Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

miércoles, 3 de julio de 2019

The Island of Thieves



Where is the island of thieves? Let's discover it!!!


What's happening in Hong Kong? For a start, let's check the history behind this city/region. Would you like to visit it?


There are some protests going on, but why?


Let's have a look at the situation through some articles and other documents:

NEWS REVIEW: Beijing condemns Hong Kong protests (BBC Learning English)



Are you preparing for the B1? Here's an interesting link:

   Getting ready for the B1   

Tennis >>>    Rafael Nadal - Top 10 Emotional Victories

REVISION FOR 1º Bachillerato

137. Follow-up questions. Write questions asking for further information. (Do not use YES/NO QUESTIONS).

1. We had a wonderful meal in that restaurant.  ________________________?
2. My family has paid a lot of money for our new house.   ____________________________ ?
3. My uncle had a wonderful holiday. ______________________________ ?
4. My job is really interesting.   ________________________________________ ?
5. Joan is writing a letter.  ____________________________________________ ?
6. I'm going to the cinema tonight.  ________________________________________ ?

138. Change the following sentences into the PASSIVE VOICE ( one of them has got two possibilities, so write it at the end)

1. Millions of people use Internet nowadays.  
2. Albert must cook lunch for his baby every day. 
3. A police car is following that green van. 
4. How many times did the children break this window last year? 
5. Nobody asked John a lot of questions.

"All work and no play makes Jack/Jill a dull boy/girl"

Where do we get milk from 

SOLUTIONS to the exercises in the previous post:

134.  1. Albert told us to work every day 2. We have had only one exam 3. The exam was really difficult for us  4. One day we did not bring a composition Albert had told us to do so he got furious with us   5. One day we were talking about Maths when Albert came into the classroom

LIS(T)EN         TA(L)K        (W)RITE       (K)NIFE

136. 1. The new teacher we are having for English this year is called Albert.
2. Albert, who has to feed his baby before school, comes every day at 8.30 sharp.
3. Where is the department store where your father works?
4. My father works in El Corte Inglés, which is in Granada.
5. Who is the girl you were talking with in the pub last Monday.

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  1. Hong Kong is one of the two administrative regions that exist in China. It is located in the East Asia area, the territory is surrounded by the South China Sea in the south and by mainland China in the north.

    What happens in Hong Kong are the demonstrations that there are plans that would allow the delivery of Hong Kong to mainland China, due to that the protesters broke in and destroyed the parliament building.

    The majority of the population of Hong Kong does not feel like part of the Chinese population. Surveys from the University of Hong Kong show that most people show themselves as "Hong Kong residents", 11% of the population would be called Chinese and 71% say they do not feel proud of being Chinese citizens.

    In my opinion, I believe that the citizen of Hong Kong should be heard since he is part of the municipality and also has the right to opinion and the right to vote. I think you should do some voting to see what is done at the end.

    Valentin Lahora

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  3. The history of Hong Kong comprises several periods and goes back to the first settlements of semicosteros during the Neolithic. Between the year 214 a. C. and 1842, belonged to the Chinese Empire Hong Kong is located in the area of ​​East Asia, the territory is surrounded by the South China Sea in the south and continental China in the north, and borders the west with Macao.