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by Bruce Lee

sábado, 29 de septiembre de 2012

Tragic floods in Spain

        Yesterday we had to cancel classes because of the high risks due to heavy rain and floods. Have a look at this piece of news appeared in the BBC and tell us if we did the right thing. By the way, do you know what the expression 'to rain cats and dogs' mean?

Spain floods: Seven die in Malaga, Murcia and Almeria

and here's another article:   Floods in Spain after heavy rains


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  1. As expected after such a hot summer and so much time without rain, there are big floods in Spain. It started raining on Thursday but it was on Friday when the conditions got worse and we were evacuated from school. It was raining cats and dogs and we all arrived home completely wet. But I think the biggest problem with the rain in Spain is that there aren’t the appropriate infrastructures. It doesn’t rain very much in Spain, especially in Andalucía, so people don’t think about the rain when they build something and there is also a bad sewerage system. Therefore, when it rains, there's always a problem, and this time even with victims. What would happen if there were such problems every time it rains in England?

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  3. In my opinion there is a very big problem, people build a lot of block of flats in watercourses and that is very bad. Another problem is when it is raining a lot. In Andalucia don´t rain a lot, when it starting to raining it is very strong, but it rain a few hours.

    A thunderbolt fall near my school. It was terrible. ALL THE SCHOOL WAS SHOUTING.

    By: WILLIAM:)

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  5. In Spain, especially in Andalucia, people are used to seeing the sun most of the days because it hardly ever rains around this autonomous region. So people build adapted infrastructures for the weather. Here, in Salobreña, when it rains, everything get flooded because of the bad sewerage system. This can happen in other areas, or even it could be worse. For example, last Friday, in Malaga there were such big floods that many people were died, and many more watched how their houses became flooded and they couldn't pass. It rained a lot both in Malaga and Salobreña, or even Almeria.
    In Salobreña we were at school and, as it was raining constantly and heavily, the school headmaster took the decision of evacuating the school. Everybody was happy because we didn't have the last three classes, but we arrived very wet at home.
    Maybe these changes of temperature and weather could be due to the climate change, which we have spent years talking about.

  6. The last Friday the classed had to cancel for the floods that caused the heavy rains. True that our area was advised for orange alert, so the must people of Salobreña imagined that day not to rise.
    However, I had a driving exam, when I to started my test, only there were a few drops of rain, but in ten minutes the rain burst the traffic. I failed the exam, but I like the adventure of driver a car in something like a river.
    Apart from this, a friend of Barcelona, he told me that his grandmother, of a village Málaga, was evacuated because her house was flooded.

  7. In my opinion there is a big problem with the rain in Spain, especially in Andalucía, because for example this week we had a big storm in Andalucía and there were too many floods. I think the cause is that we don't build buildings properly and we don't do in the right places.

    In our school we had a big flood and the cars couldn't pass.

    Alberto jr