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jueves, 7 de mayo de 2020

UBI - Universal Basic Income is demanded! (QUARANTINE: DAY 53)

Most people without a job are having problems getting through this quarantine, but also people with jobs depending on the consumption of others, for instance owners of bars, restaurants, hotels, clothes shops... So a universal basic income is needed more than ever! Due to globalization, our economic system has become increasingly fragile.

However, this should be a temporary situation as people need to save money to buy houses, to travel... A century ago, with the previous pandemia, the Spanish flu, no economic crisis came afterwards, but this will not be the case as, apart from the health crisis, we already have a world of misery ahead with a huge economical crisis, added to the ecological crisis we already had. It could be a tale of doom if there isn't a collective action. And so, the solution could be the UBI (Universal Basic Income).

Consumerism will no longer be a problem as we will have to
spend our money properly and, therefore, recycling and reusing will be valid alternatives to just buy new items. As well, we will try to repair or mend items instead of just buying new ones. And we will have found a way out for our ecological crisis. Our cities are already cleaner and there is not so much polution.

We'll get through this pandemia and subsequent crisis in the end!!



Coronavirus and the Case for UBI | WIRED UK



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Thursday, 7th May

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 News Review  >>>> Could this Ebola drug offer hope? (BBC Learning English)



Unit 8 - pages 102-103  

Read all the articles and watch the video above and make a glossary (the key words) about Universal Basic Income and send it to me, as this can be a possible topic for next year's Selectivity exam.

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  4. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, apart from the human loss, a massive negative effect on the worldwide economy is expected. Factories, schools, and lots of businesses have shut down. Recently, a few politicians and even the Pope Francis agreed that the UBI (universal basic income) could be the solution against the economic collapse caused by the coronavirus lockdown. But, what is the UBI?

    Universal basic income, or UBI, means that everyone gets a set monthly income, without having to work for it. The idea of a state-run basic income is not new. It dates back to the early 16th century, when Sir Thomas More's Utopia described a society in which every person receives a guaranteed income. Currently, there are several countries where UBI projects have already been launched, but it has not provided positive results in all of them.

    Finland, for example, has become the first country of the EU to start paying jobless people certain amount of money, but, unfortunately that did not lead them to find work afterwards. In Western Kenya, adults are being given $22 a month for 12 years, until 2028. In Italy, the government is working on introducing a ¨citizens´income¨. In Spain, a "minimum vital income" will be approved in May and be sent to nearly 100,000 vulnerable single-parent households. However, we should know that a "minimum vital income" is not the same as a universal basic income, which is granted without any conditions to every citizen.

    One of the benefits of introducing the UBI is that it can raise people´s living standards because it is aimed at eradicating poverty. What´s more, workers could afford to wait for a better job or better wages.

    To sum up, I strongly believe that a Universal Basic Income is needed more than ever! The introduction of an emergency Universal Basic Income could provide some financial security for people and it would help reduce the effects of the expected economical crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

  5. The quarantine has affected many people and this has given rise to a crisis since most people cannot work because they have been forced to close. Some families that had bars have had to leave because they could not afford it, and they did not They could pay for family things and apart from the bar.
    My family has not had much problem because my father had to stop working on the construction site but he also has a field and my mother works with one taking care of an older woman.
    For now everything is better, some bars, stores can be opened, you can also go out to do sports but with a mask and away from other people, some people have not paid attention to this and many people used to get together to do sports and that It has increased the number of infected people.
    I believe that people are going to do things well so that we can get out of this crisis and right now we can go to the beach with friends, see our families ...

  6. With quarantine, families are really bad because they can't go to work, but in May people can go out the house to go to work but alone in some jobs and people can go out to do sports.
    In other communities people go out but with protection and in a little time, and the government think do a avance when come in some days why in this time make it´s hotter and the people infected decreased.
    I think that the people could go out in little bit time because they said that the affected the virus and I want to go back out again because I´m bored because every day is the same, just do homework.
    Paula González Blanco 4ºB

  7. This pandemic is causing a lot of human loss. Also, many people have lost their jobs, have closed establishments, for example bars, restaurants, shops.This pandemic has had a great impact on the world economy, which is why a universal basic income is needed to help people who need it most.

    Universal basic income, is a form of social security system in which all citizens or residents of the country receive amount of money an unconditional. There are several countries where they have proposed it, but unfortunately I have not given results.

    The advantages of the UBI is that it allows to immediately solve the most basic needs of part of the population, and also seeks to prevent a crisis as disastrous as that of 2008.

    Finally, I think that the solution would be universal basic income, because people would be more safe and calm, and this would also reduce the impact on the economy.

    Raquel Boo Arellano 1º Bachillerato

  8. With quarantine, people are having a very bad time because they don't have a job that provides hem and their family with enough resources to live upon.

    In my case my parents continue working since they work in the greenhouse picking up tomatoes. And not only them, all the people who work in the fields or in warehouses, in factories ... since we need food to eat, things for the household or anything else that is essential. Those who work in hospitals or politicians also continue to have their jobs. But other people who are dedicated to business such as hotels, shops, restaurants, bars do not have a job and they do not have enough to pay for the things they need either. But since the second day of May, the businesses could be opened with 50% of their capacity, since we must respect the distance between us so as not to infect each other and stop this virus.

    I think that now with the heat we are less contagious since we are having a shower all the time and the heat helps the virus not to spread as quickly.