Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

viernes, 5 de octubre de 2018


Are you a fashion fan or fashion slave? (News about Britain, BBC Learning English)   >>>   News about Britain: what to wear?   Here I present you some articles for you to read and some stories for you to listen about the world of fashion.


Here's a listening exercise to do: Street food: Why is it becoming so popular? (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)

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Part one. Choose the correct option: 

1. If the cars hadn't stopped, there .... a nasty accident.    (A  will be    B   won't have been   C  had been   D   would have been)
2. The old lady ........  worry. Her dog is quite sage.    (A  needn't    B   oughtn't   C  don't   D   shouldn't to)
3. The dog wanted .......... the cat.  (A  catch    B   to catch   C  to catching   D   catching)
4. She  ............. the dog for a walk when it saw the cat.     (A  was taken    B   has taken   C  had been taking  D   taking) 
5. The dog oughtn't to .... into the road.    (A  running    B  had run   C  ran   D   have run) 
6. Dogs are ........  cats.    (A  used to chasing    B   used to chase   C  used chase   D   use chasing) 
7. The car drivers are ......... what has happened.  (A  annoying in    B   annoyed in   C  annoyed at   D   annoying at) 
8. The dog made them  ............. sharply.     (A  braking    B   brake   C  to brake   D   to braking) 
9. The old lady wishes she .... such a big dog.    (A  didn't buy    B   had bought   C  hadn't bought   D  bought) 
10. The cat will not ........      (A  get down from the tree.    B   get the tree down.   C  get from the tree.   D   get the tree down from) 


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  3. Clothes are a very important and personal thing. Piercings, metallic bags and T-shirts with slogans are some complements that we can see nowadays. Each one dresses as he likes and that's why there are many styles to dress. On the one hand , when you see someone on the street and you like the way he is dressed, you create the first impression of that person and we must be careful with this, because sometimes the others could have an erroneous impression of us. On the other hand, the different looks make a place more interesting and that's very good!
    In my opinion, clothes should be comfortable and we have to choose our perfect size because our bodies are all different. But the most important thing is to feel well with your own look, because clothes have no gender, if you like them, put them on!

  4. I´m not a fashion slave but a fashion fan! I prefer wearing comfortable clothes and feeling well with myself even if those clothes are not in fashion. I don´t spend money on buying the latest clothes if I don´t look good on them. Sometimes I buy modern clothes but I´m not obsessed with them.
    In my opinion, it´s more important to feel comfortable with what we wear and make a good impression because that counts a lot in our society. I don´t agree with the people that spend a lot of money on clothes just to be fashionable.
    To sum up, the latest fashion is very expensive and isn´t always beautiful or comfortable!

  5. In the world of fashion there is only one value: money. Up to a certain point it is necessary, because we have to dress, but they make us believe that we have to go to fashion and buy a lot of clothes.
    From my point of view
    there have always been the rich and the poor
    fashion for me is something unnecessary something we could all live with if it did not exist and even better
    because because of it many people suffer, physically, psychically, socially ... and it's something that lasts for a while and then goes out of style and other new things come out
    for not feeling accepted

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    1. For me, fashion in clothes is not important. I usually wear the clothes I like, although it's not the clothes they wear on TV or in magazines.

      The most important thing to wear clothes is to be comfortable and feel well.

      Fashions come and go, piercings, tattoos... I like seeing them, but do not do them, I respect who wears them.

      With the food it is different. The fashion of street food is for some people, I am celiac and I can have few fashions in food.

      Susana P. Bosch
      3ºESO Grupo B

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  9. I´m a fashion fan and not a fashion slave . I enjoy wearing modern clothes but doesn´t obsess me. I think the most important thing is to be comfortable and dress as you like. Sometimes people wear clothes that maybe don´t like it too much buy they wear them because they are fashionable.

    Our bodies all come in different shapes and sizes so we should develop our own shopping strategy. Fashion is different in each country and people dress in different way , however , it´s important to remember to choose a look that you feell comfortable with . Just be yourself !

  10. The clothes is a important thinks in like, because like the face and the look is a mirrow of your personality, and gives us clubes as a person but of eres observe. I am very stumbborn chen I byung clothes but is it not a thinks that I excites mucho because to go for house by for the shops os very esausted.

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  12. Street food fashion is a British revolution of food that is happening in the street.
    At this moment a lot of people are selling the most exciting food in vans. These vans serve lunches and fresh dinner at cheaper price to the consumers , but it´s not as easy as it looks. They have to get up early to prepare the van and the physical work is very hard.
    Tom Colicchio and other chefs have sold their food in a lot of places like San Francisco and Las Vegas.

    In my opinion street food is a good and easy way to sell cooked food and earn a living.

    Lucía Guirado Ruiz 4ºA.


    In the London Fashion Week new models in British Fashion with extravagant designs,original fabrics and slim models are displayed on the catwalk.

    When we go shopping for clothes, we should have in mind that we need to be comfortable with what we wear but sometimes we choose things because they are trendy.

    Our bodies have different shapes and sizes so to avoid stares and sniggers in the street we should develop our own shopping strategy.

    In my opinion clothes are an important thing because it is what represents us

    Mari Trini Ortiz 4ºA

  14. In general, I love fashion, although I admit that some things I don't like some things at all.
    Everyone should dress with what they really like, not with what is fashionable. Also, depending on what your body is like, there are certain clothing that suits you more than another. That's why there are many styles and fashions.
    On the one hand, fashion has many good things. For example: thanks to it there are more jobs, some people are happier ...
    On the other hand, our fashion creates a profile of us that can be confused.
    From my point of view, you should wear the clothes you want and that makes you feel more comfortable.

    Desirée, Rodriguez Arias 4ºA

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  16. Many people like clothes and there are many different styles. Everyone can dress as they want, moreover when we see people in the street wearing a type of clothing different from ours we can make up a first impression which can later be erroneous, but Are we fashion fans or fashion slaves?

    From my point of view, we should be a fashion fan because If you are a fashion slave, you could go crazy. You should dress as you like and be comfortable with yourself. Fashion slave change their way of dress when the fashion changes and they spend a lot of money to be fashionable.

    Many people wear piercings to emphasise their style and to be different, one of the most famous style is a black or blue jeans with a basic t-shirt and each one adds their personal style with complements like bags, scarfs...

    To put all in a nutshell I have to say that everyone should wear what he likes and feels comfortable with themselves.

  17. Who cares how you look if you have a good heart? People who aren't rich can't always afford the latest style. Even if they are smart and kind, They will be judged unfairly. That is like prejudice. It can lead to bullying and social isolation, Which can lead to depression and mental health issues. First impressions aren't important. People should judge by what's on the inside, not how you dress.