Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

lunes, 27 de febrero de 2017

To infinity and beyond!!!

What a great film Toy Story was!!! Did you ever watch it?

Is there life outside the Earth? This is a question that scientists have been trying to answer for decades. Their latest discovery is this:
Exploring our solar system (watch this video)

Listening exercise to do: Gun control without guns (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English) 



Multiple-choice exercise on VOCABULARY. Choose the appropriate option:

1. David always ................... over to my house after he had done his homework.   (A  came    B   went   C  gone   D   passed)
2. If you want to have a pet, you must be ready to look .................. it for several years.    (A  at    B   for   C  over   D   after)
3. I am ........................ to come to the meeting on Monday evening. Please apologize for my absence.  (A  capable    B   excused   C  unable   D   disliked)
4. My younger sister is very ..................... and so she loves going out, but I am much quieter and prefer to stay at home.     (A  enjoyable    B   funny   C  pleasing   D   lively)
5. There was nothing to ........................ with the burglary until the police found a gold ring in his car.   (A  link    B   fix   C  place   D  join)
6. We have arranged special insurance to cover medical ..................... in the event of an accident.      (A  prices    B   expenses   C  accounts   D   money)
7. At the hospital I was told that ............ I gave up smoking immediately my illness would get much worse.     (A  except    B   until   C  without   D   unless)
8. The ................ were told to fasten their seat belts as the plane began its descent.        (A  customers      B   riders   C  flyers   D   passengers)
9. All Mike's friends felt sorry ................... him when he had to give up playing football.   (A  with     B  for   C  about   D   at)
10. How .................. you manage to get here so quickly?     (A  used     B   had   C  did   D  have)
11. Ever .......................... he was in junior school Nicholas has wanted to become a doctor.        (A  after    B   always   C  next   D   since)
12. The bank manager .................... me to open a deposit account as soon as possible.  (A  warned   B   advised   C  suggested   D   approved)
13. It will ................. rain later so we should go and have our picnic now.   (A  preferably    B   probably   C  likely   D   usually)
14. I'm afraid that we don't have any ........................ sizes in stock, madam.         (A  higher    B   larger   C  greater   D   taller)
15. They have ............ the old castle and it is now a luxury hotel.   (A  transformed    B   undone   C  remade   D   constructed)
16. ............ each school year all the children were given copies of the school rules.   (A  At first    B   Immediately   C  At the beginning of   D   To start with)
17. I ....................... seeing John tomorrow so I will give him your message.    (A  will be    B   may be   C  would be   D   could be)
18. I can ..................... with most things, but I cannot stand noisy children.   (A  put aside    B   put on   C  put up   D   put off)
19. Clearing the weeds from the churchyard was a much harder ...................... than the children had imagined it would be.           (A  deed    B   task   C  service   D   work)
20. Is there ................ bread for all the sandwiches we have to make?     (A  correct    B   enough   C  plenty   D   equal)
21. There was nothing ............. to eat in the refrigerator or in the cupboard.  (A  at last    B   at least   C  at once   D   at all)
22. Could you please ........................ exactly what you saw?      (A  inform    B   point   C  advise   D  describe)
23. Last summer was so hot that the ....................... in the wood actually dried up.           (A  pond    B   bath   C  bowl   D   flood)
24. The new secretary in the sales department is a fast typist, but her letters are full of spelling  ......... .   (A  wrongs    B   faults   C  tricks   D   mistakes)
25. Membership of the club, ................ costs £10.00 a year, is only open to people over the age of 60.    (A  what    B   which   C  that   D   this)

Solutions will be given in next post.

SOLUTIONS to the USE OF ENGLISH exercise in the previous post: 

1. flat   2. wake  3. failure   4. deny  5. admit   6. cover up  7. awake  


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  1. Have you ever thought about life in other planets? At the moment everybody is talking about it.

    Exoplanet is a planet which is outside of Solar System.

    On the one hand we must take into account that for there to be life on other planets, there must be a main element that is water. The water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen, it's also worth noting that on our planet plants need oxygen to perform photosynthesis, as I reckon other planets will be similar.

    On the other hand I find this subject very interesting, every day we have new advances and it's of great importance to know that there are other planets in which there can be life by his situation and his conditions. One very interesting question would be, could we go live in an exoplanet?

    In short, just as life arose on planet Earth by his conditions, there can also be life on other planets and at present we don't know, living beings on those planets are surely different from us and from now the existence of UFO can be possible.

    Paola Ruiz 1º Bach A

  2. What boy haven't seen the film Toy Story yet? The Toy Story film is an animation film that had a great success between teenagers a few years ago. I have watched it three times at least in my life and I sometimes remember it, above all, when the horseman said: "To infinity and beyond!". This sentences is asociated at that film because it reminds it.

    Currently, scientists are investigating about the idea of life outside the Earth. Last month, scientists discovered a small star 39 light years where seven planets were orbiting. This new discoery has been very important because it cans suppose the posibility of life outside the Earth. These planets are tempered planets, so they may have liquid water on their surface.

    UFOs or even extraterrestrial sightings have been seen throughout history. Have you ever thought if they were real the consequences that they could have? There are many photos of paranormal things that have happened such as strange lights or flying objects in the sky.

    In my opinion, all this photos are false or have been modified to cause intrigue or horror between the population. However, I think there are planets where there is life.

    Joaquín Alejandro España Sánchez 1ºA.Bachillerato

  3. Toy Story is a children's computer animation film directed by John Lasseter, released in 1995 and produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar. It was Pixar's first feature film, in addition to the first animated film entirely with digital effects in film history. The story follows the adventures of a group of living toys, particularly Woody the cowboy and space guard Buzz Lightyear. Although at first they rival each other, as the plot goes by, they become friends. After its release, Toy Story became the most viewed film in the US and Canada in its first weekend of exhibition. I really like this movie , I always saw it when I was little many times, it was my favorite movie of my whole childhood.

  4. I'm absolutely sure that there is life in other planets, I´ve been following this news for a month and it has changed a lot, Nasa´s first announcement was that the whole solar system would be able to have life, and the last announcement I have seen was that life would be possible in one planets or less, they ruled out other six planets because of the sun

    Nasa two days ago gave a conference, it was called ocean worlds, it was about life in other planets, they discovered plumbs of water in encelado, a saturnian moon, who knows, maybe life is closer than where we are searching for, it could be in our solar system

    Finally I think we have to take very carefully those announcements, Nasa gives a conference every month announcing some discoveries but always they use the next month conference to say it wasn´t real

    Eduardo Pérez Muelas

  5. Toy story is a cartoon film of my childhood that I have seen many times. Film teaches to the children that we must cooperate when the situation is complicate, be brave and help to the others. The phrase "To infinity and beyond!" is very popular in the world because it´s associated by the film.

    Astronomy is progressed and each day they discover something new. When people study things about the universe can be wrong because all days change things. Astronomy is a way for understand better what around us.

    Universe is huge and a mystery. We don´t know all things that there are in universe yet. They are researching life in others planets. Many people say that they have seen bizarre things or aliens and other people have photos of it.

    I think that it´s false because they can use fotoshop for the photo looks real but in other hand, I think that in others planets can have life but I think that they aren´t as the films are them it if not they can be simple organisms how we were in the first stage of the history of the earth(Precambrian).

    Patricia Rodríguez Martín 1BACH