Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

sábado, 20 de abril de 2019

Our Viking adventures in York in images

After a lot of hard work and exhausting long hours, here's the video I have made of our trip >>>>


York 19 . VII Study trip to the British-Irish Isles


I am still waiting for you to fill in the feedback form ( SURVEY FOR STUDENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES TO FILL IN ABOUT THE TRIP  ) and write the report with your answers!!!


Let's do this listening exercise: Rabbits: cuddly friends or cunning tricksters?  (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English).

And 25 years ago Joventut de Badalona were champions in Europe!!!!


  • Episode 190417 / 17 April 2019    >>>  Harry Potter: Wizard banking -  Language related to 'finance'.  Need-to-know language: treasures, currency, vault, profits  & turnover.

miércoles, 17 de abril de 2019

The history of another successful story starred by our fearless Spanish Vikings from IES Mediterráneo (Salobreña)

The history of another successful story starred by our fearless Spanish Vikings from IES Mediterráneo (Salobreña)

Imagen relacionada

As far as the teachers are concerned, it has been a complete success for many reasons. For further information about this, please read the report written by the the teachers participating in the study trip:



After our VII Study trip to the British-Irish Isles it is time to come to conclusions and analyse how things have been carried out. We have read about the teachers' opinions, but what about our students and their families? Here's a form to collect their opinions  >>>>



Having seen all this, why do we consider this trip to York the best ever so far?

  • It has been the cheapest one and the Spanish Agency has offered the students' families the easiest payment terms.
  • Apart from the one to Dublin, where we were forced to stay in Ireland two days more due to the French air controllers' strike, it has been the longest one.
  • It has had the most activities, and they were all included in the price of the course.

  • NO STUDENT had to be moved to another host family.

  • It has been the one with the fewest problems

  • A fact that has contributed greatly to this is that we had the strongest students ever as they were able to cope with all the difficulties and problems they came across.

Our VII Study trip to the British-Irish Isles: York (England) 2019   >>>   related posts and photos:

Some other videos for you to see about different matters related to our study trip   >>>>

The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones  

Dracula's Whitby - Mina's Run   

It is not only grammar and vocabulary what you have to learn about a language, but also it's appropriate use and the real meaning certain expressions may have  >>>   

domingo, 14 de abril de 2019

YORK 07: On our way home!!!!

Resultado de imagen de cartoon airplane flying gifGlad that I'm at home at last (listen to the song I have put as my blog's soundtrack). Actually, that we are all at home safe and sound!!!!

Our flight:  

MANCHESTER - MALAGA   19:55/23:55  14/04/2019

Good morning, families! Here we are in York on our last day. It's a bit chilly today, but still dry, cloudy with some sunny spells. 

We have spent the whole morning doing the packing and preparing for our departure. Some of us even had a delicious brunch (the typical English breakfast, but later in the morning).

Then our host families took us to the meeting point by 3 p.m. We said goodbye to our host families and York Tutors staff and got on the coach, whose driver had some kind of connection with Spain and could speak perfect Spanish. We had plenty of time at the airport to go to the toilet, drink something and do the check in. We had some problems at the control because we committed some mistakes carrying liquids or other things that are not allowed in our hand luggage and that we had forgotten to put into our suitcases.

Then we had to wait at the departure lounge to see which gate we had to go to, so we had time to buy some water and do our last shoppings.

Our flight was delayed a bit, but we had no real problems, although it was completely full. We arrived at Malaga airport at about midnight with a nice temperature of 18 degrees Celsius and we had no problems with our luggage, so at half past we were already on the coach to get to our final destination: HOME. SWEET HOME!!!!

We arrived at about 2 a.m. and all the families were so finally to see their children back home again. What an adventure!!!

I will shortly be posting my final entry related to our VII Study trip to the British-Irish Isles, York 2019 with the teachers' report and other matters.

Thanks to all the staff at York Tutors School staff and to all the host families and to the Yorkers, in general, for making our stay in your wonderful town and area so special.

