Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

viernes, 28 de junio de 2019

COFFEE AND PLASTIC, again the key?

Coffee can help you stay awake and it can help you make friends or keep friends. It is always a sign of relax to have discussions over a certain matter, but no arguments. 

Any other utilities you can think of? Have a look at previous posts in this blog  >>>  LABEL: coffee

However, that is not all. Experts say that it could also be the key to lose weight!!!

Here are some articles for you to read about the issue:

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REVISION FOR 1º Bachillerato

132. TENSES. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense. Some are active, some are passive. Then fill in the dotted gaps (....) with appropriate words.

Reuters News Agency
Martin Webb (1)____________ (work) for the Reuters News Agency (a) ............. ten years. He describes the company.
'Reuters is one (b) .............. the world's biggest news agencies. It (2) ____________ (supply) news and stock market prices to media world. It (3) _____________ (start) by Paul Reuter in 1849 - with pigeons! Reuter (4) _______________ (be born) in 1816 in Germany. During the 1840s he (5) _______________ (employ) as a bank clerk in Berlin. German bankers (6)______________ (need) to know the prices on the Paris stock exchange, but the French telegraph system only went as far as Belgium. From there the information (7) _______________ (send) to Germany (c) .............. train. The journey (8) _______________ (take) nine hours. The same information (9) ______________ (carry) by Paul Reuter's pigeons in only two hours!
Reuters (10) _______________ (change) a lot (d) .................. those days. Over the past fifty years, we've opened offices in many different countries - and we (11) ____________ still ____________ (expand). Now, news and stock market prices (12) _________________ (send) all over the world within seconds.'

133. Look at the previous text again and do what you are asked:

1. Define 'pigeons'  ______________________________________________________________
2. Find a word in the text for the following definition: "a person whose job is to do written work or look after records or accounts in an office, bank, court of law, etc.     ____________________

Solutions in the next post    

Plastic is not all that bad, as we can see in the following newspaper reports, video and LINGOHACK section:

10 best brands turning recycled plastic bottles into clothes (The Independent)

The Future of Fashion in One Word: Plastics (Wired)


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  1. Coffee is the beverage that is obtained from the roasted and ground grains of the fruits of the coffee plant. It is usually taken during breakfast, after this or even as the only breakfast, although it is also customary to take it after meals or dinners, to start conversations or just out of habit.

    Drinking coffee could activate defenses that fight body fat, a discovery that could have potential implications in the battle against obesity and diabetes.

    Plastic is called materials made up of a variety of organic compounds. The plastic has taken to the world of fashion to not destroy the ocean, or drown the fish, says Michael Preysman about his brand Everlane.

    In my opinion I think that taking plastic to the world of fashion is a good thing since it means that less plastic contaminates the world and can be recycled into something we use every day, such as underwear, t-shirts, pants

    Valentín Lahora

  2. Coffee, grain whose extract we consume in delicious drinks, cold or hot, comes from a bush called coffee tree. The origin of this plant is in the territory of the current Ethiopia, although it is also believed that it may arise in the Arabian peninsula, in the recent Yemen.

    The dimensions of the coffee tree vary between 3 and 4 meters in height, although it reaches up to ten meters. From the coffee tree fruits or berries are extracted that are of a reddish color. Its pulp is sweet and with a peculiar smell. The seeds are extracted from the fruit, known to us as coffee.

    Coffee carries in its chemical composition a variety of fifteen hundred substances, which participate in many processes within the organism.
    Coffee, as the seed of the coffee tree fruit, usually receives a drying and roasting treatment to be used in the preparation of infusions. In this mode, served in a cup and known to all, coffee serves to:

    Integrate into the diet
    Provide caffeine to the body
    As an antioxidant
    Bring a lot of nutrients to the body
    Integrate into the diet
    The main function of coffee is food. It can be added to a multitude of products, such as drinks, ice cream, sweets and even some stews.

    In the form of a drink, it is used as a complement for sweet foods, such as desserts. For example, when events such as congresses and conferences are held at full scale, there is an intermediate moment called "coffee break", which is a break in which participants are offered a dessert and drinks. It is customary that the drink is coffee, and that the dessert is cake, rolls or cookies.
    The coffee bean contains a valuable substance called caffeine, which is an organic compound cataloged as an alkaloid. There are two kinds of coffee bean, according to its caffeine content.

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  4. Coffee is a natural stimulant capable of changing the sensation of latasancio, for a more energetic state un a feur minutes. But there are other reasnsis why it has become an indispensable drink in the lives of millions of people. Both its flavor, aroma and properties made it the perfect reason for meetings between friends, colleagues and family, for several centuries.
    Coffee is obtained from the seed of the coffee fruit, a shrub belonging to the Rubiaceae family. There are many different species of coffee trees, Coffee is the best known.
    Due to the diversity of species and the different conditions of the crop, it is possible to find a unique flavor and aroma in each grain.
    The coffee seed is similar to a small cherry when ripe, because its skin acquires a reddish hue, while the pulp that protects the grain becomes sweet.
    By grinding these seeds, after a previous drying and roasting process, the ideal powder is obtained for making the coffee we know and enjoy.

