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by Bruce Lee

miércoles, 25 de diciembre de 2019

Merry Christmas to you all!!!


There are many topics concerning Christmas that every year come to our minds when the year is about to end.


First, how are we going to decorate our house? or do we still decorate our houses when we get older? Do we use a fake or real Christmas tree?

Listening exercise to do: Fake or real: what's the best tree to have at Christmas? (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)



Do we still believe in Santa Claus and its tradition? Do we prefere the Three Wise Men? When do we usually get our Christmas gifts? Do we buy presents for everybody or just the children? (Have a look at the LINGOHACK section below)

News Review:Meet a real-life secret Santa (BBC Learning English)

What about TV or films? Do we still like watching films related with Christmas such as A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens? What other things do we usually watch at Christmas?

A Christmas Carol - Part 1: Marley's ghost   

Why is Christmas a time of happiness? Is it so happy for everybody?


The English We Speak: The more the merrier (BBC Learning English)

And apart from all this, what about family gatherings? Do we still meet all the relatives? Where do we meet? At our grandparents' house? Who does all the cooking?


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  4. For me Christmas is the time with the most special days of the year. These days are to be with the family. On Christmas Eve, during the night Santa Claus comes to our homes to make all the children happy. And we can help all those who have nothing.
    Merry Xmas!!

    Francisco Toledo López 1ºESO A

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  6. Christmas is the most important time of the year.

    Days before Christmas we decorated the house with garlands, balloons and lights,then my brothers and I decorated the Christmas tree.

    This year we spent Christmas Eve at my grandmother's house with my aunt Silvia, who came with my cousins. The food was delicious. There were prawns, mussels, meat, sausages and chocolate and cake nougat.

    In the morning, Santa Claus brought my brother a bike and my sister and myself shoes. Then we went to the beach to walk and teach my brother to go by bike.My sister and I took a ball and we played, but I shot and the ball went into the water and I had to get in because of the ball because my brother was crying. The water was very cold and all the people passing by stared at me. Then we went to the house and had lunch.

    In the afternoon we went to my aunt's house to be with my other cousins ​​and we were celebrating till late.

    In my opinion, Christmas Eve is the best of the whole year because you are with all your family celebrating.

  7. Christmas are in December until the beginning of January so the change of year occurs.

    Christmas for many people are the best part of year but I don´t like it. Christmas is a time for stay with the family, I spent Christmas at my house and my farmhouse with my cousins and uncles. They make dinner these days for all the family, the dinners in my house are the 24th of December and December 31st for finish the year. The food was delicious, they make prawns, meat, pecking like ham, cheese, toast and much more. The same days of the dinners I went out to parties to celebrate christmas and new year.

    The house was decorate for Christmas with garlands, ligths and a christmas tree with balls and a star.

    I don´t like the Christmas because are dates to be with the family and there is a lack of people that we wish were so I remember them and I get sad but I try to be as happy as posible for them.

    In my opinión, Christmas Eve it would be the best part of the year if there is no missing family member at the table.

    Mari Trini Ortiz 1ºA Bach

  8. This year in Christmas day I am going to visit my aunt with my relatives and and we are going to give presents to each other because this year we didn´t have dinner on Christmas Evewith her. Other years we used to have meal with her on Christmas Eve and after dinner we gave presentsto each other, but this year we have dinner with my grandma.
    After giving each other presents I´m going to go to Velez with my parents and we are going to see Velez castle and we will go to some viewpoint which we can see all the town from . How beautiful it was!
    In my house we usually put the presents below the Christmas tree and in Christmas day we pick them and we open all the presents, I usually only get presents for Santa Claus and I don´t get for the Three Wise Men, because the school starts the next day.
    In my opinion Christmas is the best time in the year and we need to enjoy these Christmas days , and we have to give presents to all your dear people, and to spend time with them.
    Francisco González López 4ºA

  9. Christmas is a time of the year that begins in December, of all the holidays that I like the most is Christmas since I am more with my family. On the 24th I go with my family in Jaén and before dinner we go for a walk in Jaén and then we have dinner and then we open Santa's gifts. On the 31st I go with my family from here in Granada, that day is the one I like the most since the year is over and another one begins. January 6 is when you come the three wise men for me and my brothers is the best day since they bring us more gifts than Santa Claus, and that day we go in the afternoon with my cousins ​​and friends to see the floats.
    What I like most about Christmas is the movies they put on television, since I was a child I watch those movies.

    In my opinion I think Christmas is the best time.

