Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

domingo, 4 de junio de 2017

The two faces of life

Latest news on the London terror attack  >>> 

'Skateboard hero' Ignacio Echeverria confirmed dead by family after London terror attack (Daily Telegraph)


Some people were enjoying themselves waching a superb football match while other ordinary people were panicking because of another coward terrorist attack. Here are some articles to read about the issue:


Listening exercise to do: Water burial (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)

What is the verb that comes from the noun 'burial'?

English with Lucy: 20 words you might pronounce incorrectly 

And remember that when you don't pronounce a word well you mispronounce it.



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  1. Europe has been seen again in a terrorist attack, this time in London. The terrorist have gotten that Europe is afraid of Yihadist. All start in France the last year, when during a match France - Germany, some terrorist splashed. Then, in Francia the last July, a terrorist splashed in a van. Also, others countries like Germany or Belgium have suffered these attacks. The last, two weeks ago in London during a concert of Ariadna Grande.

    In this attack, while Ariadna Grande song in Borough Market. In this attack, starring by three people: Khuram Butt, Rachid Redouane y Youssef Zaghba. In this attack, they killed to eight peoples, one of them the Spanish Ignacio Echeverria. The terrorist were slaughtered by the police when they arrived and saw them.

    In my opinion, the terrorism must finish. The people shouldn’t die for people that kill for his religión. I hope that this people and this attack not arrive to Spain, because this attack can be in Granada, because they want La Alhambra. Then, we should face them, because this is our country and we can’t leave that they continue to kill people.

  2. Have everyone the same choice? Why did ones to have such a bad choice? Last Saturday, two events left a mark on the life of a lot of people, but no because of the same cause. Ones had happiness. On the contrary, for the other ones that day was the worst one in their lives.

    Last Saturday, Real Madrid defeated Juventus in Cardiff. Madrid won 4-1 the European Cup for the 12th time. Two of the goals were scored by Cristiano Ronaldo. All the bars were full of people who were enjoying that match. Each time Madrid scored a goal, all the amateurs jumped and shouted louder and louder. Some of them were wearing scarfs and in the end, they sang the anthem and in the street, they launched rockets.

    Nonetheless, London didn't have the same luck. Another night of terrorism took place in Britain. It is said that there were 48 people injured. Another fact is that finally three attackers (which is believed to be the total number of assailants) were killed. A man was armed with a knife and ran into the nearby Borough Market, where there were a lot of people.

    Taking all into account, as I see it that day was one of the best for the Real Madrid, although the worst day for London. I believe something must be done against this kind of people who killed people that don't have any fault. They supposedly kill because of their religion. Furthermore, I think that it should have had more protection, as recently there was another attack, so as everything not always goes as we wait, it must have more vigilance.

    María Béjar 1º Bach

  3. Firstly, I'm going to write about terrorism which is a current issue in all the world since almost every day there is an attack. Terrorism is the systematic use of terror, for coercing societies or governments, used by a wide range of political organizations in promoting its objectives, both nationalist and non-nationalist political parties, right and left, as well as by corporations, religious, racist groups, colonialism, independence, revolutionary, and conservative governments in power.

    Terrorists act in famous cities to get attention and scare people, for instance, this attack in London, or the attack which took place in Paris where they killed twelve members of newspaper Charlie Hedbo. They usually act in places where there are many people to cause maximum damage. However, in Spain, we haven't had these attacks recently. I think the terrorism should not exist because innocent people die.

    Secondly, I'm going to write about the Champions League final in which my favourite football team won. At the beginning of the match, I was nervous when Juventus scored a goal and the match was tied. Fortunately, Real Madrid scored three more goals and I wasn't nervous at all. They are the first team in winning the Champions League twice in a row.