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lunes, 2 de marzo de 2020

Helicopter parenting: I'M WATCHING YOU!!!

Don't you have the feeling that you are being watched everywhere and at every minute? You've got cameras at school, in the supermarket, in the shopping centre.... almost everywhere. They can track you using your mobile phone. They can even listen to your private conversations through toys, your personal computer or even using those radio sets you can talk to!!!



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  1. I think it is very important to have privacy and today with technology i feel that a don’t have privacy. They can see everybody and listening your prívate conversation, for example with the computer, for this I put a sticker in the camera of my computer so they can not see me, but in my mobile phone is very difficult to avoid it, they can listen my conversations and see me but i don’t know how avoid it.

    Alejandra MartÍn Guirado 1ºA

  2. I think it is not right that our privacy is exposed to what is personal. But it has its advantages, for example, if an elderly person with Alzheimer's problems is lost, they can locate it by tracking the mobile phone's signal.They can also locate vandalism, etc.

    Dunia Arnedo Martin 1ºA

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  5. Nowadays, privacy isn't the same as forty years ago. In 1980's mobile phones didn't exist and technologies weren't as advanced as now.

    When you're at your home and you think that anyone's watching you, you're wrong. Even if you think that you're alone at your home, every modern technology is watching you and listening what you're saying. Google, WhatsApp, Instagram and other companies can see your messages and they can even listen and watch you across you mobile camera. That's something that you didn't know and you didn't noticed about it.

    People's parents can also take away their privacy, they're called by the name of Helicopter Parents. These parents are always looking after their children and they don't let them do anything on their own and they protect them more than it's necessary. I think that it's a great mistake to do that with your children, because when the children leave his house and his parents aren't going to be there, they won't be able to do things on their own.

    In my opinion, I think that we should have more care of social networks and young people shouldn't have a mobile phone. I also think that the kids should have more intimate and they must discover new things themselves. Parents can educate them correctly but they shouldn't be after them all the time!

    Realizado por Álvaro Martín Moliz 4º ESO A

  6. Today the word "privacy" does not exist in technologies such as Instagram, messenger, Facebook ... and many networks too.

    But when you search for something on Google, in a few minutes you will see many ads and more.

    But I prefer to play with my little sister with her toys so she doesn't get bored and doesn't get hooked on her tablet.

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  8. Nowadays, the privacy is very sensitive. We have more information on our computers or our phones than in our houses.

    The big companies, like Google, listen through our technologies to show publicity according to our favorite topics, or they look at our searches. For example, my sister and I were talking about Dublin because she was deciding her Erasmus destination. And a few moments later, in Instagram's stories, there was an advertisement about apartments to live in Dublin.

    Helicopter parents are always looking for their children, they protect them more than it is necessary. These parents are constantly telling us what to do and what not to do. They want to control all our steps.

    Personally, I think kids should have an intimacy, but with some limits. We need to look for our likes. It is important to discover the world by ourselves. I like when I spend my free time alone doing whatever I love, for example reading my favorite book or watching my favorite series.

  9. In our days privacy isn´t the same as before, before the people didn´t know when you went to a place, or when you did something, but now you put all your information in the social network, for example when you go on holiday to the beach you put some photos of you in the beach in social networks like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, and we even arrive a to such a level that we even upload photos of the food we eat and there are people that are obsessed with take a photo of all the food that they get.

    I think that it can be good that we are watched, but in some societies like China they have cameras in their streets. All this means that people lose their privacy because there is always someone watching you what you are doing in the street with a camera. I don´t agree with this thing, because I think that we need some privacy policy.

    Francisco Manuel González López 4ºA

  10. Have you ever felt like you were being watched? Well, the fact is that we are being watched all the time. Nowadays, because of new technologies, there are cameras everywhere: supermarkets, shops and even on our own mobile phone. According to statistics we are recorded without knowing it at least 1000 times in our life and that has advantages but disadvantages too.

