Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

sábado, 12 de mayo de 2018

It's two o'clock and I'm HANGRY!!!!

Yes, yes, it is not a mistake. I said 'hangry'. It is the combination of being hungry and feeling angry because of that. Might this be the cause of the behaviour of some of our students, especially those in 2º ESO B????

Here's a listening exercise to do about the issue: HANGRY: Are you angry when you are hungry? (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)


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Hangry: a stupid, made-up word for being hungry and angry at the same time? (The Guardian)

Activities for my 2º ESO students:  Watch the following video and write sentences with the two words.

What's the difference between 'History' and 'story'?

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Revision for SELECTIVITY. Some exercises connected with the section USE OF ENGLISH.

Solutions to the exercises in the previous post:

1. routine  (Twenty-eight monks live at Mepkin Abbey, following the same routine established in France 900 years ago: praying, reading the Bible, and working.)    2. quietly       3. Peace and joy are found at the monastery by visitors.        4. Lindsay is the eldest child, so she has to look after the other children.       
5. on      6. How much did the dictionary cost ten years ago?         7. , they can also visit the museum.    
8. peacefully (Example: “Eva died peacefully in her sleep,” a spokesperson at the home said.)   
9. spokesperson, spokesman      10. The director said they were very privileged to have nursed her.      
11. She lived for a long time since she had a whisky everyday.              12. Old people live in nursing homes           13. How old is she said to be?          14. he would have celebrated her 120th birthday.     
15. brightness , reporter       16. The UFO enthusiast explained he had never known anything like it.   //  The butcher exclaimed that he couldn't get those pies anywhere else in the universe.      
17. into      18. How long have people been seeing strange objects in the sky?



  • Episode 180502 / 02 May 2018    >>>  Fishermen fear oil drilling in African lake   -  Language related to 'Economic survival'.  Need-to-know language: lifeblood, sustenance, make a living, way of life & in the doldrums.

Another funny episode of John McEnroe talking about tennis in "The self-appointed Commissioner of Tennis":

The Commissioner Forget responds to McEnroe

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  1. Are you one of those people who get extremely irritable when they are hungry? It is no excuse for you to become unbearable, but going hungry worsens the mood.

    When blood sugar levels fall, the production of two hormones related to stress is activated: cortisol and adrenaline.

    Cortisol is the stress hormone, and its function is to increase the level of sugar. It also helps raise blood pressure, but not all of its effects are good. If it is abused, it can make us feel irritable.
    The second hormone whose production is activated when sugar levels fall, is adrenaline, which activates the nervous system and increases our ability to react, being also responsible for our sense of hunger and wanting to feed.

    Of course, it has not yet been proven is that people who get irritable when we are hungry can not avoid behaving like idiots. In other words, if you are hungry and you know that makes you angry, pay more attention to your environment to avoid being aggressive with others.

    In my opinion, I believe that in spite of each reaction because of the food, our anxiety and level of stress also influence daily. But eating a piece of candy when we feel full will help us relax a little more.

  2. What is the difference between 'History' and 'story'?

    There are different meanings for story, History
    It is also according to the situation.
    For example, when you tell a friend, "I'll tell you the story of how I broke the sock"
    and History
    is when you refer to a place, city, culture.

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  4. What's the difference between 'History' and 'story'?

    A story is something that doesn't really happen, even if it can refer to a place, city or culture.

  5. The difference between story and history is:
    History can be explained as a record of past events. They are real facts. For example:Tom is studying the history of China.The bank has a history of robberies.History can also be used to say that something ended. For example: Joann & John's relationship is history.
    Story refers to real or imaginary past events, like a story. For example:
    Did your mom believe your story?

  6. The difference beetween "history" & "story"
    -History is a past events of a place,a city, a culture... that things really happen
    -Story is something that isn't really happen

  7. When you are so hungry that your lack of food causes you to become angry, frustrated or both.
    This mixture of hungry and angry invented to describe that feeling when you get when you are out at a restaurant and have been waiting over an hour to get the meal that you have ordered.

    The difference between ¨history¨ and ¨story¨
    History refers to all the events that happened in the past, especially those related to the development of a place or institution.
    Story is a description of how something happened and it's usually intended to entertain people.