    The plastic in the world of fashion can be bad if the plastic used is recycled because it is a way of not damaging the environment so much, but if the plastic used in clothing and not recycled will pollute the enviroument and can be very harmful.

  5. Coffee is a drink that we obtain by treating the grain of a plant called coffea. We can drink coffee in many ways: cold, hot, with milk... This is one of the reasons why most of the people use to drink coffee.

    But coffee has many other benefits: It can improve you energy levels because it contains a stimulant called caffeine, which gives you energy and helps you to stay awake. But this isn't all, coffee can help you to prevent some diseases like diabetes or dementia.

    Recently another benefit of coffee has been discovered: it can help you to lose weight. Drinking coffee can stimulate our brown fat reserves. We have two types of fats: brown and white fats. White fats accumulates fats can make us gain weight, and brown fats help us to burn these fats and lose weight. So if coffee stimulates brown fats, brown fats burn more fats and we lose more weight.

    In my opinion coffee has many benefits and it can be good for us, specially if we want to lose weight. But we need to have a balance diet and do sport to lose weight in a healthy way.

  6. Nowadays, coffee is a very common drink all over the world. People usually drink it for breakfast or after lunch. Coffee has advantages and disadvantages.

    On the one hand, coffee can be very good for us. There are many studies that show us that drinking a cup of coffee a day is good for us. Besides, it can help us lose weight. Acording to scientistics from the University of Nottingham drinking a cup of coffee can stimulate 'brown fat', the body's own fat-fighting defenses, which could be the key to tackling obesity and diabetes.

    On the other hand, just as coffee can be very good for us, it can also be harmful. In addition, wehave to be careful with the amount of coffee we drink; drinking more than three cups of coffee a day can be bad because with coffee our heart rate is increased. Furthemore, you also have to control the hours you drink it because if you drink coffee before you go to sleep you may have a lot of energy and you may not be able to rest properly.

    All in all, drinking coffee is good but we shouldn't abuse it. From my point of view, we shouldn't drink coffee every day and if we do it, no more than a cup.

    Ana Isabel Prados Rodríguez 1ºBach

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  8. CoffeE is a type of drink that contains caffeine which can be addictive. Many people like drinking coffee in the morning, in the afternoon or even at night and they think that drinking a lot of coffee can be bad for your health , but , do you know that coffee could help you to lose weight ?.

    Scientists from the University of Nottingham have discovered that drinking a cup of coffee can stimulate brown fat . Brown fat is one of two types of fat found in humans , whose main function is to generate body heat by burning calories (sugar and fat). Moreover,only children have this type of fat , but recently it was discovered that adults can have brown fat too.

    But , obviously, drinking coffe is not the best idea to lose weight . It´s always much better to do exercise and carry a healthy life , as well as eat healthy food rich in fiber and protein . In addition, you shouldn´t drink coffe before you go to sleep because it contains a lot of caffeine and that gives you so much energy that you don´t need when you go to bed.

    I think that drinking coffe is fine but no more than a cup a day . From my point of view ,it is better to doexercise if you want to lose weight .

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  10. Coffee is a drink with caffeine that many people drink for pleasure or as a remedy to try to be awake during work. Many of them think that coffee could help them lose weight. Is this real or is it a false myth?

    Nowadays,it is very common to see a person with a cup of coffee in his/her hand going to work or people who meet in a coffee shop to take a coffee while they are talking about something. Due to the high concentration of caffeine it is a drink that causes addiction in many people.

    Many scientists say that drinking coffee could activate the body´s fat-fighting defenses. This is a discovery that could bring solution to diseases such as obesity and diabetes. However, although drinking coffee can help remove body fat, it is still unknown the reason that cause it.

    To sum up, it is not sage to drink coffee if you want to lose weight. In my opinion, coffee is good if you drink just the necessary amount because it has a lot of caffeine,which is bad for our health.

    Lucía Guirado Ruiz 1ºA bachillerato.

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  12. Coffee is a caffeinated drink which many people drink every day. It is a quick method to keep us awake when we have to do something, for instance to work or study. But each day there are more and more people who drink it like any other drink.

    People drink coffee for breakfast, after eating or at night. Most of the people have it as something necessary to continue with their day. Besides, there are people who coffee doesn't affect because they have been taking it for a long time. This happens because their bodies have got used to it and caffeine doesn't do anything to them any more.

    However, this can be a problem. Because this drink activates people a lot and can cause , for instance, insomnia problems. According to some studies, another consequence is weight loss because of the activity that it causes in the organism. Furthermore, some people depend on it to calm headaches.

    To sum up, I think that we can have it if we like it, but not thinking about if we have it we are going to lose weight. There are much better ways to get fit. If we aren’t used to it, we should take it little by little