    On the one hand, cameras and microphones are very good. They help us save special moments and remember things. Moreover, security cameras are really important because they improve security in stores. They are not only important for the consumers but also for the sellers; in the past, in places like gas stations or shops that open until very late, working as a cashier was very dangerous. At present, thanks to the security cameras, robberies and vandalism have decreased. In addition, many people have security cameras in their own homes for the same reason. If you have cameras in your home, even though you may sometimes feel watched, you will probably feel much safer and sleep more peacefully.

    On the other hand, having cameras recording us all the time is dangerous. Without us knowing it and without our permission, a camera could be recording us. Furthermore, many times through our own mobile phone or computer someone could be spying on us and that is very serious. To prevent this, we have to be very careful with the applications we download because if you download an App like Whatsapp, Twitter or Instagram and you allow that App to access your camera and your microphone, at any time someone can see what your camera is recording while you are using that App. Listening to phone calls, discovering passwords, and taking pictures of yourself without your permission are some of the things hackers can do. In addition, there are more and more problems of this kind nowadays caused because of people not informed and not knowing the dangers that can exist.

    To sum up, security cameras are good only if we're conscious that we're being recorded. Besides, talking about mobile phones, laptops and tablets we should be careful because someone may have hacked your system without your permission. Some recommendations to avoid being spied on on your computer are to cover the camera with some tape and read all the information before downloading an application. In my opinion, this is a very serious issue and everyone should be informed. A good idea could be to give talks in schools so that young people, who are the ones who most often have this kind of problem, are well informed.

  11. Currently technology has advanced a lot. We have mobile phones, laptops, videogames or even virtual reality. 30 years ago, people only have very big mobiles that only couldn't call other people, so it's such a huge change.

    Today most of these devices have cameras. You can find cameras in many places and with different purposes like in shops to avoid thief's to steal something, on the roads to prevent cars go faster than they can and in phones and laptops to take photos and videos or to talk with other people.

    But most people don't know that they can be spied by other people using the cameras on the mobile phone or the laptop. The can see what you are doing at everytime. This is a huge problem because they can take photos and videos of you and they can use them to make publicity even if you don't want to.

    I think this is a big problem and many people don't feel safe even at home. It think brands like, for example, Apple, need to improve safety of their devices. An advice to avoid this is to put tape on the camera of the mobile phone or laptop. In my case, I have tape on my laptop's camera but I don't have it on my phone because I'm taking photos all day and it's more comfortable not to have it.

  12. Nowadays, we are surrounded by technologies such as mobiles phones or laptops which can be very useful for our work and lifestyle , but have you ever thought that your camera and microphone can spy on you ?

    It is clear that when you are in a store there are cameras anywhere for our security or the person who works there , so if there is a criminal who comes to steal something , employers can know who it is. In addition, schools also have now cameras to monitor students for example if they use their mobiles or if something happens.

    When we are in our homes quietly , we can also be spied by other people that we don´t know and it can be a big problem. When a person accesses to our mobile , they can see everything we are doing and even they can listen to us. Moreover , they can take photos , steal important documents and what´s more , they can access to our password.

    To sump up , you should be vey careful when you are using your mobile or laptop because someone can be watching you.

  13. Currently technology has advanced a lot. We have mobile phones, laptops, videogames or even virtual reality. 20 or 30 years ago, people only have very big mobiles that only couldn't call other people, so it's such a huge change.

    Nowdays the majority of this devices, have one camera incorporated, where you can use to take photos, see other person in this moment... but this have one negative part, that is that some people that save as hack this cameras acroos the our mobiles, laptops... can see us when we stay using this devices, or if we have on and we haven't put in off, this some people can see us in our intimacy.

    For this it advisable that for example in our laptop, we cover the camera with paper or something, in the mobiles it's more difficults to cover, because we saty using in all moments the camera to take photos, videos.

    I think that we must to have a lot of care with that we do front of one camera, and with that we up to the social networks, because it to very dangerous.

  14. Nowadays our privaticy isn't the same that fifty years ago. For be more specific we haven't got privaticy. But, why haven't we got privaticy?

