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by Bruce Lee

miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

Staying alive...forty years later!!!

Forty years ago when our teacher used to go bananas at the disco!!!

Bee Gees, 'Saturday Night Fever' to get 40th anniversary Grammy salute (Los Angeles Times)

'Stayin' Alive: A Grammy Salute to the Music of the Bee Gees' Photos (Rolling Stone Magazine)

And here's the link to the full album:

Saturday Night Fever soundtrack full album

And now going back to our days, some interesting videos to watch:

REVISION EXERCISES included in Mock exams (1º Bach) in my site.

65. Put this dialogue into DIRECT SPEECH :

       The policeman wanted to know what time the first man had come, what he looked like and whether Arthur had noticed the number  of his  van.  The detective said that the man had done this trick before. He was well known in Middleford at that time. He said he often came to houses where there were lodgers after the landlady had gone shopping on a Saturday morning. Mrs Harrison told him that she'd only been out for about half an hour when he came. She'd just gone to the local shops to get her coat cleaned and have  her  shoes  repaired  and to do a little  bit  of  household shopping.

66. Fill the spaces with  WHAT  /  WHAT A(N)

1. ...... fantastic bargain!     2. ...... idiot you are!   3. ...... strong tea this is!   4. ...... generosity!       5. ...... speech he made!         
6. ...... attractive face he has!  7. ...... bad news!    8. ...... untidy room this is!      9. ...... scruffy clothes he wears!    10. ...... film!

67. Rewrite these sentences so that they begin with HOW. Omit the word "very" :

    1. You were very lucky to win the prize.
    2. It is very unusual to see a horse in the middle of Middleford.
    3. He was very irresponsible to drive without a driving licence.
    4. It is very disappointing to fail your driving test for the fifth time.
    5. She was very honest to say that she had made a mistake.

68. TRANSLATE these sentences into English:

    1. Compré el coche en la tienda que está en frente de la iglesia.
    2. El solía decir a la gente lo que ellos debieran hacer.
    3. Si tu madre te hubiera pedido que cantaras, ¿lo habrías hecho?
    4. Así que él les preguntó a ambas si querían que él las llevara en coche a casa.
    5. Se le preguntó cual era su empleo.
    6. Mis padres llegaron hace cuatro días.
    7. Yo que tú telefonearía a mi novia y le diría que viniera inmediatamente.
    8. Lo que tú quieres es jugar todo el tiempo.
    9. Nos gustaría hacerle unas cuantas preguntas sobre el robo del banco.
    10. Fuí a la peluquería a cortarme el pelo.
    11. El le sugirió a ella que debiera irse a casa.
    12. Por otro lado, ella apenas dijo una palabra el resto de la mañana.
    13. ¿Por qué estaba tu profesor sorprendido de verte jugar conmigo?
    14. Siento ser tan aburrida.
    15. Se les llevo a habitaciones separadas y se les hicieron muchas preguntas.

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  2. For a start, I am going to talk about Bee Gees. Bee Gees was an English boy band which was formed in Australia in 1958 by the bothers Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb. The trio was especially successful for the album Saturday Night Fever, called the same as the film. This album was extremely famous. As well, the band was one of the most popular for fifty years, selling more than 120 millions of copies. The group retired after the death of two members. In 2012 with the death of Robin and the death of Maurice in 2003.

    On the contrary, they played a lot of great songs. Some of them are To Love Somebody, Staying Alive, Night Fever, Tragedy, How deep is your love… Music stars like John Legend, Ed Sheeran, Andra Day, Celine Dion and other pop, R&B, rock and country played homage to the Bee Gees and the group’s blockbuster 1977 soundtrack album Saturday Night Fever in an all-star Grammy Awards. Actually, Staying Alive spent 24 weeks atop the Billboard sales chart in 1977-78.

    In my opinion, I think that the Bee Gees was an iconic band who defined a generation. What’s more, the song Saturday Night Fever soundtrack is an emblem of 1970s pop culture. In just a word, DISCO STILL LIVES.

    Andrea Gutiérrez López 1BACH A