Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

domingo, 18 de agosto de 2019

Bubión, a village close to Heaven!

Bubión is a little village in the mountains in the province of Granada in an area called Las Alpujarras and has just been given the quality award of Cittaslow for the quality of life its inhabitants can enjoy in this place close to Heaven.

Cittaslow is an International Network of Cities where living is Good and they have just considered Bubión as one of their favourite places (interesting promotional video to watch). CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Here are some articles for you to read (sorry, but the first of them is in Spanish):


Bubión se da a conocer como el primer destino andaluz «tranquilo» (El Ideal)


The Most Beautiful Towns and Villages in Spain's Sierra Nevada (Culture trip)


Spain announces its latest ‘most beautiful villages’ – and four of them are in Andalucia (The Olive Press), where they say:


"Bubión is ideally located on the gorge of the Río Poqueira and below the peaks of the Sierra Nevada, offering spectacular views.
It is full of Moorish features – narrow, winding streets, flat roofs – and has already been designated as a Conjunto Histórico Artístico, a region of special artistic and historical importance.
It is thought to have been founded in Roman times, and has plenty of evidence of life before the Moorish invasion of the 7th century.
Under the Moors, it was under the authority of Ugíjar. In the 16th century, after the fall of Granada to the Catholic Monarchs, the village participated in the rebellions by the Moors (or “Moriscos” – Moors supposed to have been converted to Christianity).
In the second rebellion, which started in December 1568, Bubión was one of the first villages of the Alpujarra to fall to the Catholic forces, after a major battle in the Poqueira valley.
Following their defeat in 1571, almost all Moriscos were expelled from the province of Granada. They were partially replaced by Christian settlers from other parts of Spain.
The most prominent building is the village church, built in the 16th century and remodelled in the following century. It is a simple structure in the mudéjar style."

A nice presentation of the area  >>>>

And here's another amazing video:

As well, in this blog remember you can find very useful information about trekking and places to eat or have a snack:  CLICK HERE!!!!  


USE OF ENGLISH. Multiple-choice exercise. Choose the appropriate option:

1. Today is ...........    (A  the wedding day of Beryl.    B   the day of Beryls wedding.   C  Beryl's wedding day.   D   Beryl's day of wedding.)
2. She ............. to Harry.    (A  just has been married    B   has just married   C  was just married   D   has just been married)
3. Now they .................. to a reception.  (A  are going    B   go   C  will be   D   are all)
4. Receptions are held so that the two families can get ................ and congratulate the couple.     (A  together    B   each other   C  assembled   D   themselves)
5. Beryl and Harry hope the reception ............... be too long.   (A  can't    B   won't  C  wouldn't   D  may not)
6. In fact, they wish it ................ over already.     (A  will be    B   was   C  were   D   had been)
7. Then they ............ be able to go on their honeymoon.     (A  ought    B   can   C  would   D   could)
8. Most people enjoy weddings, but  .............. don't.        (A  those    B   few   C  more   D  others)
9. Beryl's mother  .............. all through the wedding.   (A  would be crying     B  has cried   C  had been cried   D   had been crying)
10. Perhaps she remembered .................. to her own wedding.     (A  to go     B   having to go   C  going   D  she went)

News Review: India removes kashmir's autonomy (BBC Learning English)

"All work and no play makes Jack/Jill a dull boy/girl"

Vicky The Viking - Episode 9 - The Island of the Seals 

mmmEnglish   >>>  How To Use OTHER & ANOTHER Correctly ⭐️ English Lesson!

Football's Greatest - Alfredo Di Stefano and some other videos: 1 , 234    

sábado, 17 de agosto de 2019

Digital money, a good option to invest?

Digital, virtual!!!!  Everything is digital or virtual, but has it got a real value? That would be the case of money. Actually, there are fewer and fewer people that pay cash, that is to say, using coins and banknotes. We use credit cards, Pay Pal and other digital ways such as digital money.


There are many options to invest in this kind of money (What is the noun that comes from the verb 'to invest'? Is it 'inversion'?)

Previous post you can look up: Bitcoins, real currency or just a fake?


