Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

lunes, 14 de agosto de 2017

What would you like your funeral to be like?


Have you ever thought about what sort of funeral you would like to have? I'd like to have funeral the Irish way, that is to say, all my relatives and friends having a big party, which would always remember. So every time they would recall my death, happy memories would come to their minds (What a great day we had when Albert died!!!! 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 ) 



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105. Define the following words in English:


106. Fill in the blanks with WHAT / WHAT A(N) / HOW:

1. ________ fantastic bargain!        2. ________ nice!        3. ________ strong tea this is!

4. ________ untidy room this is!         5. ________ beautiful she is!


107. Answer either "yo también" or "yo tampoco":

1. She wanted to go to the cinema this afternoon. _____________ I.
2. I would go to the theatre instead. ________________ she.
3. She doesn't like these cakes. _______________ we.
4. He's working in Adra. _______________ you.
5. You must respect your teachers. ________________ we.

Proposed solutions to exercises 102, 103 & 104 in the previous post

Ex102   >>>  1. finished  ,  went    2. had talked  ,  introduced   3.  refused  ,  had apologized   4. had filled up  ,  checked  

Ex103   >>>>    
1. Where is the letter from?   2. Who are you thinking about?   3. Who was the novel...written by?
4. How often does he come to school?  5. How far is Ashford from London?   
Ex 104  >>>
1. He is not as/so stupid as I thought.
2. My brother is less tall than you.
3. You cannot be more intelligent than me, because I am the best
4. She is fatter than her sister.

5. I am uglier than her because she is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

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  1. A funeral is a ceremony celebrated when a person has just died. It is supposed to be a sad day because someone you love dies, but it isn't always like that. There are countries where they have big parties the day that a member of the family dies.

    In Ireland, when a person dies, he is dressed, washed and persons sometimes put in him things such as a rosary or a crucifix. Later, the family or his friends speak to him, touch him and share the good moments they have had. During his wake, people drink beer, play music, play cards or they tell stories. After the funeral, the members of it make a meal with the family to show their support. It takes three days.

    In Spain, it is different when a loved one dies. The burial is celebrated the next day of the death of that person and Catholic funeral traditions are followed. In the wake, family and friends sit together near the dead person to honour him, but they don't drink or play at all. It is sadder than in Ireland. The ceremony of the funeral takes place in a church and then, they move him to the local cemetery.

    In my opinion, celebrating funerals as in Ireland could be better for the family or friends since they spend a good time instead of thinking all the time about the death. However, I think it depends on the type of death because people wouldn't want to celebrate the wake eating or drinking if the person has been murdered or attacked by terrorists such as the deaths in Barcelona.

  2. In my funeral i would like that the people don't cry because only is one phase more of the life, or can say the finish of the phases, but this no is only sadness, i like that the people do something remembering all the moments happy of my life.

    i dont want to be buried, i would like be burned let my ashes shoot them everywhere that I have been happy, because i think that be buried is something sadness, that your body be locked up forever I do not feel any illusion.

    Said all this i only want that my death will be something cheerful and not like all the funeral that i´ve see

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  4. If I had to define what a funeral is, I would say that it's a traditional and usually sad ceremony in which the family of the person who has died gather to observe his corpse. Funerals have been done since ancient times, that is to say, for such a long time. They were done to remember and respect the dead and the family usually made them monuments, prayers, and rituals undertaken in their honor.

    Although most people think about a funeral as a sad ceremony where all the relatives and friends of the dead arrive in black and take seats in a church, there are other fascinating funeral traditions from all around the world, in cities such as New Orleans, where funerals strike a unique balance between joy and grief or South Korea, where families usually opt for ashes in colours turquoise, pink, black,etc. However, the place where I love the funerals the most is Ireland, since instead of crying, they give a party to celebrate and share the moments they had lived with the dead. I'd prefer this kind of funeral to a Spanish one, as I would like that my relatives had a great time with music I used to listen to and things I used to do. I don't put up with funerals where all the people are crying. How depressing it is!

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  6. The death has always been a taboo subject as it is one the worst fear of humans. Many people say that this is the reason for the existence of religions and funerals since they make us believe that there is something beyond death, which makes us feel less scared about it.

    A funeral is a ceremony celebrated when someone dies. There are different ways of celebrating it. That depends on the country, culture and society in which someone lives. Funerals are also thought to help people acknowledge that someone they love has died and allow them to say goodbye.

    As I said before, not all funerals are celebrated the same way around the world. For example some people in Madagascar have a famous ritual called “famadihana”. Once every five or seven years, a family has a celebration at its ancestral crypt where the bodies, wrapped in cloth, are exhumed and sprayed with wine or perfume. While a band plays, family members dance with the bodies. For them it’s a chance to pass family news to the deceased and ask for their blessings.

    To conclude, I would add that I am still too young to think about my burial, but I like the way that funerals are celebrated in Ireland because maybe it is better for your loved ones, on the other hand I would not like that my friends and relatives gave a party after my death.