Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

jueves, 15 de agosto de 2019

The best? He was George Best

Football's Greatest - George Best (Documentary)

Where was he from? Which team did he play for?

A new football season is about to start and new football stars are to be discovered. Here are two future tenses. Do you know when to use them? 


However, we have already had some official matches in the Premier League and yesterday the UEFA Super-Cup final between Chelsea and FC Liverpool, where their Spanish goalkeeper Adrian became a real hero.


Some articles for you to read:


And now some activities for you to keep on learning English  >>>>

The English We Speak: What does 'milk it' mean?  (BBC Learning English)

English with Lucy  >>>  WHY ARE YOU SAYING "AIN'T"!? Do you know what it means?

News review >>>  Russian aircraft enter South Korean airspace  (BBC Learning English)


47. You are going on holiday to Andorra, but you do not know which means of transport to       use. The two possibilities are a car or a bus. Make an analysis of these two means of transport either with your own personal opinion or following the clues given :

(similarities)  wheels, not fast
(differences)  slow , big
(advantages)  comfortable , economical

(disadvantages)  car: far , bus: not fast
If you go by car, you ____________________________________________________________
If you go by bus, you ____________________________________________________________

48. PRONUNCIATION. Read the following sentence:

I was walking to the castle when I saw a ghost in the middle of the road. I didn't know what to  do, so I just turned round and I began to run as fast as I could.

1. SILENT LETTERS. Write four words where one of the letters is not pronounced at all:
_________________      __________________    __________________    _________________
2. Write words which are pronounced like the bold printed letters in these words:
code  _______________   must  _____________  
3. Write two words which are pronounced with a /u:/
________________     _________________
4. 'began' is the irregular past form of the verb to begin. Can you write the three forms (base form, past form and past participle) of a similar irregular verb?
_______________   ________________   __________________

"All work and no play makes Jack/Jill a dull boy/girl"

Vicky The Viking - Episode 8 - Sven Trikes Back 

SOLUTIONS to the exercises in the previous post /for further exercises of this level go to  Mock exams (4º ESO)/:
has been , crashed and were , appeared , saw , tried , lost , went , crashed
were killed , were taken , were taken , has not been moved

1. And what if the exam is too long?    2. You will have ten more minutes if the exam is longer than the one in the other class.     3. I never used to play with other children, but now I enjoy meeting people in my job.    4. How many people were injured in the accident? A few.    5. How long have you been learning English?    6. She has been too busy looking at herself in the mirror.     7. The Electrocar hasn't got even a roof.


  • Episode 190814 / 14 August 2019    >>>  No-deal Brexit: What happens to British tourists?:    Language related to 'decisions and effects'.  Need-to-know language: complicated, put (s.o.) off, implications, hard facts  & straightforward.

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  1. Since leaving the EU country, many of the young Europeans who worked for the hospitality sector are leaving, so the demand for staff with languages ​​by SMEs is urgent. In addition, some British families perceive foreign languages ​​as 'Marías' subjects.
    According to the latest Survey on the Participation of the Adult Population in Learning Activities disseminated by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), English was used by 40.3% of that age group of the population, a percentage that has converted it in the most used.
    Recent data from the Council of Europe vary that the level of languages ​​in Spain is slightly higher than that of the British

  2. He began his career as a professional footballer in 1963 with Manchester United where he played for 11 seasons as part of the United Trinity or also called Holy Trinity, along with Bobby Charlton and Denis Law.7 In the Old Trafford club he won several titles such as the European Cup, 2 Football League First Division, the FWA Prize for the player of the year, the Golden Ball and other awards. At the same time that he obtained these awards, his life became bohemian. After his successful career at Manchester United, he spent his football in clubs in Ireland, the United States, Northern Ireland, Scotland and others in England.

  3. George Best debuted with Manchester United at the age of 17, and in 1967 he was already the idol of young Englishmen, even above the Beatles or The Rolling Stones. Lover of the Spanish sun coast, cover of the most popular British magazines and a wild beast of nightlife, went to prison, was a golden ball at age 19 and a small mansion was built with a pool full of goldfish With the money from your first contract.

    The terorist band IRA wanted to kill him. A genius of the ball that ran the right band of massive football stadiums at the same speed as he did in the bars of the bar and night clubs. The guy from Belfast, the hairy one, "The Fifth Beatle," the player who was missing from the games to spend a weekend with one of his fans was a rock star soccer player.

    He was the first player who made an advertisement for television, for Cookstown sausages, where he said the phrase: "the best sausages in the family."

  4. Brexit can cause serious problems outside and within the European Union as a large part of British families living in part of Europe would be affected.
    It would also affect students who travel there in order to learn their language and gain more experience in their working life. Another part of the hospitality sector would be affected because the young people who worked there would prefer to work in the European Union so they would return to their area or other countries for their greater benefit.

    Marta Rodríguez

  5. George Best debuted with Manchester United at the age of 17, and in 1967 he was already the idol of young Englishmen who liked football, had a bad part of his life that was going to prison, a good part of His football career was that he won the golden ball at age 19. I use his first salary to buy a mansion, with a pool full of fish.
    One of the worst moments of his life was when the IRA terrorist band wanted to kill him.
    In the Old Trafford club he won several titles such as the European Cup, the First Division of the Football League 2, the FWA Prize for the player of the year, the Golden Ball and other prizes. Apart from in England also juice in other countries.
    He was the first player who made an advertisement for television, for Cookstown sausages.
    In my opinion he was a great English footballer, more than playing well that everyone already did because he gave everything for the team and fought until the end, in England, but especially in Manchester they will be very proud of what He did for the club.