Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

miércoles, 17 de enero de 2018

One coffee with a dash of milk, please!

Farmers are always complaining how little they get for all the vegetables they grow. Ethical coffee is a way we have to try to compensate this. In this post you can have some vocabulary related to this issue and all about coffee.

By the way, how do refer to 'a coffee with a dash of milk' in our area?

Previous post in this blog related to coffee and some articles to read:

Do you remember what a suspended coffee was?

Activities for my 2º ESO students:  What do you usually have for breakfast? And what time do you have it? And now watch the English With Lucy video and tell me what you must do to learn English.


Here's a listening exercise to do: Ethical coffee (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)


"Do a runner"  Here's an expression you can learn about in The English We Speak (BBC Learning English) What does it meaning? Have you ever behaved like that?

Lucy tells about 5 ways to improve your English daily


Some extra exercises for my students in 2º Bachillerato  >>>

A. Vocabulary (Films). Complete the sentences with the correct word :   released   -   shot   -   debut    -   critics   -   starred

1. The film was … on location in India.
2. She’s a young actress who made her film … last year.
3. The film will be … next month in cinemas worldwide.
4. She has … in several Hollywood films.
5. The film has been praised by film …

B. Phrasal Verbs:  PUT ON. What does 'put on' mean in each sentence? Choose from these:  apply   -   gain   -   switch on    -   play   -   dress oneself in

1. I put on my coat.
2. Can you put the light on, please?
3. Shall I put some music on?
4. I never eat pizza because I don’t want to put on weight.
5. Don’t forget to put on suncream if you’re going out in the sun.

C. Compound adjectives. Answer these questions:   How do you call...

1. ..... a man that looks strange?
2. ..... a young girl that has got fair hair?
3. ..... a lady that dresses badly?
4. ...... some furniture that has been made well?

D. Vocabulary. Fill in the gaps with suitable prepositions:

1. If I really felt I had talent, then I should go … it.
2. I’ve decided that I will stick … my studies.
3. How do you plan to break … the business?
4. My vlog is about trying to get … TV.
5. Can I work … you, please?

E. Read about Mireia Belmonte and tell me the other two swimming styles. What is 'medley style' about?

Mireia Belmonte is a Spanish Olympic swimmer who specializes in freestyle, butterfly and medley events. She was born in 1990 and competed successfully as a junior, becoming the Junior World Champion for 400 m freestyle and 400 m individual medley in 2006. She won two silver medals at the London Olympics in 2012, and won her first Olympic Gold medal at the Rio Olympics in 2016.

SOLUTIONS to the B2 exercise in the previous post:  1. B   2. A    3. C    4. C     5. D    6. B    7. A  8. D   9. C   10. B   11. C  12. D   13. B   14. A   15. C   16. D  17. A   18. C   19. D   20. B

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  2. I always thought that coffee was a dessert, but it´s also a way of keeping you awake. Adult people usually have a cup of coffee after a meal or when they are inactive. Do you know that the most expensive coffee in the world is monkey poo? The monkey eats the coffee grains and then it expelled it. I love coffee despite its flavour is a bit strange, but I will have it when I´m a bit older.

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    1. I usually have a glass of milk with nesquik and a piece of bread with olive oil for breakfast.

      I usually have breakfast at about a quarter to eight every day.

      To learn English:

      I must put the name in English of the things of my house.

      I must change the language of my mobile phone to English.

      I have to adapt one of my hobbies to English, for example I must listen to music in English.

      I must study one hour every day, for example I must watch videos in English.

      When I go to the High School, I must change to English the name of the shops that I come across along the way.

      I must study new vocabulary every day.

      Susana P. Bosch 2ºESO Grupo A

  4. Drinking coffee is a good way to stay awake, adults usually drink coffee at breakfast and after lunch, some to stay awake and others because they feel like it, taking it is always a good way to be active, I like coffee a lot but it is a bit sour although I prefer to drink decaffeinated and what do you prefer to drink?


  5. Drinking coffee is a good way to stay awake, adults drink coffee in the morning and after eating. They drink coffee when they are sleepy, they take it and the coffee activates them, some adults take the usual coffee.
    I don't like coffee, because their flavour is sour, I prefer to drink decaffeinated or cappuccino

  6. In the morning, I usually drink milk and some biscuits , but sometimes I don´t drink milk I drink some peach juice and some cake. I was having the breakfast usually for half an hour.
    With the video I learn some ways to improve English in my daily life, I will try improve the English with this ways and I didn´t practice any ways of these.

  7. Most adults drink coffee when they get up to be able to go to work and also take one after lunch at noon to be active. I do not like coffee because it makes me very nervous. But I understand that people take day to day

  8. I ussually have milk and cookies for breakfast, sometimes I eat too some muffin. I have it at seven o´clock. I like coffee, but I don´t ussually have it. Sometimes I have it when I´m studiing, because it helps me to concentrate.

  9. I don´t ussually have breakfast, because if i have it, i feel bad and I have a stomachache. If I have it I used to have a glass of milk with some muffins or cookies.
    In my family, no body likes coffe, but I haven´t tasted it yet.

  10. Coffee, which is a widely exported product, is one of the most popular drinks we have all around the world. This type of drink contains caffeine, which is considered by The New Scientist magazine as a ‘psychoactive drug’, that is to say, it influences how we feel and sometimes how we behave.

    To begin with, how much money does the coffee farmer actually see? Today, more and more consumers chose ethical coffee, which means a better lifestyle for farmers. As long as farmers are paid ethically, consumers will be able to take the most of it, as they will be sold a higher quality product. Nevertheless, it is claimed that consumers don't usually ask for their products' origin.

    Secondly, what is the so-called suspended coffee? It is a new trend that consists on buying a coffee for somebody else who is in need of it, who can't afford for it. Apart from that, there is a wide range of coffee, for instance, latte, cappuccino, espresso and so on. However, the most expensive coffee is the one from beans passed through the civet, which cost about $550 per kilogram of coffee.

    Taking all into account to, in the last years, ethical coffee's demand has grown significantly. People prefer paying a little more for ethical products, owing to the fact that they're concerned about lifestyle's farmers. Besides that, Finland is the country which drinks the most coffee per person, exactly 12 kilograms of coffee per person every year. Personally, I'd also pay more for ethical products, I wouldn't pay such a high price for civet coffee, though.


  11. Most adults drink coffee when they get up to be able to go to work and also have one after lunch at noon to be active. I do not like coffee because it makes me very nervous. But I understand that people take day to day

  12. Almost every person every morning drinks coffee to go to work as it is a great stimulant to wake up and have you active all day.

    The best coffee comes from Colombia.
    This coffee is one of the best on a national level because it has great properties.