Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

domingo, 4 de agosto de 2019

Fat chance of having mild temperatures this summer!!!

Fat chance, extreme weather, ice-creams, too much litter, recycling... are some of the issues we are going to deal with all along this post.


First of all, another hot summer is here again and, although in the south of Spain is not hotter than other average summers, in Central European cities such as Berlin, Paris... are having more than 40⁰ C and these are record temperatures.


  • Episode 190731 / 31 July 2019    >>>  Extreme weather: is it caused by climate change?:   Language related to 'heat'.  Need-to-know language: scorching, heatwaves, heating up, drought resistant  & baking.

Warnings remain after floods rip through North Yorkshire homes | ITV News


At the same time, there have been heavy rains and severe floods in the area we visited this year (York and Yorkshire Dales)

And what about the forest fires in Siberia?

Does having a fat chance mean that we have eat less ice-cream and fewer refreshments?

The English We Speak: Fat chance (BBC Learning English)

All these disposable containers are a big issue to solve regarding climate change, so here's the solution >>>> 

Listening exercise to do: "Coffee cups: Do you use your own?" (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)



English with Lucy   >>>    How to STOP being shy - 6 steps to be CONFIDENT


mmmEnglish:    Are you saying these words wrong?

REVISION FOR 1º Bachillerato

151. Fill in the gaps with the comparative forms of superiority or the superlatives  of the adjectives given in brackets:

1. Bill Clinton said: "The situation in Iraq is becoming (bad) _____________________________, so we will keep all our forces in the area".
2. Sadam Hussein answered that journalists could ask the Minister of Defence for (far) ______________ information on their weapons.
3. She is (funny) ____________________ person I've ever met.
4. (polluted) _________________ our world is, (big) ______________ health problems we have.

152. EVERYDAY ENGLISH. What would you say in these situations?

1. You are in a bar. Offer to buy your friend a drink.
2. You are late for a meeting. Apologize and say why you are late.
3. Your brother has just come home from the cinema. Ask him for his opinion of the film.

153. Translate the following sentences into English:

1. ¡Ojala que llueva café y que yo apruebe el inglés!
2. Hay menos ejercicios en este examen que en el anterior.
3. El tuvo que cambiarle la batería en la gasolinera que hay entre Torrenueva y Calahonda.
4. ¿Pongo la mesa? Tengo que oir las noticias. No debo perdérmelas.
5. Yo que vosotros, repasaría bien el examen otra vez
6. Cuando los ejercicios empezaron a complicarse, le pregunté a mi hermano mayor.
7. Acabo de recordar que tengo que ir al banco ahora mismo.
8. Arturo no tenía ganas de ir a clase, ni ella tampoco.
9. A Pedro le gusta mucho el fútbol y a Ron también.

"All work and no play makes Jack/Jill a dull boy/girl"

Robin's Nest - 01 Sleeping Partners  

SOLUTIONS to the exercises in the previous post /for further exercises of this level go to  Mock exams (1º Bach)/:

1. ... he would have won win his sixth Tour de France if  he had decided  to continue his career
2. If I finish decorating the living room, I will come with you
3. He would play in the NBA if his talent were greater
4. Why didn't they study if  you knew it was today?
1. in, on    2. on, ago  3. at, at            
1. Last night I saw a really good film.    2. I'll phone you as I arrive.    3. I have worked in this office for 23 years.   4. Could you tell me how much this costs?

Tennis  >>>   Roger Federer V Rafael Nadal TOTAL EMOTION !! 

CHAMP10N | Rafa Nadal " The King of Clay"

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  2. Our planet is in a moment to be taken care of since, during all these years, we humans have not looked for it and this will have serious consequences.

    Right now we humans are realizing everything we have done and we are trying to correct those things but I think it is too late, that we can avoid having more consequences but it has already had some times, such as climate change, which is causing other problems like the poles are melting then the sea level is rising.

    Hopefully all this ends and stops once and for nature to continue its cycle and we give all the damage we have done to the planet.

  3. Climate Change is not a thing of today, nor of yesterday, nor of the day before yesterday; is a
    consequence caused for many years.
    In those times when it was known that it was a reality, anyone who claimed
    that Climate Change was something existing was taken by a madman, people with power,
    the politicians hid or passed from this fact.
    The origin of this misfortune is due to many things, most of the fault has it
    the human being