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viernes, 31 de enero de 2020

Time to leave, Britons!! Brexit is here.

The time has come. Tonight the UK will no longer be a member of the EU. Remember that UK stands for the 'United Kingdom' and EU for the 'European Union'.


Brexit: UK to quit EU at 23:00 GMT - BBC News



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  2. Brexit; United Kingdom has left Europe! it is a pity!some people in the UK agree and other don´t agree. there are lots of march. it is on Tv, everybody in Europe watches the TV programs about Brexit because everybody is interested in it.

    Ana Pérez Prados 4ºB DE LA ESO

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  5. The British separated from Europe a week ago but what is the reason why they did it, I would love to learn more about this and be able to explain a little more about this matter. I think it is very sad that Brexit has happened.

  6. I don't like brexit,because to break Europe and because he was a very important partner, I also believe that the other countries will have to put more money and we are not favored

    Rubén Sabio Prados 1°Eso A

  7. The brexit is the separation between UK and UE, but Scottland not wants the brexit. The UE is accord of all the European countries for do accord commercials and social politics. UK wants come out the UE. Only there is eleven months for the brexit total.

    Jose Antonio Sabio Prados 1°Edo A

  8. Two days ago the United Kingdom left the European Union because of the brexit. Brexit, which is what happened after the people that live in the UK had to decided whether to leave the EU or to remain to the EU. The result of the referendum was that they wanted to leave the EU and as it was their wish, they left the EU on 31st January.
    However, despite the fact that the UK has left the EU, the EU has confirmed the English will still the official language of the European Union, because this is still the most spoken language in the EU.
    The decision to leave the EU was taken after while, but the Primer Minister in the UK didn´t want to leave the EU, althought he was the one who organized all the election. It is for this reason that it has taken them such a long time to carry out the decision taken.
    I don´t think that it was a great idea because it is always safer if the EU can give you for example medicine, food, and if the UK had a problem the EU could help it. But now the UK needs to do all alone because it doesn´t have the EU to help them. In Spain we have a similar case with Catalonia, they want the independence, but Spain doesn´t want to give it to them, and in my opinion Spain is doing well because I don´t think that Catalonia has all the necessary resources to do all the things alone.
    Francisco Manuel González López 4ºA

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  10. Brexit means that it leaves Europe, this is very bad because we can not visit England the same, this is very bad because we should live together in peace.

  11. John McEnroe has been one of the best tennis players. He is remembered for being a great tennis player but also for his strong carácter in which he faced chair judges and referees. In 1980 he played the Wimblendon final against Björn Borg, for a long time it was considered the best final and he lost almost after four hours of play. In 1986 he left profesional tennis and is currently a commentator on the Eurosport channel.

    Alejandro Venegas 1ºA

  12. Brexit means that Great Britain is going to leave Europe, this is very bad because we can no longer visit England as before, this is very bad because we should live together in peace.
    Abel Martinez Padilla 1*A

  13. I think they should not have split because that would be a problem for the UK.
    This will affect the government and the economy, but even if they have decided this, we must continue studying English as it is considered to be the official language with which we can all communicate.

    The United Kingdom finally left the European Union (EU), 47 years later, with a view to starting a new path and a new relationship with Europe from outside, in relation to trade agreements.

    At midnight in Brussels, the capital of the European Union, the British put an end to three and a half years of problems between citizens and parties about the advisability of staying or leaving the community bloc.

    On June 23, 2016, the British voted and won by majority to leave the EU, after an intense campaign called "Brexit" by the current minister, Boris Johnson.

    Paula González Blanco 4ºB

  14. Brexit is an abbreviation of “British exit,” and refers to the UK’s plan to leave the European Union. It’s the first time a member officially decides to leave the EU.

    The Brexit process began with the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union in a 2016 referendum. At 11pm GMT on 31st January 2020, Britain officially left the EU after 47 years of membership. Specialists say that leaving the EU, will allow Britain to re-establish itself as a truly independent nation.

    Nobody knows how the Brexit will turn out yet. The majority say it may have a negative impact on the economy, on jobs, homes and trade relationships with other countries. However, supporters of Brexit think that it would be in the best interest of other European countries to re-establish free trade.

    To sum up, the UK is no longer an EU member. Being the first country to exit the EU, it is yet to be seen the consequences that this will have for the country and its citizens.