Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

domingo, 15 de septiembre de 2019

Here are the Spanish... Terracota warriors


Today is the big day for these warriors, both the Spanish and the Argentinian warriors, in the Basketball World Cup Final in China, where the Imperial Terracotta Warriors once lived. Good luck to both teams because they really deserve it and I do hope that we enjoy the game!!!





Spain captures second FIBA basketball World Cup title (CNN News)


Argentina vs Spain | FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 - Final






However, first of all, let's watch these two documentaries about the Terracotta Warriors.

Terracotta Army: The greatest archaeological find of the 20th century - BBC News


The First Emperor of China


New Secrets Of The Terracotta Warriors Documentary  (National Geographic)

Going back to basketball, here are the highlights of both semi.finals.




Spain v Australia - Highlights - Semi-Final - FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019



Argentina v France - Highlights - Semi-Final - FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019

Australia fume after Fiba Basketball World Cup double-overtime defeat to Spain (The Guardian)

Gasol, Spain to meet Argentina in World Cup final (abcNews)

The English We Speak: Cough up  (BBC Learning English)

Travelling tip   >>>  here's one video in French:  En Auvergne, du Puy-de-Dôme au Cantal and another one in English...


La Bretagne - Terre de Légendes


Some interesting facts about Brest:


Learn English with Papa - Advanced CONDITIONALS - Had I known...! - English Speaking Skills


Football's Greatest - Johan Cruyff and Best of His Career • Goals & Skills 


viernes, 13 de septiembre de 2019

Talking about tourism, all that glitters is not gold.

After every summer holiday we wonder how tourism affects the beauties of nature or cities. It is true that it is superb booster for the economy of certain countries, such as Spain, but all that glitters is not gold, as you can see in the following articles and listening exercise.

Tons of trash removed from Everest as cleanup unearths bodies (CNN)



Listening exercise for you to do: Is tourism harmful? (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)

Correct the following sentence:

Today we have advanced with the new technologies which allow us to make our day more comfortable.

English in a Minute:  When 'tell' doesn't mean 'tell'!   (BBC Learning English)

English with Lucy  >>>  Transition & Linking Words in English | Advanced Writing & IELTS Vocabulary & Grammar



Football's Greatest Teams .. Benfica 

Tennis  >>>   WOULD YOU RATHER? w/ ATP Tennis Stars 


  • Episode 190911 / 11 September 2019    >>>  Searching for the Loch Ness Monster:    Language related to 'the unexplained'.  Need-to-know language: mystery, definitive explanation, plausible, inconvinced & unidentified.

lunes, 9 de septiembre de 2019

No, no, it is not Superman... it is SUPER NADAL!!!


it was almost 3.3o in the morning after almost 5 hours of tough battle on court when our beloved rafael nadal did it again to win his 4th US Open and his 19th Grand Slam, and the first player who wins 5 Grand Slams in his thirties!!!



19 Points That Prove He's From Another Planet   



Daniil Medvedev vs Rafael Nadal | US Open 2019 Finals Highlights



and the Men's Finals Closing Ceremony | 2019 US Open



Finally, two other videos you can watch about this stunning athlete: 


Some articles for you to read about this incredible achievement:

US Open 2019 Legends Videocast with Lendl, Becker, McEnroe, Wilander  

Make Friends with PHRASAL VERBS! - Learn English with Papa

Football's Greatest international teams... Hungary 1950s 

viernes, 6 de septiembre de 2019

Pau Gasol says Spanish teens are not fit enough

In this blog we have seen different problems
affecting teenagers, such as screen abuse, mobile phones, couch potatoes... All of them have something in common: PHYSICAL INACTIVITY, that is to say, A SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE, whose main consequence is OBESITY and some other health problems such as insomnia, eyesight problems...



Pau Gasol stated this is a real problem recently. Here are some articles for you to read about the issue:



So what do we have to do?


News Review: Teenager blinded by chips and junk food diet (BBC Learning English)

Listening exercise for you to do: The Food of the Future (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)



"All work and no play makes Jack/Jill a dull boy/girl"

Danny Kaye  in some films:

Learn English with Papa - Advanced ways to use "DO"! - English is Weird!

Football's Greatest teams... Nottingham Forest 


  • Episode 190904 / 04 September 2019    >>>  Ban on zoo trade in baby elephants:    Language related to 'law'.  Need-to-know language: prohibited, compromise, loopholes, exceptional circumstances & significant victory.

sábado, 31 de agosto de 2019


The summer, at least the summer holidays, is coming to an end and so is party time!! So now we have a warm-up period before classes and routines begin. You'd better get ready.

And the party is over, especially for our students beginning Bachillerato. It is the time for truth, honesty and commitment as in two years' time they will be taking the Selectivity exams.

Here are some articles for you to read connected with the summer holidays:

Anyway, that shouldn't be a problem as it is also high time to congratulate those students who have been working this summer. This is the summer scoreboard so far!

