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by Bruce Lee

miércoles, 23 de noviembre de 2011


Tomorrow it is the last Thursday of November and Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in North America, that is to say, Canada and the United States. Read a bit about it and make any comments you wish.

Have we got something similar here in Spain?

Click HERE and read about this festivity.

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  1. Oh, I'm the first to comment the news. hahaha
    I think that days like this are important to maintain family contact. But are a little commercial.
    In Spain we have for example, the 25th of December to have dinner with the family. And obviously the 31th of December.
    But I don't like this dates, I don't know why

  2. I think that this American custom is a way of meeting all together and preparing a good food. Though here it isn't celebrated the Thanksgiving day, I think that it's a good tradition to be in family and EATING TURKEY! Jajajaja

    Here we don't celebrate the Tanksgiving, but we have other important celebrations to meet in family.
    Marina Jódar Navas 1ºBach C

  3. I like this days because the family is united and I think this is very important.But I don't like this days like Chemi because in some familys is the only day that they're united, and I think the family should be united all the days.

  4. Here in Spain is celebrated the Christmas Eve which takes place on December 24th. It's a celebration where all the family meet together and eat many different types of food,for example shellfish, chicken or suckling pig. After dinner all the family sings Christmas carols.

    Mireya González Paredes 2ºA BACH

  5. Today is Thanksgiving Day? I alwais thought that this day is in December! I was really wrong...

    I think that this day is a good way to have a good time in family, the first time I heard about this day was in the TV show "Friends", and I thought that is a really interesting day.

    In Spain, the only day which is like Thanksgiving Day, in my opinion, is December 24th, the Christmas Eve, where all the family meets together and celebrate the Jesus born with carols.

  6. I like this days because in the of now society we have be very independents persons and is a excuse for can be to meeting all family and friends.
    I live far from my brother, sister, cousins, uncles, grandparents... and this times are very importants for I see a lot of people that during the year I don't see.
    Belén Pérez 2ºA bach.

  7. I like these days because in the present society we have be very independent people and it is an excuse t to meet all the family and friends.
    I live far from my brother, sister, cousins, uncles, grandparents... and these times are very important to meet a lot of people that during the year I don't see.
    Belén Pérez 2ºA bach.

  8. I think this is a very important day for the family because is united to eat the turkey like we do on 24th December.
    I like this day because i meet all the members of my family who live away from me (specially my cousins) and this is so special for me because I feel so happy.
    Lorena Gutierrez Paqué 1ºbach B

  9. I think Thanksgiving Day is a very important festivity because all the family meets to have dinner.
    I would like Thanksgiving day celebrated in Spain because the turkey is my favorite food, and I would see my family who live away. I don't know if in Spain there are a day similar to Thanksgiving day, but there are a lot of days where families have dinner together (e.g. New Year's Eve).
    By: Noelia Fernández Béjar 2º Bach A

  10. A great day to stay with our family! In EEUU, Canada and in the anglophone countries this day is very important.

    Thanksgiving Day is holiday. The family meets at home for dinner. Is normally serve roast turkey.

    I think this holiday is fun and an important day.

    By: JuanJosé Rovira Medina 1ºA Bach

  11. I think Thanksgiving day is a beautiful celebration, as it usually to appear in the Simpsons's chapters and I can see it.
    A similar celebration in Spain in which all the family is together is The Christmas Eve. However, in my family we also are together in Christmas Day(December 25th) and in New Year's Eve(December 31st). On the one hand, I agree with Jesus, as I think the family always must be together and no only in Christmas because that is to meet and that is very sad.
    By: Laura De La O Sánchez 1ºBachA

  12. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving day in Spain, althought in America it is an important day when they eat with familiars and friends.
    In Spain we celebrate Papanoel's day, when parents buy presents to their children, and the New Year's Eve, when people eat grapes at 12 o'clock in the night.
    The Thanksgiving is a particular and special day, but this is one more excuse, the people only want to be with the people who they love.
    By: Ángela Claudia Prados Prados 2ºBach.A

  13. I think this American custom is a good way to be in family and eat many different types of food, specially turkey.Here we don′t celebrate the thanksgiving day, but we have other important celebrations to meet in family as the Chrismas on December 24th, Where the relatives are given gifts to one another , and not as we thought when we were kids that we thought was Santa Claus.
    By : Eva Mª Pérez Ortiz , 1ºBach A

  14. This holidays are too important for Americans, but here, in Spain, we only remember this day on english class.
    Like all feasts, ThanksGivin day, collects the family and the happynes abound all streets.
    I don't like these kind of feasts, are much expensives.

  15. People think that thanksgiving day is seems to Christmas, and I think that too, because family gathers in the house of someone of them, and they make food for everybody in the house. But I don't understand why is different the thanksgiving day in Canada to the United States (in Canada is on October and in the United States is on November), it's a bit strange, I think it should be the same day.

    By: José Luis Nocete López 2ºA Bc.

  16. Mmm.... First I should think a little about this subject... In my opinion, there are too many holidays that depend on religions or stores (today the two things are almost the same.. jeje).
    I think we must do this celebrations because we would to be with our family some days and have fun with they, and don´t do it because any institution say it.
    No have to import food or money, onley the presence with your family.


  17. Thanksgiving it´s a very intersting day to be with the family, in this day, you usually eat this:
    usually turkey, but you can eat duck too, pumpkin, corn, blueberries, beans, mashed potatoes, and for the desserts you can eat apple, pumpkin or blueberries pie. For the drink is common the wine or the cider

  18. In the thanksgiving day there was a lot of food. These are the most important.
    there usually was a turkey, there was some duck, there were also blueberries, there was some corn, there was pumpkin, there were beans, there were potatoes, there was some apple, there was wine and there was blueberry pie.