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by Bruce Lee

lunes, 23 de septiembre de 2019

AUTUMN (or FALL), the season of the different colours

Autumn, or Fall (as the Americans say), is here. It is the time of chestnuts and walnuts, the days are shorter and shorter and some places in the world are just gorgeous to go sightseeing. That is the case of New England in the United States. 

Here are the states included in this region   >>>  

Indie/Indie-Folk Compilation - Autumn/Fall 2019  


How do you like the autumn? (This is a way to ask people for their opinion about something)

Travelling tip   >>>  One of the nicest places I have ever visited, especially during the autum/fall season is NEW ENGLAND in the United States.



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  1. On September 23 we start a new season, THE AUTUMN, autumn is a new stage of the year in which we enjoy a lot, especially the times in the house, but it also brings things that we don't like so much. The good things about autumn are:
    - Start a new course, with new projects and experiences
    - It is a time to change and start from scratch
    - listen to the sound of dry eyes when you step on them
    - you meet new people in college or university
    - rainy days at home watching a movie
    The things we like least are:
    - the good weather is over
    - back to the routine again
    get up early
    - the days get shorter
    - You say goodbye to those friends who go to another place to study

  2. Autumn is a beautiful season of the year because it has got different beautiful colours. For example, I like the region of New England in the United States in the video in this post. However, I don't like autumn because it's colder than in the summer.

    1º ESO A

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  5. I like autumn or fall because is my birthday

    Rocio Avellanedas Nocete

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  7. Now, it is autumn, one of the four seasons of the years. It has started 23rd of September, and it will be finished by 21st of December, when Winter starts. People usually do not like it, because it means that students come back to school and summer had finished.

    I do not like neither too hot neither cold, so I like as autumn as spring because the weather it is perfect to go out, do outside activities… Also, I like it because my birthday is the 24 of September. Besides, we prefer to stay at home watching a film or reading a book, and I love this plans.

    This season is represented with dried lives falling down and parks covered by them, halloween…Moreover, it is the Saints Day. Like summer is represented with the sun or winter with snow. The only thing that I can say that I hate, is the hour change, because when it is 6 or 7 p.m. it looks like night, and I do not like it.

    In my opinion, all seasons have some special, and I like autumn a lot, because cold is coming, and heat is leaving us after a long hot summer.

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  9. Autumn begins on 23 of September and ends on 21 of December.

    I like october 31st because it’s Halloween day and you can dress up whatever you want and decorate the house, and you can puddle.but what I love most about October 1 is that I can call my grandparents and have them put a flower on my great-great-grandmother’s grave.
    I like autumn because the climate is warm .And I also like when the leaves fall that looks like snow but are leaves

  10. Autumn begins on October 23 and ends on December 21. It is the third season of the seasons. Autumn is the season when the leaves fall from the trees, the weather becomes more moderate and the days and nights They have the same duration. This station is represented by the fall of leaves.

    I do not like autumn, because it is when we start school. When autumn is approaching it means summer is over and vacations are over.

    Some festivities that are celebrated in autumn are, `` hallowen '' on October 31, in this party people dress up at night and ask for candies around the houses.Another party is the day of all saints, on the 1st of November, is that people put flowers to the graves of their relatives, and a mass is made in the cemetery.

    For me, autumn has advantages and disadvantages:
    -Advantages: it is neither cold nor hot, we see our partners.
    Disadvantages: We start the routine, we get up early, the days are shorter, you have less time, it gets dark earlier, we start the course and we have to do a lot of things.

    In my opinion I like autumn, because of its climate, but things that I don't like about autumn, such as the days because they are short, and I don't like it when I have to start the course and I have to get up early

  11. Autumn or fall, as the americans say, is one of the four seasons of the year. It starts on 23rd of September and it ends on 21st of December. It´s time to go back to the routine, to the job and start the new proyects after a long time of summer. There are many reasons about why people like autumn:

    One the one hand, during this season many parties, traditions and customs are celebrated in many parts of the world. For example, in Spain and Mexico celebrate "the All Saints´ Days" is held to remember all people who have died. In the Unites States they celebrate "Thanksgiving Day", when people thank God for the blessing of the harvest. And they also celebrate "Halloween", a day where people go out and ask for sweets.

    On the other hand,fall is a perfect season for a trip or go out with family and friends because of the good and warm temperatures. It is also very common to eat nuts and chestnuts along with a cup of hot tea or watching a film in the sofa eating popcorns.

    To sump up, I like autumn because the weather is perfect, however the days are shorter and shorter and this is so depressing for me, so definitely I prefer the summer.

    Lucía Guirado Ruiz 1ºA bachillerato.

  12. Autumn, or fall is here. It's the time of chestnuts, walnust, custard apples, avocados... the days are shorter and the nights are longer. The leaves of the trees fall. The weather is cooler.
    In autumn some festivities like Halloween or Thanksgiving Day, very popular parties in the United States, are held. In Spain we celebrate, the first of November, the day of all saints.
    I don't like autumn, I prefer spring. I think autumn is the saddest season.

    Francisco José Prados Espinosa 1º A

  13. Autumn starts on 23rd September and ends on 21st December.

    This season is represented with falling leaves. We have some festivals, there is Halloween, on 31st October. We decorate some pumpkins and the houses. And the children go from house to house asking for candies. On 1st November All Saints' Day is held and Christians go to put flowers for the relatives who are dead. Every year, I go to Izbor to put flowers to my family.

    This season is the best for the fashions, it isn’t too hot or cold. You can wear T-shirts, and if you are a little cold, you will put on a jacket.

    For me it is the best season, the weather is perfect and the clothes are so cool.

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  15. Autumn is the first season of the year, it begins on September 23, it is autumn represented with fallen tree leaves like summer with a sun, spring with flowers and winter with snow. The autumn season is represented with leaves on the ground since in that time the leaves of the trees fall.

    In autumn people still wear short t-shirts and if it's a little cold you can wear a jacket. Autumn is not my favorite season but I also really like it.

    The Autumn climate is similar to that of Summer but with the temperatures a little lower.
    Many people go to the beach this time of year as it is still good weather and sometimes it is even hotter than in summer.
    I have often gone to the beach in the early autumn with my friends because the weather is good.

  16. Autumn is one of the seasons of the year. It starts on 23rd September and it ends on 21st December. It is a beautiful season where the weather changes and our routines too.

    Some of the festivities which take place in Autumn is Halloween, a festivity celebrated in October 31st. This party is commonly known for the costumes and the famous phrase trick or treat. Another very common festivity in Spain is the all Saint's Day, on 1st November, when there is a mass in the cementery to remember all the people who have died.

    Some good points of autumn is that it is not too hot or too cold. It's time to change our routines and start a new school year with new classmates, teachers and friends, organize your time and don't waste it. However, this seasons has other things that are bad, there is less and less light and the days are shorter, we have to get up early and do too many activities.

    From my point of view, this season has good and bad things, we only have to apreciate this and enjoy all the moments of our lives.


  17. Autumn is one of the four seasons of the year, it reminds me of Spring because both are a little hot and cold, it begins on September 23 and will end on December 21, when winter begins.
    I do not like the beginning of high school and the vacation time end but I also like it because I can see my classmates again.
    I like this season because the weather is perfect for going out at night, it is neither hot nor cold although this year temperatures have risen and in Autumn it was still a little hot.
    I hate the time change, because at 6 or 7 p.m. it gets dark and I don't like the days to get little.
    Autumn is characterized by the color orange because the trees dry out. On the 31st it is Halloween and on the 2nd of November it is the day of the dead, although I personally do not like these holidays, they do not attract my attention.
    Paula González Blanco 4ºB