Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

viernes, 1 de abril de 2011


APRIL FOOLS' DAY  Be careful today!

Read about April Fool's Day and write about any tricks you played on someone.

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  1. I told my sister that a boy phoned her and wanted to go out with her that evening. My sister was very excited because she really fancied the boy and started to get dressed, then she goes to the place where I told her and there wasn´t anybody. When she returns home, she was very angry but I laughed a lot.

  2. My friend Lorena left me her favourite t-shirt but she needed it because she had to go out with her boyfriend. I told my little brother painted it so she called me so angry. she told me I had to buy her a beautiful t-shirt and I answered: Happy April Fool's day! :)

  3. For my mother, my marks are very very important and always she wants the best for me. One day I came home and said her that I had failed all the exams of maths and I was going to have a one as the final mark. She started to shout me,when she finished I laughed and then told her that it was a joke... She had her face red for 15 minutes. HAHAHAHA =P

  4. Once I told my friend that I had lost our job which we had done for the presentation of philosophy, she was very angry because we had a hard time doing that job and we hadn't time to redo it. When I said it was only a joke I said me if it had been true, she killed me lol x)

  5. Lidia 2ºBachA
    I spent my sister a nice joke(jajaja), she has a motorbike and when she came back of her school I told that it had come a fine, showing a letter. My mother,who was very angry, scolded her a lot and she began to cry. when my mother and my sister read the letter, they would kill me, while I was laughed a lot.

  6. One day I was with my friend who celebreted her birthday in my house because I have a big house where everyone can enjoy. So, I told her that my birthday present was in the garage where I had three ferocious dogs which hadnt eaten all day.
    Unfortunately when she arrived the dogs barked and she was frightened. Later I told her that I was a joke.

  7. One day in my town the radio made a joke. They said that in my town had arrived ten africans children and that they needed someone who adppted them. So much mothers accepted and when they konwn that it was a joke, they were really angry. The radio apoligised, but the mothers were angry for some weeks. I think it handn't had any fun, because there was so much mothers that couldn't have children, and they were too disappointed when they discovered the joke.

    Julia Andrea Romero Ortega 1ºA

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  9. I´m going to tell a joke that a do to my prarents. It was the innnocents day and my parents said to me to do some coffee,and I put salt instead of sugar in one coffe. My mum drank a little of coffee, and she inmediately knew that it had salt, my father didn´t drink anything. They ordered me to do others coffes but he didn´t trust my. This day we throw four coffes, but for me it was so funny.
    Esther Ortega

  10. I remember once my brother and me decided to play a joke on my sister for Day of the innocent, the truth is that we have made several jokes. One was to take a bottle of water and rub some lemon juice into the mouthpiece, because my sister drinks always from the bottle, at first said nothing, but then she realized that the water tasted different and we laugh.
    Another thing we did the typical movement of the can of soda and that to open it goes out everywhere... It was a really fun day!

  11. Irene Ramónn Arellano - 1º E.S.O. A

    For April Fools' Day, Andrea and I played a trick on our friend María José. We were doing our homework in my house when suddenly, Andrea received a Whatsapp message from María José. We told MJ that I broke my arm and Andrea was keeping me company. Thirty minutes later, MJ's father phoned my mother to ask about my arm. My mother was surprised for the news and started laughing. XD

  12. For fools' day,I spent a prank by sending a message to Irene telling her that I had gone to Magic Island with Ainhoa and another friend. At first she didn't believe it, but I also sent some pictures I had taken some years ago, and she believed me then.

    María José García 1º ESO A

  13. My brother and I usually make a lot of jokes to our parents because they are a real jokers too. That day we decided to ruin my mother all of her cooked. At breakfast we put salt instead sugar in all of coffees (the coffees had a very bad taste...); at lunch my mother cooked grilled fish and my brother, while she was in the bathroom, turned off the grilled; finally, at dinner we ate hamburgers and I put spicy instead ketchup in their burgers. At first she thought that she was the guilty that everything had gone wrong, but when she saw us laughing a lot she became very angry. My brother and I were laughing for days. Jajaja

    Elena de la O López 2ºA Bach

  14. One day I was bored and I go to phoned to my father for a joke I tell to him
    Hi I´m a police member we have 5 complaints for you because he smoke in a bar
    when I tell to him a new thing he becames more excited
    when I tell to him you have to pay 400 euros
    he says no it isn´t true because Inever smoke
    finally I tell to him that it is a joke and he starts to smiling