    The answer for one way it's very simple but there is other side that I can't give you a answer or evidence. The first of all our privacity doesn't exist for THE COLD WAR and TERRORIST ATTACKS. The last case I think it has been the most influential.

    How? When the attack for the gemels towers has switched on the alarm about this problem. For this the police and the governments are looking our conversations, our founds on internet, every thing that can help us to stop the attacks.

    In my opinion this is very important for our security, but I don't feel good with this way.

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  16. Nowadays, technology is changing our lives. Technology has many good things but also many bad things. Due to new technologies, we are currently surrounded by cameras which can be on our phones or computers, on the street, in supermarkets, at gas stations... For example, in Great Britain there are more than four million cameras, which can see all its population approximately 300 times everyday. Therefore, there is one camera for 14 people, which makes this country one of the most viewed places in the world.

    On the one hand, cameras and microphones have many good things. For example, thanks to cameras there is currently less vandalism in all stores because security cameras can record thieves and even call the police when it detects certain actions which are inadequate. In addition, in many airports there are cameras which can detect thieves and there are cameras on the roads which can recognize suspicious license plates. Besides, nowadays many people have security cameras in their own homes and so they are more protected. Therefore, if you have security cameras in your house, you will feel watched but more safer. Although, the cameras and microphones which we usually use the most are the ones that are in our phones. Thanks to these we can make videos and photos with our family or our friends, which are very nice memories.

    On the other hand, cameras and microphones are very dangerous because without our permission, many cameras record us daily. For example, cameras which are in the shops to watch the thieves, also watch the common people at the same time. Besides, through our own mobile phone or computer, the government spy on us to see what we do and this is very dangerous. In addition, hackers can listen to our phone calls, discover our passwords, steal documents from our phone or take photos of us without our permission. Recently, some inventors have observed that hackers can easily manipulate our phone through applications, PDF files, multimedia messages and even emojis. To avoid this, we must be very careful with the applications we download like Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram. If you download any of these applications, you will be allowing that application to access your camera and microphone while you are using it.

    To sum up, security cameras are good if we use them correctly. An advice to avoid being spied on is to cover with tape the camera of our mobile phones and computers. Besides, you must read all information before downloading an application. In my opinion, new technologies are very dangerous and the government should inform us better of the disadvantages and dangers of social networks.

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  18. Technology has come a long way in recent years and this is good but bad in some ways.
    This is good because we have all the information in a single device, but it is bad because some applications need permission to access the microphone and the phone / computer camera when we download them and when we accept that permission, we are making the mistake that someone he could spy on us and record us without knowing it.
    Other dangerous actions are when people publish their location or everything they do on social networks, because they are letting the information be seen by unknown people and we don't know if something bad could happen.
    I think that we must be careful with all the applications that we download because everything that is uploaded to the networks is saved even if we delete it.
    There are hackers who can access our information and monitor us through the camera.
    We must cover the cameras of computers and cell phones with a piece of glued paper to prevent it from being recorded without us knowing.
    Paula González Blanco 4ºB

  19. Technology has advanced a lot during these years, now there are many more things like mobile phones, virtual glasses, digital whiteboards, computers. 40 years ago there were not so many things, for example cell phones from before were keys and you could only call someone, cell phones from now you can do many more things, before there were only blackboards.

    Now almost all devices have cameras such as cell phones, computers ... these cameras are not used to take photos, make video calls with friends or family and many other things, but it also has a bad side and that is because the camera can be looking and seeing Everything we do, we talk to someone or they can even publish our things without our permission, normally what people do is cover the camera with a sticker, I do not have it on but because I do not use a lot of computer, but in the camera of the mobile phones do not usually put anything because we use the mobile camera more to take photos.

    Now children are born with a mobile phone in their hands and from a young age they already know how to use mobile phones better than older people. I think that children already know how to use technologies from a young age is good because I think that right now to work you will have What to know how to use things and more this year that you work from home and many people who hardly know how to use the computer have had to learn to be able to work, but on the other hand the fact that children from so young use mobile phones I think is bad because as they can be with their friends playing through a screen they do not go out.