    Maria González Lozano 4A

  10. For me, Christmas is a very special day because my whole family gathers to celebrate. But I also like that my parents give me many things. What I most want is to help people so they can celebrate "Christmas." And also give many things to others.
    Hopefully when I am of age I can do those things that I said.
    "Merry Christmas "

  11. For me: Christmas is the most special days in the year, because, you are with your family and you have holidays. Presents too. On the 24th at the night, Santa Claus comes to your home, and the next morning, there are some presents under the Christmas tree.
    Rocio Avellanedas Nocete 1°A

  12. For me: Christmas is the most special days in the year, because, you are with your family and you have holidays. Presents too. On the 24th at the night, Santa Claus comes to your home, and the next morning, there are some presents under the Christmas tree.
    Rocio Avellanedas Nocete 1°A

  13. I Like christmas, because is special da y. I like presents and food, also the holiday.

    Jose Antonio Sabio Prados 1°A ESO

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  15. Christmas is the most special time of the year! It´s the time when all the family gets together and enjoys itself.

    At Christmas, we make lots of preparations. To begin with, a few days before Christmas, my mum and I set up a big beautiful Christmas tree full of lights. When Christmas arrives, there are lots of presents underneath the tree. On Christmas Eve, we all go to our granma´s house and have dinner there, and also to receive Santa Claus. My mum usually helps my Grandmother preparing the food and setting the table, so that the house looks cool!

    What´s more, when everybody has arrrived, we wish each other ´´Merry Christmas!``, and we all celebrate it singing carols, drinking, eating and even dancing, which is pretty fun!

    Finally, when it´s nearly midnight, someone dressed as Santa Claus enters the house singing:´´Ho,Ho,Ho!``, sits in the middle of the living room and gives us presents. All the kids of our family get very excited because they are looking forward to this moment and it´s great looking at them jumping of happiness!

    To end up, I enjoy Christmas a lot because I love seeing the whole family together and getting so many presents! Christmas is a very special celebration for me!

  16. I love this photo,
    I am in my house. There are lights above me and a Christmas tree next to me. It’s Christmas time! My father is taking the photo and my mother isn’t in the living room because she is cooking in the kitchen. There are presents under the tree and sweets on the table. I always take chocolate on Christmas.
    We love Christmas!

    Antonio Puentedura Prados de 1º ESO A

  17. Christmas takes place in December and it is the time the year ends and we have the coming year. For this reason a lot of people think about their lives during the whole year and their acts with their families.

    Christmas is time to stay in family, for example I sped my Christmas Eve at my grandmother's house with my cousins and uncles, we have dinner together and then we spend time talking about our lives and the rest of things that we think that are important. My grandmother's house is not decorated but mine is, my house is decorated with a fake Christmas tree with lots of light and balls with a big star on the top. Moreover, I have two very cool decorations wih light.

    At home we usually prefer the Three Wise men, on Santa Claus my brother and I have a little present and on 6th January we have big presents, I think it's more traditional and better, We go to see the parade every year and then we open the presents.
    Another aspect about Christmas is Christmas films, there are two types of people, those who love them and those who hate them. I love Christmas films. I think they are beautiful and show you different values.

    In my opinion Christmas is fantastic and a time of the year when we should enjoy the little things like spending time in family or simply being on the sofa watching a film with the lights of the christmas three on and drinking a hot chocolate.

    Maria Prados Espinosa 1ºbach

  18. In December, the 25th is a holiday in many countries celebrated by millions of people around the world.
    Christmas traditions are different between countries. Common items include the Christmas tree, decorating houses, advent wreaths, fireplace socks, candy canes, and the nativity scene portal depicting the birth of Jesus.
    We celebrate Christmas at home, we put Christmas carols and we dance and sing. Around the 21st and 22nd days, we placed the tree and decorated the living room with garlands and with socks.
    My mom in those days prepares a cake and hot chocolate to watch a movie on TV with the theme of Christmas.
    Paula González Blanco 4ºB

  19. Christmas is one of best celebrations in the year. It's the time when you meet your family and you give them lots of presents, love and affect. Christmas is one of my favorite time in the year and every Christmas I have very good times with relatives and friends, and so do them!

    Every year, I count the days until Christmas arrive! The best of this holidays is that you meet all you relatives that you don't meet during the year, you can visit and meet your friends, you can make presents to all of them, and the most important thing, you don't have to go to school, but you have to study a lot anyway.

    And the best things that happens in Christmas comes when it's nearly finished. This moment is when the Three Wise Men arrive to Spanish people's home. They live you all the presents you've wanted during the whole year and that's one of the best moments that happens in Christmas. But remember, they only give presents to good people.

    In England, Santa Claus is the person who comes with his great sledge carried by a lot of reindeers through the sky. Then he gets into your house by the chimney and he leaves you a great present, but only if you've been a good person during the whole year. If you've been a bad boy, Santa will live you big sack of coal! So remember be a good boy.

    I really hope that I could celebrate it this year, because with all this mess with COVID, I don't know if my family and I could go to a rural house and have a great time all together. I hope that at the end of the year everything it's ok and I could have a great time with my friends and my family.

    In fact, Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and I hope this year I'll celebrate it nicely and all toguether.

    Álvaro Martín Moliz 4º ESO A