Please fill in this form for Active Global English House and remember that your answers will be really helpful for them to correct mistakes and improve certain aspects.


Yesterday we were in Liverpool and remember what they told us about the memorial we saw:

Vicky The Viking - Episode 2 - The Trap


 (England, United Kingdom)

From Sunday, 7th April to Sunday, 14th April

Everyday you will write down expressions or vocabulary learned that day.

Sunday.- Write about the last day in York, the places you visited and the things you did (shopping). For those of you who have participated in our previous study trips, write the differences you have found between them and York. For those of you whose experience in these study trips is the first one, write about your expectations and the real experience. Shopping: what have you bought and how much have you spent? Did you like York in general? Our flight & journey back home. Best memories. Any souvenirs bought? Would you go back to York? Would you repeat the experience?

Expressions and vocabulary learned today  >>>   

When the cat's away, the mice will play
Needless to say, to be left behind, brunch, to have your head screwed on (the right way)
NOTICE also the difference between: sensitive/sensible , to be eager to do sth/ to be anxious about doing sth

sábado, 13 de abril de 2019

YORK 06: Liverpool, The Beatles, the Albert Docks, smugglers... and our Vikings!

 Today we are going to Liverpool on our one-day trip. The coach will be leaving from the car park opposite St John University at 8.00 in the morning. We will be arriving in Liverpool around 10.30.

The first thing we will be visiting is Anfield stadium (Liverpool FC), then we will be going to the Albert Docks. Then we will have time for shopping and pop in The Cavern to see the pub where The Beatles began their musical career. You can also visit the Liverpool Museum.
Finally, we will be arriving back home in York by 18.00.

This trip has been a bit bizarre. We usually have problems in the first days of the stay. This time all the problems (I'd rather say misunderstandings, little distubances with the public transport) appeared at the end, instead. Our students behaved great, but they had some problems with buses (line 1) a few of them arrived a bit late, As well, two girls had a little misunerstanding about their pack lunches and what to do on Sunday, which could be easily solved thanks to York Tutors staff.

And what about our day? We shared the coach with the group from Aviles, who are really nice and who have become so close to the students in our group. The first thing to do was the visit to Anfield Stadium (Liverpool F.C.), then we had our guided tour ìn the Albert docks and finally we had some free time.

This was the time when something amazing happened to our teacher Albert. Four old students of his at IES Mediterraneo pop out a shop and happened to see him, so they shouted at him and came to say hello. How amazing! Three of them had participated in some of our previous experiences in the British-Irish Isles.

Finally, we returned home again with mixed feelings. On the one hand, we are eager to go back home. On the other hand, we feel sad because our adventure is coming to an end,

Liverpool   >>>

The History of The Beatles (another documentary)

And now some cartoons   >>>   Vicky The Viking - Episode 1 - The Contest




 (England, United Kingdom)

From Sunday, 7th April to Sunday, 14th April

Everyday you will write down expressions or vocabulary learned that day.

Saturday.- Write about our trip to Liverpool. What did you see? What can you say about the accent of the people in Liverpool (compare it with the accent in York)? Write about the town, the landscape and your experience in the train/coach.

Expressions and vocabulary learned today  >>> 

the Albert docks, the waterfront, trade, pirates, smugglers, pier


viernes, 12 de abril de 2019

YORK 05: Time for our Vikings to meet their ancestors!

We have got evidence to prove it if you have a look at the photos, but it is just so amazing that once again we have another marvellous sunny dry day ahead and that no student has had any serious problem so far!!!

Today we will be visiting the Jorvik Viking Centre and our students will have time to go shopping and have a pleasant evening at home with the host families.

