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jueves, 4 de junio de 2020

Virtual classes can never beat in-person classes (QUARANTINE: DAY 81)

Now that this most bizarre school year is coming to an end and that we have had both in-person regular classes and virtual classes, it is time to think about which one of the two options we prefer and why.


From the point of view of a teacher, and although virtual classes can be an excellent complement to traditional teaching, I believe there is no such dilemma about the issue. The percentage of students who have dropped out or who haven't done things in a fair way is incredibly high and frustrating!!!

Here are some newspaper articles for you to read and a video in Spanish about an Italian university professor talking about the issue:

Nuccio Ordine, university professor and writer, tells us his opinion about the discussion (in Spanish) >>

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 Thursday, 4th June

1º ESO

Tasks for today:

Unit 7 (page 152-153) >> Revising for the exam.

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  • Episode 200603 / 03 June 2020    >>>  How to protect ourselves from a meteor strike (Defending ourselves from meteorites)  -    Language related to 'space'.  Need-to-know language: meteorite, orbit, Solar System, asteroid & shooting star.

19 comentarios:

  1. Some children prefer to be home a thousand times because they are bored, but I honestly miss high school. Javier Rivas López 1°A.

  2. I don't like the fish soup, but I like the fish soup at the moment. The crips is better than pizza. I was eat chiken and now I am eating a chocolate ice cream. I like as chocolate ice cream as vanilla ice cream.
    In the restaurant there was many food how pizza, burguers, hot dogs, steak and chips, eggs, fruit. I the flat there was orange juice, banana juice and apple juice. Many families normals should eat in this restaurant because is very well and is the bestest restaurant. We usually eat hear about twice a mont.
    All we should eat many fruit because is very good and its very good.

    Ruben Sabio Prados 1º ESO A

  3. The food is a important paper during these days, because restaurants aren't the best option now. I eat iqual before, but I think eat healthy food and junk food. I remenber restaurant food was very good, these were many restaurants, but now these are many more. Andalucía is very visited and it's was very visited thanks the advertisment of Spain. I like visited then to Andalucía before,there were more security, now is a danger visited us. We have got national turist, but is complicate come us by economy. It's was very important respect social distance or take your mask. This year I can't visit museums and munuments at the moment, I like visit munuments and museums because has got many interesting things. Always preserver the emvaroment, it's must tidy.

    José Antonio Sabio Prados 1ºESO A

  4. In my opinion, having normal classes is much better than having virtual lessons.

    One of the reasons is because I think that if you're in class with a teacher in front of you, you can ask him any question you have and you can also see what's he saying and see how can he expresses himself.

    In virtual lessons you can only hear the teacher talking to the class, but you hardly ever see the teacher. You can ask him questions like in normal classes, but it isn't the same because it's really hard to explain something or help someone who's really far from you and you can't see, but only hear.

    I also prefer normal lessons because you can also meet your classmates and friends, you can talk with them about what are they going to do in the afternoon and you can have your snack with them and having a good time all together.

    In fact, I think going to school is much better that having online lesson, despite you need to wake up a little bit earlier and you'll have to leave school at quarter to three instead two o'clock in exceptual cases. I want to go back to school!

    Álvaro Martín Moliz 4º ESO A

  5. I think that the best way to learn is in class, since we have the teachers in person and we can ask any questions. Although you can also ask questions through videoconferences, I don't like it because some people have poor coverage and the explanations we are hearing fail. This has been my first year in high school, but at the same time it is a very rare year. Honestly, I would like to go back to class.

    Dunia Arnedo Martin 1ºA

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  7. I prefer virtual classes because I do not have to go to school and also in school classes last a long time and in virtual classes it lasts much less time.
    Oliver Lozano Martín 1ºA

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  9. Next week we finish this school year which has been a bit strange.We have had regular in-person classes and virtual classes.

    From my point of view I prefer the classes in person, since it is easier. If you have any questions you can ask directly and the teacher explains it to you better and you learn better about things. You are with your classmates and sometimes you have a good time, we make jokes, we play and most of the time we talk to each other and annoy the teachers.

    Virtual classes are easier, since you do not have to get up so early, you do not have to prepare because if you do not want you can not put the camera and while the teacher is talking you can do any other thing like eating, playing video games, being in networks or even watching a movie or series. It is very easy to get lost and also most of the people if they do not understand something they remain silent and since the teacher cannot see our faces he does not know if we have understood it or not. Communication is less and sometimes nil since anyone can mater and then leave the computer there and go elsewhere to do something else. Then when they send homework and surely most of us don't know how to do it, we usually ask for them and pass them on to each other. In the exams the same. We took advantage of the opportunity we have where the teachers cannot see us and we copied ourselves, we passed the exam exercises by whatsapp and in the end we passed the majority. But not everyone usually cheat.

    I think we only fool ourselves with these things since the virus will not last forever and when we come back we are not going to know how to do most of the things and then the suspense and the crying will come.

    I believe that you have to be honest in life because, after all, lies and deceit always come out and then we suffer the consequences of our actions.

  10. Nowadays, we must take virtual classes, because of the pandemic, and it is very different from the in-person classes that we used to have. And in my opinion having in-person classes are better than having virtual classes, and here are my reasons.