Here are some articles for you to read about the issue and a listening exercise:

And now some activities for you to keep on learning English  >>>>

The English We Speak: 'Eat your heart out' (BBC Learning English)

What is the difference between these two sentences?

1. We had a few chances of reaching the summit.

2. We had few chances of reaching the summit because it was getting too dark.

English in a Minute: Few or A few??? (BBC Learning English). And this would also be the case between 'a little' and 'little'.

Football's Greatest - Alan Shearer       

SOLUTIONS to the exercises in the previous post /for further exercises of this level go to  Mock exams (4º ESO)/:
Proposed answers:
A bike has got as many wheels as a motorbike, but it is not as fast
A bike is slower than a motorbike and it is not as big as a car.
However, a car is more comfortable than a bike, although it is not so economical

You go farther with a car than with a bike. You can also take a bus, but it is not so fast
If you go by car, you can take all your family with you.
If you go by bus, you will not spend so much money.

1.  wa(l)king     cas(t)le    g(h)ost    (k)now      tu(r)ned     cou(l)d. 
2. road   ,    run        3. smooth , too      4. sing - sang - sung

jueves, 15 de agosto de 2019

The best? He was George Best

Football's Greatest - George Best (Documentary)

Where was he from? Which team did he play for?

A new football season is about to start and new football stars are to be discovered. Here are two future tenses. Do you know when to use them? 


However, we have already had some official matches in the Premier League and yesterday the UEFA Super-Cup final between Chelsea and FC Liverpool, where their Spanish goalkeeper Adrian became a real hero.


Some articles for you to read:


And now some activities for you to keep on learning English  >>>>

The English We Speak: What does 'milk it' mean?  (BBC Learning English)

English with Lucy  >>>  WHY ARE YOU SAYING "AIN'T"!? Do you know what it means?

News review >>>  Russian aircraft enter South Korean airspace  (BBC Learning English)


47. You are going on holiday to Andorra, but you do not know which means of transport to       use. The two possibilities are a car or a bus. Make an analysis of these two means of transport either with your own personal opinion or following the clues given :

(similarities)  wheels, not fast
(differences)  slow , big
(advantages)  comfortable , economical

(disadvantages)  car: far , bus: not fast
If you go by car, you ____________________________________________________________
If you go by bus, you ____________________________________________________________

48. PRONUNCIATION. Read the following sentence:

I was walking to the castle when I saw a ghost in the middle of the road. I didn't know what to  do, so I just turned round and I began to run as fast as I could.

1. SILENT LETTERS. Write four words where one of the letters is not pronounced at all:
_________________      __________________    __________________    _________________
2. Write words which are pronounced like the bold printed letters in these words:
code  _______________   must  _____________  
3. Write two words which are pronounced with a /u:/
________________     _________________
4. 'began' is the irregular past form of the verb to begin. Can you write the three forms (base form, past form and past participle) of a similar irregular verb?
_______________   ________________   __________________

"All work and no play makes Jack/Jill a dull boy/girl"

Vicky The Viking - Episode 8 - Sven Trikes Back 

SOLUTIONS to the exercises in the previous post /for further exercises of this level go to  Mock exams (4º ESO)/:
has been , crashed and were , appeared , saw , tried , lost , went , crashed
were killed , were taken , were taken , has not been moved

1. And what if the exam is too long?    2. You will have ten more minutes if the exam is longer than the one in the other class.     3. I never used to play with other children, but now I enjoy meeting people in my job.    4. How many people were injured in the accident? A few.    5. How long have you been learning English?    6. She has been too busy looking at herself in the mirror.     7. The Electrocar hasn't got even a roof.


  • Episode 190814 / 14 August 2019    >>>  No-deal Brexit: What happens to British tourists?:    Language related to 'decisions and effects'.  Need-to-know language: complicated, put (s.o.) off, implications, hard facts  & straightforward.

domingo, 11 de agosto de 2019

Globetrotters are in fashion...again!

Hit the road, Jack!! (song by Ray Charles)


During the summer time there are millions of people travelling all over the world, but these globetrotters are not anything new.

Let's read first about this modern adventure:

Green-powered boat prepares for round-the-world voyage (The Guardian)

However, more than 500 years ago, the Vikings, Christopher Colombus and many other Portuguese and Spanish explorers carried out incredible voyages, such as travelling around the world for the first time ever!!!

