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sábado, 28 de abril de 2018

The future of our society is in real danger

We have got a serious problem in our society, especially in Spain. A great number of variables is affecting this dramatic situation. Educational system, uninterested and unmotivated children, broken families, fall in the number of marriages, increasing divorce rates... would be some of these negative factors.

Perhaps the solution is simple and it is based in just going back to our roots, as it seems to be happening in Scandinavian countries or Germany, where the concept of family is a major concern.

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  1. The future of our society is in real danger

    The future of our society is in real danger because the young people today take many drugs from small and stop studying from very young. The technology also has to do with the danger of our future, because today almost everything is controlled by machines. Also young people think that they don’t have to study because they will be famous on the internet like youtubers. All of this is making the future very difficult for young people today

  2. In our society, things like marriage have been losing weight and value over the years.
    Formerly women dreamed of getting married and that was the biggest aspiration of some. Since they were little they learned the housework and how to have your husband "happy". Over the years, women have been losing that need to get married, just like men.
    This can be caused by the number of divorces that take place every year and that have made young people see that marriage is not very valuable nowadays and that it can be twice as expensive, since not only are the expenses of a wedding but also the expenses of a later divorce.
    Now it is much more common for couples to live together and make their lives and families without the need to get married and have a great party. In case you want to formalize it in some way, many choose to go to court and sign the papers but without doing extravagant things.
    From my point of view I think that there will be more and more family models that go out of the established as normal, where there will be no rings, signed papers, wedding dresses and extravagant dinners.

    Raisa Martín 2º BACH

  3. The future of our society is a bit dangerous because now young people do not care about their studies and leave them, and most of them end up working in the fields or unemployed. Also with the emergence of new technologies young people spend most of their time with them and many hours of study.

  4. Not long ago I saw by a social network an image of an elderly marriage with some letters printed on the couple that read as follows: "A journalist asked an old couple: How have you done to stay together 65 years? To which the woman responds: Because we come from a generation in which they taught us that if something breaks, it has to be fixed, not thrown away ", at first sight it is a normal image but the surprising thing is to see how things have changed.

    According to a study throughout history there have been three different types of marriage, the first marriage was almost an economic transaction that provided security, a hot plate on the table and a roof to shelter and in which being a wife was a full-time work, in which women to leave home had to marry. The second marriage was to be a source of love and well-being, perhaps more focused on the male figure and the family in general (the children) than on the woman herself, giving a perfect family image. And finally we reach the current stage where people look for marriage - or long-term union - to cover other needs such as self-esteem, self-expression and personal growth.

    In conclusion, if we analyze the background of the message of the image that I mentioned before, without letting ourselves be carried away by emotions, we realize that it is not right, it does not seem right to me that a couple will hold together so long if they do not get along. If we think of old marriages - in the generation of our parents or our grandparents, for example - that have endured for years without endurance until death separates them, we wonder if it is really necessary to stick the pieces of a vase that has broken so many times He has lost even the form.

  5. Nowadays, we are used to living with the new technologies. Even children know how to use mobile phones, tablets, computers since they born, and they rather stay at home playing with the tablet than play football in the street. For these reasons we are said to be the new technologies'generation.

    However, some years ago there weren't neither mobiles nor computers, that is to say, our grandparents used to live without all these new technologies. They used to play in the street and if they wanted to call a friend, they had to go to his house.

    In my opinion, most of nowadays'people can't live without new technologies, especially teenagers, who can't spend a day without their mobile phone. Moreover, there are more and more things we need the computer for. Internet is ensencial in our everyday life. We use it to search for information, and even to find a job.

    To sum up, I think new technologies are more and more necessary for our everyday life, but I also reckon that we are too addicted to them and children are wasting their childhood.

  6. Today I believe that nobody can live without new technologies.
    life has changed a lot, before I did not have a computer or mobile phones, if you wanted to have fun I played in the street, and if you wanted to communicate with a relative who lives far away, letters were sent, or if you wanted to call a friend you had to go home.
    Nowadays, children prefer to play with their computer,vídeo game or computer game.
    I could not live without the new technologies either, for example I need the computer to do jobs, search for information ...
    I need the cell phone to communicate ...
    I believe that new technologies facilitate us and are necessary


  7. Today we could not live without technology.
    The use of telephones, consoles, tablets, and others is normal and everyday.
    Before there was not this facility of communication with telephone or anything, to talk before you had to send letters or a message through a person who could take it to the receiver.
    Before you played in the street with sticks, stones, ropes and you were happier than today because now everyone goes to their world and each time they are losing the customs of before.

    Irene López Maturana 2º ESO B