    One reason why I think that our traditional classes are the best way to have classes, is because if you are in front of the teacher, you pay more attention in class than if you are in your house, because in your house you can distract with everything and there isn´t anybody to tell you that you must pay attention in the class.
    Another reason is that if you are with the teacher you can ask him all your questions, altough you can also ask your questions in virtual classes, but in these classes the teacher can´t explain well your question, because you can only hear him.
    And of course all the Internet error that you can have, and if you have an Internet error you can´t go into the virtual classes and you miss an explanation.

    And for these reasons I prefer go to in-person classes, altough if we had our regular classes these days, we would have lots of exams.
    Francisco González 4ºA

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  12. Lately we have been taking online classes because of the quarantine. The decision of taking them was so hasty and many students had problems to enter to them. I also had problems to enter to some of them, especially the earlier ones because my laptop does not work very well and it goes very slow. Other students didn't have enough laptops so they have missed some classes.

    But, what if we could have prepared everything for online classes? It would have some advantages. For example, you can get up later because you don't have to go to school. We could also see each Sunday a list of the homework we had to do the next week, so it was easier to organise our time. It is true that you can't concentrate as well as you can at school and get distracted is very easy. You can also see some 'fake students' who enter to the classes and don't pay attention. These students also cheat in most of the exams, usually having the textbook near them or asking for the answers using apps like WhatsApp.

    If we compare online classes to our usual classes we can find many differences. The main one is that in a usual class you have to get up early, get dressed, have breakfast and go to school. You don't need to have a laptop and you can't get distracted so it's easier to follow the classes. It is more complicated to organise our time because the teachers are giving us homework everyday. And the most important, you can't have fake students because you are seeing what they are doing and they can't cheat in the exams.

    In my opinion I prefer the usual classes because with them it's easier to follow the classes and we learn more. It is true that I love some things of the online classes, like the list each Sunday with the homework we had to do the next week because I find it very difficult to organise my time so I'd like to have them we we return to our usual classes.

  13. Nowadays , because of the coronavirus , we all had to take online classes but, is it really a good option ? Which option do you think is better for you ? Do you prefer classes in person or online?.

    There are many advantages in both online classes and in-person classes. One of them is the flexibility that an online class can offer you , that means that you can choose the place to work , a place where you are comfortable and safe. Moreover, online is faster than in person ,therefore , it allows you to connect to class in time .

    However , in-person classes are more active and they allow you to participate more, which makes you stay alert and pay more attention during the class time. It is also much easier to form a relationship with the teacher so , this can make that the teacher knows your needs better and your attitude and behaviour in class. In addition , you can make a lot of friends that on the contrary, you can´t make online .

    From my point of view , I prefer classes in person rather than online because I think you can learn better , socialize with other people and stay involved and active with the class.

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  15. Now a days virtual classes have became very useful. Coronavirus or Covid-19 have changed our way of live, but now ve are going to change to normality.

    Virtual classes turned into a way more easier than real classes for students because they gave help and a very big opurtunity for students to pass this year. But this way have the worst thing for student, it won't prepare very well to the students. The teachers said that we wouldn't be prepared to the next year, for this all the countries are going to change the education of the students.

    Classes in person have prepared us for our future because we are more attentive than with virtual classes.

    I prefer classes in person becaus they prepare more than virtual classes for my selectivity.

    Ivan Bustos Jiménez

  16. Currently, due to coronavirus pandemic, schools have closed and all the in-person classes have been replace by online-classes. In less than three months we have had to adapt to this "new normality". However, what is the best option? Which do you prefer?

    We know there are many advantages and disadvantages in each one of them. On the one hand, in-person classes are much more practical and comfortable because you don't have to depend on a computer and a WIFI connection. Moreover, the teacher can motivate and inspired his student in his homework and help them do them every day. Furthermore, if you have any doubts you can ask directly to the teacher and he'll explain it to you immediately.

    On the other hand, online classes are a good option for people who hate getting up early in the morning because you don't have to be as punctual as for in-person classes. They are a comfortable and cheap way to learn. Definitely, you don't need to spend money on material. What's more, online classes can be a distraction for many people but the lack of socialization is greater.

    Front my point of view, you must be a very organized person and with a lot of will power to make the most of your time. On the contrary, if you need constant support from your teacher, maybe you should consider studying the classes in person.

    Lucía Guirado

  17. We had to finish the third quarter of the 2019/2020 academic year at home giving classes online and trying to send the assignments by gmail, it was a very good option for us and the teachers to realize the work that we are capable of doing in home, but I also think that it would be better to give classes at the institute since we are all more concentrated, since in our house we are distracted by anything and nobody usually draws our attention.

    At the end of it all, everything turned out better than we expected, when we went into quarantine it seemed impossible to do homework, exams and give classes by computer until it ended up becoming a habit. It seemed like a good idea to me since that way we improve digital competence and learn many more things.

    Salvador Pretel.

  18. Online classes are a good option when we are in danger from the coronavirus pandemic, but we must admit that in-person classes students are more concentrated. You can work with your colleagues. You don't usually do exams, for which they have to study. However, in online classes you don't usually make exams but you do pdf. What I see more positive about the online classes is that you don't have to travel, you don't take notes, you don't have to get up early.
    I prefer in-person classes because you meet your friends, you have less homework and you learn better.

    Francisco José Prados Espinosa