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miércoles, 25 de abril de 2012


This new entry will focus on articles connected withe the next summer Olympic Games to be held in London next summer:
 Apart from your comments, send me any articles you find in English.

And what do you think of the our brand new soundtrack theme for the blog?

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  1. I read an article this afternoon.

    It is said that London are doing a lot of thing to prepare the city for the games but it's so expensive. Only the fireworks cost over £276,00.

    I think the olimpic games are good but i´m against in one thing: The money. I think a country like England will spend much money could be utilized elsewhere.

    JuanJosé Rovira Medina 1ºA Bach

  2. About the olympics games of 2012, I would have liked that they would have done in Spain but It didn't can be. Also, I'd rather see the olympics games in live, in the olympic stadium.

    About Juanjo has told, I think Pekin 2008 were the most expensive olympics games in the history. But the true spirit of Olympics Games is the competition. The best players of all sports compete for be the king of kings.

    Changing the topic.. About the new music of the blog. "Chariots of Fire" is the typical music in the cinema when one player will shoot to basket in the last second of the match. It's fantastic! I think, If "Chariots of Fire" hadn't composed many films wouldn't have done, or instead it would have put other worse song that had spoiled the film.

    José Miguel Ruiz Cano 1ºA Bach

  3. Although Spain presented the candidature for the Olympic Games in Madrid (capital of Spain), was chosen London for the Olympic Games of 2012. I think that Spain shouldn't presented the candidature because building the infraestructure for these games is very expensive and Spain isn't in a good economic situation. For me London is a nice place for the JJOO.
    I have listened the soundtrack to BBC coverage games (in the second link) and I like very much the song but I don't understand the clip where there is a boy dancing with a poster which says: Condos now selling.
    By: Noelia Fernández Béjar 2º Bach A

  4. I like very much the sport and therefore I like the olympic games. I watched on Tv the last olympic games of Beijing 2008 and although the time diference between Spain and China made me wake up early for watched it, I watched on TV Usain Bolt and his olympic record, Michael Phelps and his eight olympic medals...

    I think that olympic games in London are gonig to be very good and I hope to watch a lot of spanish medals although I think that these olympic games Spain isn´t going to win a lot of medals because there aren´t a lot of athletes that can win any medals but I hope I am wrong.

    Fermín García 2Abachiller

  5. I'm not really interested in the Olympic Games because I don't use to watch TV at all. However, I think it would be good to the Spanish economy because it would bring lot of tourism, and currently we need money. Although, maybe we would spend more money than the money we would win!

    I love that song, but I hate the music player! It's so low! Why don't you put it above to stop it easilly whenever we want? Most of your students will be pleased.

  6. In my opinion, The Olympics Games are one of the most important events for a country.
    It allows countries to make themselves known around the world and it attract tourists every day. I think that Spain could hold the olympic games some year again in Madrid, but not now, because I think that Spain should spend money on more important matters than the Olympics Games. Maybe in 2020 Madrid cuold hold the Games because by then the "crisis" will have ended and Spanish people will be able to enjoy a wonderful Games. Madrid is striving to give a good image of the city and that should be rewarded...
    2016 was not possible but 2020 will be ours!

  7. People is expecting for this day since they know when it will be. London work a lot of for impress others countries with their infrastructures and others innovated things to satisfy the expectation of all people around the world and ,of course, to overcome the last Olympics Games's innovations.For other hand a lot of people will arrive at London to see the games and this fact will increase the tourism and it will be good for the economy of London. Many countries want to celebrate this Olympics Games in their countries for this reason, I think all of this is a competition, it is a war to be the next country where is going to stay the next Olympic Games, it's amazing, all for the money. After all I hope to see Spain in a good position because Spain have many teams that could win some olympics medals, WE CAN!!!

  8. I believe that the Olympics games bring prestige to the city.
    Long before the city prepares for one of the most importants events in the world.
    I've never really been interested in sports, but I think it is important to hold these events because it is a way to know the sport.
    To me, the most interesting of all, although it may be funny, this is the preparation.
    The Olympic Games last a short time compared to time spent preparing all this important event.
    It is an honor for the country that the Olympics are done in one of their cities.

  9. I think that Olympics games are very important. Many people expect all the year for the Olympics games it´s because I think it´s very important. People training much time for this competitions. Also it´s very important because plays all the countries. These people have so much preparation because this is the most important plays.
    I enjoy very much whit this plays, but the most that I like is basketball and football, but there are all the sports and you can enjoy whit all of them.
    Ana Béjar Sánchez 2ºBach B.

