Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

sábado, 28 de mayo de 2016

No longer unique, but just amazing two years later.

Sometimes dreams come true (Simeone, Zidane, Gabi, Ramos, thousands of supporters had a dream one day, but only a few of them could see their dream come true. So it is life! I do hope that your dreams will come true, as mine turned into reality: having the best NON-BILINGUAL students ever). You remember two years ago  >>>  

A unique final and a great success for Spain & Madrid!!!

Listening exercise: Could you be an astronaut? (6 Minute English, BBC)


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  1. Insulting, unjust, and very little deserved the victory of Real Madrid today , in today deserved to win Atletico Madrid , I think I've never seen a game with such luck for Real Madrid, they have been lucky that they have not canceled them a goal offside, they have been fortunate that two penaltiles Atletico de Madrid will be imprinted against the stick of the goal Real Madrid , I've been watching the whole game, Atletico de Madrid has exceeded all game even after conceding the first goal of Real Madrid from Sergio Ramos, who was clearly offside and has not been annulled by the arbiters.

    In my opinion, the Atletico de Madrid deserved to win this cup, after all season and all the time it takes Cholo Simeone training at Atletico Madrid deserved to win, and would have won if not for the goal offside.

    Jose Manuel Diaz España 4ºB

  2. I saw the whole game in which in the first part better play Real Madrid but in the second part deserved to gain the Athletic Madrid. I initially(originally) of the game not wise that team was going to gain because both teams are very good. But we wise that the UEFA was going for Madrid. About the first part when Sergio Ramos put the goal I thought that the Athletic Madrid was not going to give up. In the rest I was satisfied but later not. Pepe did to Griezman a penalty about which I was thinking that Griezman was going to put the goal, but it he gave him to the stick. Later, The Athletic Madrid did a good play, Carrasco I join the game. The players of both teams were tired, when it begins the penalties I was scared because both teams wise to trump the penalty. When I saw that Juanfran I trump the penalty I was very happy. I wise that Cristiano was not going to trump the penalty, though Cristiano did not do a good game. Zinedine is a good manager, since in your first year Madrid won to the Barcelona and now he won the UEFA.

  3. Dreams are sometimes so awesome! You can dream things very creative and amazing. Most of the times, when you're sleeping you dream things that are quite impossible. Sometimes you can dream very weird things, but's quite funny if you dream good things.

    Sometimes you can have nightmares. That's quite sad because you can have a very bad night and you can't sleep correctly, and in the next day you're tired. Most of the times nightmares are caused by having a bad day or when something very bad has happened to you and you think a lot in it.

    If you want to avoid nightmares and have a good dream and a good night before going to bed, you have to think in something nice. That makes you have a good dream and also, having a good night.