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by Bruce Lee

lunes, 10 de agosto de 2020

On the road again... I'm afraid not.


I'm afraid this year it is not a good time to travel, but we may be on the road to reach many goals (sometimes it is a rocky road like the one in
The Kings of Connaught - The Rocky Road to Dublin) : a solution to this pandemic, but also to a new school year or to success at the September exams or your B1, B2, C1... exams at the Official Language School. So be ready!!!


Every summer I take my car and travel far from home. This summer I cannot do it and I miss it so much. here's a fantastic song to have in your car when travelling:

Cody Francis - Honey Ta

ke My Hand (lyrics)


Any good song you recommend me when travelling? Here's a playlist:

Road Trip 🚐 Best Songs Ever .

Breaking news   >>>> This is the timetable for all the exams (B1, B2, C1...) at the Official Language School (EOI) in Motril.



Here I present you the Project about A Foreigner in Britain by Francisco González (1º Bach A)


Some activities for you to do: 

Revising the FUTURE TENSES with our 1º ESO students:

            WE 💗 HOLIDAYS !!! 

(Click here to have access to the digital book: Cambridge University Press)  You will do page 101 and you can send me the writing exercise (an email to a friend about a holiday). You can write the email as a comment to this entry.

mmmEnglish presents us some confusing pairs of words in English:


  • Episode 200722 / 22 July 2020    >>>  London unlocked -    Language related to 'change'.  Need-to-know language: a new normal, make the most of it, liberating, weather (the) storm & reshape.

Tennis  >>>

Navratilova vs Evert | 1984 US Open | Full Match

8 comentarios:

  1. Not yet as will present this new course, the truth is that I am afraid of becoming infected and infecting others but see what happens.

    This year has been a little weird having to be in class by the computer or mobile, I fear that the next course starts the same, but we'll see how we started. This summer I am trying to recover this subject and be able to pass clean, and focus on the new course.

    It is a difficult course according to what I have been told, you have to study hard, make an effort and get good grades to take the university tests. As I have seen in the news and also from what my colleagues have told me, the university entrance exams have been easy, the only difficult one has been math, but the other subjects were easy.

    I hope to approve this course and the course siguiento reach with new goals, how to take the course forward, in winter or summer get me the b1, if the coronavirus permits, health are healthy and we nothing happens.


  2. I think this new course is going to be just as weird as last year, since I still didn't know how we're going to start, but above all for fear of catching it and infecting my family.
    The experience of the online classes has not been very good since since the teacher did not see what he was doing, he did not pay as much attention and did not concentrate the same. The good part is that we didn't have so many hours of class and we didn't have to get up so early.
    I hope that this course is face-to-face and I get the best possible grades, although I am afraid that this course will be very difficult and that I may take it well. I also hope this September to be able to pass b1.

    Nuria Díaz Ruiz

  3. Last year everything started well but then in the middle of the course they had to lock us up and we had to give the classes by computer, this was a bit strange because a face-to-face class is not the same as an online class, I really prefer a class face-to-face because in the online class I do not concentrate as in a face-to-face class, or I also lost classes on the internet and for an online class it is much more difficult to explain than in a face-to-face class, in a face-to-face class if you get confused the teacher may call your attention but in an online class the teacher does not know if you are attending or not.
    When I said about doing online classes, I said it was better because that way I didn't have to study or get up early every day but then when time went by I didn't like it very much and now in summer I think that that time we've been in online class I haven't learned almost nothing.

    I am going to take B1 next year because I did not see myself prepared to be able to take it, although all this summer I have been reviewing things for the next year, which is already a Bachelor and is more difficult. I hope that this year, even if it is, we can give some face-to-face classes, and I hope to be able to get my B1 next year.

  4. These aren’t good times for a holiday trip, either for the risk of catching the COVID or the restrictions at the time of travelling away to another country or in your own country.
    But this “special situation” will also affect the next school year. There is a lot of confusion about how the pandemic will evolve or if the schools are prepared for it.
    Schools are not the only ones affected, the tourism is in a crisis right now with countries like the UK banning Spain as a tourist destination.
    So it won´t be easy to go out of this complex situation, which we are in right now.

  5. the previous year started well but the worst was yet to come. Nobody expected a global pandemic, this pandemic made classes have to be held online, each one from their home with their phones, their computers.
    This, apart from being a strange way of teaching, brought many problems, like the connection problems and that by not being in a class the students took less attention. These are difficult times for a vacation trip since we are in danger of contracting the famous COVID-19 and not only that but also continue to spread it. This will be an experience that no one would like to repeat.
    I hope our return to high school is the best possible and that we can teach correctly

  6. It's a shame, because I would like to have traveled this year to a city, enjoy its landscapes, its food, its language ... My favorite country is the United States, not only for its landscapes, but for practicing my level of English. Also, one of my dreams is to be an actress, and in United States, there is a city (Hollywood) where you have a better chance of becoming a famous actress. So it's a shame I can't travel this year, but if it's for our good, I'll do whatever it takes.

    Rocío Avellanedas Nocete 1°ESO A