Here's another interesting video for you: How Magellan circumnavigated the globe - Ewandro Magalhaes   (TED talk)



and some articles for you to read:

Once Upon a time 14- the golden age of Spain



 The first time I mentioned perhaps you thought I was going to talk about basketball   >>>

English with Lucy   >>>  DO NOT speak like THIS if you want to sound INTELLIGENT - 2 MAJOR mistakes   


Some other activities for you to do:

News Review: Trump 'racist' tweets (BBC Learning English)

Understand Idioms in English! - Learn English Vocabulary with Papa

What do these idioms really mean: to read between lines, to see (right) through someone/something, to jump to conclusions ? What other idioms does he talk about?


45.  Complete the following piece of news with the appropriate verb form :

News reporter: "Good morning. This is the eight o'clock news.There (be) _______________ a terrible accident on the M3 near Alicante.  Two cars (crash) ___________ and (be) ___________ in the middle of the motorway when a bus (appear) ________________. The bus driver (see) ___________ the cars and (try) ___________ to avoid them, but then he (lose) ______________ control of the bus, which (go) ____________ off the road and (crash) ___________ ."
"The bus driver and ten passengers (kill) _________________  in the accident and several other passengers (take) _____________________ to the nearest hospital by an ambulance. The other two cars (take) _____________________ away this morning, but the bus (not  move) _________ _______________________ yet until we examine and collect everything.", said a police officer.

46. Translate the following sentences into English:

1. ¿Y si el examen es demasiado largo?    
2. Tendréis diez minutos más si el examen es más largo que el de la otra clase.
3. Nunca solía jugar con otros niños, pero ahora disfruto conociendo a gente en mi trabajo.
4. ¿Cuánta gente fue herida en el accidente? Unos pocos. 
5. ¿Cuánto tiempo hace que empezaste a estudiar inglés?
6. Ella ha estado demasiado ocupada mirándose al espejo.
7. El Electrocar no tiene ni siquiera techo.

"All work and no play makes Jack/Jill a dull boy/girl"

Dick Turpin - The Champion (1979)  

SOLUTIONS to the exercises in the previous post /for further exercises of this level go to  Mock exams (4º ESO)/:

1. It's much further away from her school.       2. She used to walk.     3. She goes by bus.     4. It takes her nearly thirty minutes.     5. She used to see them everyday after school.

Example: I used to play football when I was a little boy, but now I don't do it any longer because I'm too old to run.    I didn't use to go swimming three times a week, but now I do.

Travelling tip   >>>    West England with Rick Steves 




And coming soon....

sábado, 10 de agosto de 2019

Time to shake your body!!!

Dancing, partying, having the best of times, listening to the best of musics, meeting new people.... HOLIDAYS!!!! We are just over the moon, like Neil Armstrong, do you remember?


John Belushi and Dan Akroyd with Ray Charles in The Blues Brothers in Shake a Tail Feather Scene  

And other movie clips from the film: The Blues Brothers   >>>

As well, summer is a time to go to restaurants and bars. There is an issue that is different in every country: TIPPING!!!  There are even some countries where it is compulsory.


And now some activities to improve your English:


43. READING & COMPREHENSION. Michelle is talking about the place she now lives. Read the text carefully.

"We moved to our new house seven months ago. The new house is much bigger than our old one, but it's much further away from my school. It only used to take me five minutes to walk to school, but now it takes me nearly thirty minutes by bus. Another problem is most of my friends now live a long way from me. I used to be able to go round to see them after school, but now I can only see them at the weekend.'