  10. I don't like very much sport, but like some parthners said, The Olimpic games for Spain would be an important economic because the the tourism will grow up.

    For me, it's a bit bad, because when I find good prorgrams like "Salvame Deluxe" or "Corazón Corazón"..It's only a joke.. Well, when I find good series, programs or movies, all the time would be The Olimpic games, and I want to watch "Redes" or any other program.

    Out of personals opinions, everybody want the Olimpic games in Spain.

    Ignacio Castilla López 1º Bac C

  11. In less than three months the Olimpic Games of London will start!! Together with the Eurocup is the biggest event of this summer, and all sport fans in general are waiting for the olimpic torch to be turned on!! I will be in Austria during the Olimpic Games and if Spain gets to the final in the Eurocup, I will have to see it there and probably the German selection will be our adversary... and in Austria there are many german people, it will be funny.

    For me the biggest atraction of this Olimpic Games will be if Usain Bolt overcomes his world record in 100 and 200 meters.

    The objetive for this Olimpic Games is to overcome the 18 medals that the Spanish team got in the Olimpics of Beijing, and the favourites to get the medals are Rafa Nadal and the basketball team in my opinion.

    Carlos López Ruiz 1ºBach D

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  13. In my opinion Olympic games are one of the best events in the world. They are held every four years by the most important cities in the world. This year it is the turn of London. What a pity! I was sure that Madrid would host them, but I was wrong.
    However I don't usually watch them because I don't find them entertaining, except the 100-meter and 200-meter race that I think that everybody is looking forward to them to see if Usain Bolt breaks his world record. I hope our country will win the same number of medals as we got in Beijing. I agree with Charles that Nadal and the basketball team are favourite to get their respective gold medals.I also agree with Juan José that the worst thing is the large amount of money which will be spent for this event. I wish the best to the athletes who represent our nation!
    PD: I also hope that Jose Luis, who is Chales' brother, will be in the next Olympic Games in Madrid ;)

  14. Im anxious that begin and I hope everything goes well, and there aren't problems with the organisation.
    I think the olympic games marked a before and a after in our lifes.
    What would a summer without the Olympic Games? I can't imagine it.
    I really love all the sports practising in the Olympic Games, and I try to see all that I can, but in special, I try to see the basketball and the sports pool, I really like them.

  15. The Olympic games are the most important event for the sport in the world, the are celebrated every four years.
    I usually watch them at Tv and I think that we have the privilege of seeing quality sport because there are the best athletes from each country.
    Olympic games is so important for the country where they are celebrated because it gives importancy and turism to the country.
    In three months we are going to have a news Olympic games in London and I'm sure that the spanish sport will be in a good place.
    I wish the best for our Spanish athletes have a lot of luck and get a lot of medals.

    Lorena Gutiérrez Paqué 1ºB Bach.

  16. I think the Olympic Games are a very special event for everyone and for all countries. We all want our country to take the most medals, this year there is talk that will get the best medals in tennis or basketball.
    Although I do not really like sports, I always see the Olympic Games with my father because they are very exciting.
    The good thing about the Olympics is that there is plenty of sports and everyone can see the one you like.
    I hope that Spain will take many medals: D

    Marina Jódar Navas 1º Bach C

  17. In my opinion the Olympic Games are very exciting and special because all the countries of the world play football, basketall, tennis and others sports. The last Olympic Games was in Beijing in 2008.
    The Olympic Games in London are going to be very exciting and very popular because they have a lot of good stadiums in good conditions.
    I have read that the Olimpic games have started in GREECE AGE, before the born of Christ¡¡¡
    I want the next Olympic Games in Spain in Madrid.
    By: Guille:)

  18. Such an interesting Olympic Games we have lived!The spanish athletes have been awesome, and what can I say about Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps!I can not wait for the next Olympic Games in Río, and I wish that the next Games could be in Madrid.
    Laura Trujillo Reyes

  19. The Olimpic Games in London were very important and very interesting. My favourite athlete is Usaint Bolt because is the fastest person in the world. I saw all sports of the Olimpic Games in London because I love sports. My favourite swimmer is Mireia Belmonte because is very fast and is Spanish. My favourite sport in the Olimpic Games is the Ping-Pong because is a interesting sport.

    Francisco Garcia Garcia 2B.