woman in the 20th century. One of her most famous TV shows is Oprah Winfrey Show, which is seen by millions of people. I saw her the first time in a KUWTK episode, in which she had to interview all the Kardashian family. Later, I saw her in The Butler, a film by Lee Daniels, in which she and Forest Whitaker starred in. Thanks to a photograph, which was taken by a paparazzo, we know that she has six toes.

    In my opinion, I think that working like paparazzi is a normal job, but they have to respect people’s privacy, but without them we couldn’t read gossip magazines and it would be such a pity.

    Andrea Gutiérrez López 1BACH A

  7. Paparazzi tend to be independent contractors, unaffiliated with mainstream media organizations, and photos taken are usually done so by taking advantage of opportunities when they have sightings of famous people they are tracking.

    Paparazzi very few times sing a contrac with somebody, because they do a lot of photos of famous people and they talk with multinational companies, companies of telecomunication or magazines. The company that gives they the most money is the company that gets the photographies.

    They usually have a lot of domicilies along of their life Because there are organizations that look for them to kill they. To be a paparazzi is a dangerous work and you can't expect to make a living taking great photos every so often.

    In my opinion I never work like paparazzi Because that takes a lot of time out of your life and you do not have time to live with your family and do things that you like.

    Jose Manuel Diaz España 1º Bach

  8. When you hear the word "paparazzi," what is your immediate thought? A camera? A flash? My first few thoughts are loud voices, blinding lights, people running to get away, and to put it all in one word, chaos.

    Paparazzi are, by definition, freelance photographers that take candid pictures of celebrities for publication. They are a sinister group of people that are known for obtaining such photographs by any means possible, whether it is by harassment, endangering others, or causing fear.

    Celebrities are able to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, but fame comes at a price. Famous people are always being hounded by the paparazzi who invade their private lives in order to satisfy the curiosity of the public. Some people have called for restrictions to be put on the press, while others are against the idea.

    In conclusion, I have to say that working as a paparazzi is somewhat tedious and sometimes dangerous because you can put in quite important commitments with celebrities as a consequence of different causes. After all, making a living at it is something respectable and is a job just like any other.

    Nicolás Benitez 1ºBACH