Answer the following comprehension questions about the text:

1. How far is Michelle's old house to her school? ______________________________________
2. How did she use to go to school? ________________________________________________
3. How does she go to school now? _________________________________________________
4. How long does it take her to get to school? _________________________________________
5. How often did she use to see her friends? __________________________________________

44. Write three sentences about HABITS you had when you were a small child:

  +   _______________________________________________   
  +   _______________________________________________    
  -   _______________________________________________                                  

"All work and no play makes Jack/Jill a dull boy/girl"

Vicky The Viking - Episode 4 - A sleepless night    


SOLUTIONS to the exercises in the previous post /for further exercises of this level go to  Mock exams (4º ESO)/:

1. Have you seen  ,   anywhere  ,   haven't  ,   did you last see
2. Have you spoken  ,   haven't spoken to her yet     3. has never played

1. won't let  ,  until   ,   gets        2. When we finish   ,    we will begin    3. If I pass   ,   I will go

Tennis  >>>   Federer and Nadal: Fit of Laughter During Shooting 


  • Episode 190807 / 07 August 2019    >>>  Are you as cool as the 'Asian Iceman':    Language related to 'states of mind'.  Need-to-know language: refreshed, awakening, natural high, clarity  & mental strength.

lunes, 5 de agosto de 2019

Ready to resume activity? Some superfoods, just in case!

What do I mean? Am I asking you if you are able to "make a summary of the activity"?  WRONG!!!


When you are doing an activity, usually physical, for example trekking in the mountains, and you are using a device to keep a record of your activity ( a smart phone, or an app such as 'runtastic') and you pause it because you stop to have a break. Then when you keep on with your walking or whatever you will have to press the button 'resume activity' to switch on your device.

So most of my students have been great PROCASTINATORS this summer (you remember a previous post that talked about people who always leave whatever they have to do for a later time) and they really need to start getting ready for the coming school year.


PROCASTINATING would be impossible in the animal world. A cheetah can never stop hunting to live and stay strong...

...or a hummingbird drinking nectar from flowers or in water holes and they never stop flying!!

Some amazing facts about hummingbirds >>  another video!!!


Talking about feeding, as we need so much energy these days, have you ever heard of the SUPERFOODS? Is it really true all what is said?

What Are Superfoods? (LiveScience)

The truth about superfoods (The Guardian)

Jamies Super Food    >>>>> "Who said eating healthy was tasteless, boring...? Rubbish! Here's an example"



And for more information about this British cook: Jamie Oliver  

English with Lucy   >>>   Talk DAILY with Native English Speakers - Easily Find a Speaking Partner!

mmmEnglish  >>>   How to RELAX your ACCENT | Part 2 | Consonant Linking



41. TENSES. Put the verbs in brackets into their correct past tense, and fill in the gaps (...)    with the following words:  now, anywhere, never , still , last, ago, yet (note there are three    too many)

1. (see) __________ you _____________ my watch? I can't find it ......................... 
    No, I ___________ . When (see) __________ you ................... _______________ it?
2. (speak) _________ you ____________ to your teacher about your homework?
     No, I (not speak) ___________________ to her ................... .
3. She (play) ___________ .................... __________________ Strip-poker with me.

42. TENSES. Put the verbs in brackets into their correct tense, and fill in the gaps (...) with the     following words:  if  ,  when  ,  until

1. The doctor (not let) _________________ him get up ................. he (get) ___________ better.
2. Albert said: "................... we (finish) _______________ Unit 50, we (begin) ______________    the final exams.
3. ................. I (pass) ______________ English and all the other subjects, I (go) ____________    to the beach every day.

"All work and no play makes Jack/Jill a dull boy/girl"

Dick Turpin - The Capture (1979)  

SOLUTIONS to the exercises in the previous post /for further exercises of this level go to  Mock exams (1º Bach)/:

1. worse and worse      2. further    3. the funniest   4. The more polluted,   the bigger

1. Shall I buy you a drink?  I'll buy you a drink (if you like)
2. I'm terribly sorry, but I must go. I am late for a meeting.
3. What do you think of the film you've just seen?

1. I wish it rained coffee and that I passed English!
2. There are fewer exercises in this exam than in the previous one.
3. He had to have the battery replaced at the petrol station that is between Torrenueva and Calahonda.
4. Shall I lay the table? I've got to listen to the news. I mustn't miss them.
5. If I were you, I would revise the exam again well.
6. When the exercises began to get more and more difficult, I asked my elder brother.
7. I've just remembered that I have to go to the bank right now.
8. Arthur didn't feel like going to class, neither did she.
9. Peter likes football a lot and so does Ron.

Tennis  >>>   Rafa Nadal / Feliz cumple parte 1