Well, the classes finished and the students got their certificates, but we have to talk to a few of them because they didn't behave well. The students and the teachers apologized to York Tutors School staff and promised to behave properly in the next class.
After singing Happy Birthday to M. Luisa, we arranged to meet at the Disney shop at 14.00 for the visit to the Jorvik Viking Museum.
The museum is incredible and the display they make of all the findings and the way Vikings lived at that time is just awesome! But again in the souvenir shop one of our students did a foolish thing that could have ruined our trip. We hope that in the two next days this kind of misbehaviours doesn't happen again.
Apart from that, our students must learn to appreciate all the efforts done and try not to be reluctant to do any of the activities that are proposed to them because they discussed at school all the planning and they accepted the conditions we set.
So today was not such a great day as the previous ones.

Jorvik Viking Centre, York: Tour highlights 2017

The Vikings - 1958 - Einar and Eric last fight scene


 (England, United Kingdom)

From Sunday, 7th April to Sunday, 14th April

Everyday you will write down expressions or vocabulary learned that day.

Friday.- Your free time in York & the Jorvik Viking Centre. Have you learned much? Which skill have you improved the most (speaking, writing, listening or reading)?  What are the people from York like?

Expressions and vocabulary learned today  >>>  

They just paid me peanuts, to tell someone off, to warn someone, display, shoplifting will be prosecuted, misbehaviour, to have forty winks

jueves, 11 de abril de 2019

YORK 04: On board, Vikings! The train is leaving.

Another wonderful dry day in York with no problems reported. All the students are really happy and eager to continue their experience.

Today we are visiting the National Railway Museum and this evening we are having our disco, so another long exhausting day for everybody, and especially for those of us who are a bit too old. Simon will be waiting for us in front of the Art Gallery at 13.45. 

Visit to to National Railway Museum today  》》》

And in the evening we are having DISCO PARTY!!! The meeting point will be at the car park opposite St John University at 18.55. 

We had such a great time. Simon showed us his talent as a singer and dancer, as well as an incredible cheerleader. The two groups from Asturias and our students had a really good time dancing and participating in all the activities proposed.

Finally, we all went home beginning to feel already homesick not for their own home towns, but for York, his citizens and all the staff at York Tutors School. 

Einar's Viking funeral (Film: The Vikings starred by Kirk Douglas & Tony Curtis)


 (England, United Kingdom)

From Sunday, 7th April to Sunday, 14th April

Everyday you will write down expressions or vocabulary learned that day.

Thursday.- Write about your routines, meals at home and packed lunch at the school. Write about the weather we are having. Write about the York Castle Museum. How was the disco? Did you meet many people from other groups? Ask your family for anybody famous from the city of York.

Expressions and vocabulary learned today  >>>  

on due time, anorak (person who loves trains, such as Sheldon in Big Bang Theory)


miércoles, 10 de abril de 2019

YORK 03: Dick Turpin and ghosts, other menaces for our vikings!

Here we are on our fourth day in York. The weather is still dry, but we have had a frost during the night, so in the early morning it was a bit colder. Anyway, we are still very lucky with the weather.

No problems have been reported so far! So again our vikings are having a nice positive experience.
Today we have long day as we have classes in the morning, the visit to York Castle museum in the afternoon and the ghost walk in the evening.

Visit to the York Castle Museum  >>>

Do you know who Dick Turpin was? Who invented the vaccuum cleaner?

Here's an episode from a famous TV series   >>  Dick Turpin - Swiftnick (1979)

and later in the evening we will be having another scary experience, the ghost walk?

The York Ghost Walk Experience (HD) - 2008

Scene 'Running the oars' in the film The Vikings starred by Kirk Douglas & Tony Curtis.



 (England, United Kingdom)

From Sunday, 7th April to Sunday, 14th April

Everyday you will write down expressions or vocabulary learned that day.

Wednesday.- What are the classes like? Write about the school and the teachers. Write about the city, the shopping area (The Shambles) and write about what you did today. Ask your family about the hooks in the Shambles. What are they for? Did you like the York Castle Museum? What about the ghost walk?

Expressions and vocabulary learned today  >>>   

Mind your head, mind the step