Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

domingo, 22 de febrero de 2015

Computers, artificial intelligence... Be careful!

Our fears for new technologies >> two listening exercises to do:
And some articles to read:
So what do you think about all of this? Do you handwrite your projects, your compositions... or do you type everything on your computer?

Listening exercise to do: Mobile phones 

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  1. UNIT 4 ★★★★

    I think that now is now the key technologies for this world, however now, we are depending of this and we are using this for all things, to play, to read, to meet, to find all information and more... Anyway, of us who manage these technologies are us, and we create that.
    Now we usually use a computer for our projects and compositions and every time give more use.

    In my opinion I also admit that now it is our life for young and not so young and this is affecting our intelligence and spelling positively or negatively to their use [90% really negatively OMG]


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  3. Nowadays, writing in a computer or a mobile phone, for example, is more and more common. People use the new technologies to write because it can be much easier. Although this can have many advantages, but it has also got some disadvantages.

    On the one hand, writing in a computer has advantages because you can write faster with the keyboard, you will save more time than handwriting. Nowadays, the most of the people use new technologies and they usually want you to hand in the documents typed. This is good because there won't be any misunderstandings with your handwriting.

    On the other hand, not everything is positive. Writing with a computer has some disadvantages as it is the case when you haven't got a computer, it is impossible that you write with it! There are people that don’t like the new technologies or they don’t know how to use it and they don't want to make such an effort or simply they won’t write with a computer.

    In general, typing on your computer has many advantages and I think it is better for the reasons that I’ve written and many more. However, everybody doesn't think so and there could be many people that hate typing with a new technology.

  4. Today, new technologies are not in the background, as everything we write we do it via computer, mobile, tablet, etc.

    Some advantages of handwriting are:
    - It is personal, everyone develops their own handwriting.
    - Handwriting has benefits for the brain.
    - Apply spelling rules.
    - You think more about what is being done.

    Some disadvantages of writing with technology are:
    - Writing is generalized for everyone, even using words, emoticons, misspellings, etc.
    - It takes longer to write by hand, but spelling, handwriting and writing improved.

    With technology you can modify texts and writings.

    Technology has evolved, but also has its advantages and disadvantages.

    Some advantages are:
    - It has approached us to people all over the world.
    - We have a wide source of information.
    - You know what is happening on the other side of the planet.

    And disadvantages are:
    - Many people are unable to solve problems with the use of technology.
    - Many people don't realize that they are sharing personal information for everyone and, can be dangerous, because other people can use it for negative purposes.

    Technology is very important in life, but it sometimes becomes so necessary that becomes indispensable for many people who stay connected and it isolates us from other people.

    María Béjar Rodríguez 3º ESO A

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  6. Nowadays technology has become an important part of our lives. Yet are our lives better now?

    Firstly, we use technology to play, hobbies, listen to music, to buy, to perform work and consult the banks. The computer, tablets and mobile phones are an essential part of our lives, even necessary to study and form.

    However there are also some disadvantages. Many people are locked in their homes and end up alone without friends. There are other people who become addicted and they don't know they have a serious problem.

    In the future, new technologies will advance more and may one day computers or robots become masters of the world. We must avoid.

    Paola Ruiz Fernández 3ºESO A

  7. I reckon that today people would know not live without new technologies.People use technologies to anything used for showering uses them to eat used to move the uses to communicate etc ..

    Where else have developed technologies is in pcs increasingly make better things are in fashion lately pc gamers.More and better rams, processors, graphics, motherboards. I've bought a computer that has 12 gb of ram i7 Processor etcc one ..

    Most new technologies often have a processor. The processor is the heart of the device performs all necessary calculations for operation

    In my opinion we can't live without the new technologies .

    Jose Manuel Diaz España 3ºB


    Eve, an artificially-intelligent 'robot scientist' could make drug discovery faster and much cheaper, say researchers writing in the Royal Society journal Interface. The team has demonstrated the success of the approach as Eve discovered that a compound shown to have anti-cancer properties might also be used in the fight against malaria.
    Eve exploits its artificial intelligence to learn from early successes in her screens and select compounds that have a high probability of being active against the chosen drug target. A smart screening system, based on genetically engineered yeast, is used. This allows Eve to exclude compounds that are toxic to cells and select those that block the action of the parasite protein while leaving any equivalent human protein unscathed. This reduces the costs, uncertainty, and time involved in drug screening, and has the potential to improve the lives of millions of people worldwide.Eve is designed to automate early-stage drug design. First, she systematically tests each member from a large set of compounds in the standard brute-force way of conventional mass screening.
    Eve's robotic system is capable of screening over 10,000 compounds per day. However, while simple to automate, mass screening is still relatively slow and wasteful of resources as every compound in the library is tested. It is also unintelligent, as it makes no use of what is learnt during screening.

  9. I think the computers are a great invention because our lives pass for the technology and every people known handle a computer. At school homeworks and tasks we have to do are presented on computers. much exercises become in the computer and much people study in the computer. Few teachers use handwriting. People search information on Internet, but you have to be careful because you can get incorrect information . Everybody uses social network (Twitter,Facebook,Whatsapp,Tuenti,Instagram etc) thanks to the Internet and the technology. A lot of problems come up because of social networks. That is why it is better not to give any personal information.

  10. I think that computers are used by everybody nowadays, and we can do almost everything using a computer. We can communicate with other people, look for information, do our homework, listen to music, watch videos, find places in a city... I think that one day paper will dissappear because we read ebooks, we have tablets, ipods, etc... we can do everyting without using paper. I only write in paper when I´m in the classroom because we can't use computers. So, I think that computers are the future.


  11. In my opinion Artificial intelligence can be very positive to us if we do the correct use but it can be very negative, I think that our nowdays use of Artificial intelligence isn´t the best, nowdays Amazon send their purchases by dron, but there are persons who has lost his purchase, in my opinion our world isn´t ready for Artificial Intelligence, but in the future is possible that Artificial Intelligence help us, but if we don´t take control the Artificial Intelligence will destroy jobs

    Eduardo Pérez Muelas 4º

  12. Nowadays almost all people have or work with a computer. Now we need the computer to look for information, to communicate easier, to do jobs ... Almost all teachers help each other from a computer. know how to use social networks.
    Nowadays we need some kind of technology to communicate easier and to facilitate our life

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  14. Computers are one of the most important things in our world. Without them our lives would be much more difficult.

    Computers help us in lots of ways like at work or doing lots of different things. Long time ago there weren't computers and life was much more difficult than it is nowadays. They have to write books by hand, they don't have calculators to make accounts and they didn't play video games, either.

    When someone wants to look on the internet for some information they just go to their computers and they search what they want. Fifty years ago when computers didn't exist, people had to go to libraries to look for information on books. Those books with lots of information were called encyclopedias.

    I think that computers are such a great invention and they're very useful, but they can have consequences if you don't use them properly.