Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

domingo, 26 de noviembre de 2017

We all wish it would rain down!!!!

And so does Phil Collins in this song:

How would you translate the sentence? Why do you use 'would'?

We all wish things were and would be so different!!!  That's the case with food waste. What do we do with all the food that is produced and not consumed in developed countries. Here are some related articles for you to read (you can also have a look at the LINGOHACK section, where the issue is also dealt):

'WASTED! The Story of Food Waste' premieres On Demand  (USA today)

Which verb does the word 'edible' (first article) come from? What does 'retailer' mean?

Activities for my 2º ESO studens: What do you usually eat? Do you leave anything on the plate? Do you throw it away? What did you use to eat five years ago when you were younger? What does 'waste food' mean?

And now let's watch this video about SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT in English  >>>

Revision for SELECTIVITY & 2º Bachillerato.

63. Read the following text and then answer the comprehension questions :

          "When  the  others had gone, Elizabeth sat  by  herself, still thinking  about  Colonel Fitzwilliam's story. It was some  comfort that  Mr  Darcy  was going away the day after next and  that  she would  see  Jane  again in two weeks. It was a pity  that  Colonel Fitzwilliam  would  be leaving too, of course, but he had  made  it clear  that  he had to marry someone with a fortune and  she  did not intend to be unhappy about him.

           Suddenly  the  door  bell rang and in  walked  not  Colonel Fitzwilliam  as  she half expected, but Mr Darcy. He  had  come, he said  quickly, to  ask if her headache was better. She  answered him  with  cold politeness. He sat down for a few moments. He  got up  and  walked round the room. Then he came towards her, "I  have struggled  in vain against my feelings," he burst out, "You  must allow me to tell you how much I admire and love you."

(a) Why did she not intend to be unhappy about Colonel Fitzwilliam?
(b) What did Mr Darcy say to her?
(c) Why did he get up and walked around the room?

64. Write questions to the following answers?

(a) ____________________________ ? When the others had gone.
(b) ____________________________ ? With cold politeness.
(c) ___________________________ ? He sat down for a few moments.

65. Define the following words from the text :     FORTUNE, HALF EXPECTED & TO STRUGGLE  

66. Put the following sentences into the PASSIVE VOICE :

1. We cannot understand the power of poetry.

2. Newspapers say the audience enjoyed very much the play.
3. Doctors are trying to cure the King's father.

Solutions to the exercises in the previous post:

59. (a) Ted did.    (b) It was sad, beautiful and it sounded like poetry.    (c) Yes, he did because he was so happy that he could not avoid tears in his eyes. ("there were tears fo happiness in his eyes"

60. (a) Who did the audience applaud?   (b) What were the sounds of the words like?  (c) What did Ted do?    

61. AUDIENCE.- group of people attending a concert or any other show.
 POLITE.- person with good manners. Not rude. 
 FARMER.- A person who owns a farm or who works in the fields.
62.  (a) People won't need food next year.   (Nobody will need food next year)
(b) The submarine took the men to Manila.     (c) Nobody had delievered the message. 

63. (a) The Savage said what those nasty boys were doing there.
(b) He said that nobody believed it was going to happen because/since/as everybody thourght it would pass away.     (c) He told her not to think about it any more.


  • Episode 171122 / 22 November 2017    >>>  Britain's food waste problem   -  Language related to 'waste'.  Need-to-know language: sell-by date, discarded, overproduction, surplus, landfill.

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  1. Food wastage is a growing global crisis that is affecting the physical health of the earth and the population inhabiting the enitre planet.Recent estimates postulate that food wasted in developed countries like Europe and the United States. Food wastage is a serious environmental concern facing the whole world.

    The article “Food: Waste not, Want not” discusses the global problem of food wastes. Rich countries throw away food either because of rejection or because of household wastes. On the other hand, developing countries lose their food because they do not have the equipment and resources for improving their crops and preserving its freshness. Also, climate change is taking its toll on the food products.

    Nevertheless, Studies show that there is remarkable vegetable and fruit losses in industrialized countries due to standards set by retailers. Severe losses were observed during post harvest and distribution of products on developing countries.Much money is spent on food not eaten. Everyone is guilty of wasting food without knowing the effects and consequences of it.

    Taking all these things into account, the waste of food is a problem that has to be solved already, because in the world there are many people who can afford to do this kind of things because they have plenty of money, but there are also many other people who can not buy bread, and that they search even in the garbage to be able to take something to the mouth, which is something very dangerous because there is a lot of risk of getting very serious diseases.

  2. Food waste is a very common problem that we all see every day; in our house, when we go out to a bar to eat, in many garbage bins or in the fields, and more and more common to see it.

    A story in the newspaper "The Guardian" tells us that; up to 87% of undamaged, edible tomatoes harvested from a commercial Queensland farm were rejected and was based on appearance, a study has found, highlighting the problem of food wastage. This seems very bad to me and you should not be allowed to throw away those tomatoes just because they do not look perfect.

    I think the main problem with this is that we buy too much food that is sometimes unnecessary, I think that before going to the supermarket we should make a list of the things we need at home and not buy more than the account, or in the cultivation fields Everything is done in excess: it is cultivated in excess, it is raised in excess and it is that the large commercial producers plant as a general rule 10% more than necessary, and many farmers leave whole plots without collecting for fear of saturating the market and sink prices. Technological advances allow to produce the necessary food, and even food to spare, but also encourages waste.
     Much of this waste at home or in the supermarket is due to the expiration dates and dates of preferential consumption, supermarkets buy very large quantities of each product and when a time passes and they have not sold the law will force them to remove them, and For example, we also see how many supermarkets withdraw their products just because the packaging is in bad condition, broken or stained, even if the product is not affected.

    In my opinion, this is a more common problem every day and we should do something about it, since we are wasting food in good conditions and there are other people who do not even have food, and there are times when we see poor people in the garbage picking up the remains of food that throw into the container, and this is a shame and something that should not happen.

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  4. I usually eat anything, pasta, meat, fish, soup, vegetables, etc. I usually leave something on the plate, but when I really like the food or I´m very hungry I don´t leave anything. Five years ago I used to eat the same things, but with fewer vegetables, because i didn,t like them. Waste food are the remains of food that are thrown.