The English We Speak: HARD vs HARDLY  (BBC Learning English)



"All work and no play makes Jack/Jill a dull boy/girl"

The best of Dave Allen... The Comedy Sketches 1/4

English in a Minute:  Stop to do vs stop doing   (BBC Learning English)  level B1/B2

Football's Greatest International Teams .. Brazil 1982 


SOLUTIONS to the B2 exercise in the previous post:  31. D  32. B  33. D  34. B  35. A  36. D  37. C  38. A   39. C  40. C 


jueves, 29 de agosto de 2019

The Amazon rainforest, a big issue for the entire planet!!!

We have been watching on the news this environmental catastrophe in Brazil: the Amazon rainforest on fire!!! and we have seen how everybody was talking about. Why? Because this is an issue that not only affects Brazil, but the whole planet.

Here are some articles for you to read and a piece of news to watch about the issue:

and the Lingohack episode is also talking about it...


  • Episode 190828 / 28 August 2019    >>>  The Amazon rainforest and climate change:    Language related to 'climate change'.  Need-to-know language: carbon dioxide, heating up, global warming, deforestation  & fossil fuels.

Listening exercise to do: How can I help the environment? (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)


USE OF ENGLISH. Multiple-choice exercise. Choose the appropriate option:

31. A photographer ...........  was taking photos of the group.    (A  worked for the local paper    B   which worked for the local paper   C  has worked for the local paper   D   who works for the local paper)

32. "Get closer together," the photographer  .............  them.   (A  said    B   told   C  informed   D   explained)
33. "Now,  .............  all smile, please?", he asked.  (A  may you    B   do you   C  shall you   D   can you)
34. The vicar was standing  ............... the bridegroom.     (A  after    B   behind   C  back from   D  behind of)
35. He thought, "............... Harry from the time he was a boy."   (A  I've known    B   I'd know  C  I knew   D  I'd have known)
36. He was happy Harry .............. such a nice girl.     (A  married    B   has married   C  did marry   D   had married)
37. Some guests ............ for the reception.     (A  left already    B   had been left already   C  had already left   D   having already left)
38. They felt the sooner they got there,  .............. they could eat and drink.        (A  the more    B   the most   C  more   D  more than)
39. They were  ............ the others.   (A  greedy than     B  more greedier than   C  more greedy than   D   so greedy as)
40. If they had stayed, they .................. in the photograph.     (A  should be     B   were to have been   C  could have been   D  had been)

SOLUTIONS to the B2 exercise in the previous post:  21. D   22. B   23. C   24. A   25. B  26. C  27. C  28. D  29. D  30. B 

mmmEnglish presents us 5 Common Expressions with CATCH | English Collocations

Football's Greatest Teams ... Bayern München       


The English We Speak: Have you ever told a little lie? (BBC Learning English)


News Review: Tiny 'cousin' of T. rex found (BBC Learning English)


martes, 27 de agosto de 2019

The war against GRAMMAR

The war against grammar, use of English, vocabulary... is a big issue and there are some stages to follow, usually very well presented in textbooks. However, to win this war you must also have to face some small battles using guerrilla tactics. 


That is our goal with this new section in my site, to present some common mistakes or doubts that come up when learning English. I hope it is useful for you!!!


Actually this idea came from the section they have in BBC Learning English called English in a Minute.


Interesting new section in my site  >>>>  The war against GRAMMAR et alia.  

For instance:

English in a Minute:  Their vs There vs They're (BBC Learning English) level: B1


USE OF ENGLISH. Multiple-choice exercise. Choose the appropriate option:

21. Confetti is coloured paper ...........  into small shapes.    (A  is cut    B   which cuts   C  that is being cut   D   which is cut)
22. The rice  .............   is not cooked.   (A  , therefore,    B   , of course,   C  , nevertheless,   D   although)
23. The two cousins of the bride .............  have got boiled rice from a Chinese takeaway.  (A  because    B   , although,   C  , however,   D   so)
24. "Let's roll it into little balls,  ................?", said one.     (A  shall we    B   don't we   C  can we   D  shan't we)
25. They wanted ........... the rice at the guests with their catapults.   (A  shoot    B   to shoot  C  shooting   D  shot)
26. But their faher .............. suddenly appeared.     (A  who had been looking for them    B   , who had looked for them,   C  , who had been looking for them,   D   was looking for them)
27. He is ............ them.     (A  to catch    B   about catching   C  about to catch   D   catching about)
28. He will take their catapults  ..............      (A  off.    B   from.   C  out.   D  away.)
29. Then he may  ............ them.   (A  to punish     B  punishing   C  have punished   D   punish)
30. But ............... he does, they will probably carry on being mischievous.     (A  despite     B   even if   C  as if   D  however)

SOLUTIONS to the B2 exercise in the previous post:  11. B  12. D   13. B   14. C   15. D   16. C  17. A   18. D   19. A   20. B  

English with Lucy   >>>>> 12 DAILY Activities to PERFECT your English Communication Skills Every Day    

Football's Greatest Teams ... Netherlands 1974       


The English We Speak: Hot under the collar (BBC Learning English)


Travelling tip   >>>  here's one video in French:  En Auvergne, du Puy-de-Dôme au Cantal and another one in English...


A trip through France's breathtaking Auvergne region

  FRANCE 24  to watch TV in French!!!