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martes, 12 de junio de 2012

Come on, Rafa!!!!



French Open: Rafael Nadal makes history with defeat of Novak Djokovic

French Open 2012: Rafael Nadal takes dim view after rain stops final (1st part)


Nadal also wins the Masters 1000 in Rome!!!!

Rafael Nadal beats Novak Djokovic in straight sets at Rome Masters 




Rafael Nadal: Anatomy of a champion

Come on, Rafa!!! you can do it for the sixth time in Roland Garros.

Read about RAFAEL NADAL and try to guess who he will have to play against. So far, at 19.50 Roger Federer is winning, but it is not finished yet.

Newspaper articles:

And in a few weeks' time, WIMBLEDON!!!!


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  1. Tomorrow, Nadal will have to play against Federer in Paris. If Nadal win tomorrow, he will support her leadership that he have support as yet.
    I like the play of Nadal and Federer, but personally I prefer that Nadal will win, because it is better for us. This year Nadal said that his mind isn´t fit, but he is in the end.
    I hope that he will have good luck!
    Esther Ortega

  2. I'm not a particular fan of tennis, but I saw the game the other day. It was an interesting game. At first I thought that Federer would win, because he started better than Nadal. I am very happy that Rafa Nadal has won. He is a great tennis player.
    Andrea Coello 1ºA Bach.

  3. Rafa nadal is the best tennis player on clay courts ever because he has won a lot of tournaments on clay courts. He has been the player who has won more tournaments in this surface ever, even he has overcame BjÖn Borg. But at this time, world number one Novak Djokovic is having a good season and he almost always wins his mtches.I think that Novak Djokovic is a great player but Rafa Nadal is better than him because he has won more tournaments.

  4. Nadal, who is the best tennis player in the history of Spain, has won his eight consecutive championship at Montecarlo and he is ready to win Roland Garros.
    I think Nadal is the best tennis player on clay, he has won more than 60 consecutive matches at Roland Garros and he is the most capped tennis player has won this Grand Slam.
    Nadal may be the best Spanish athlete of all the time with Miguel Indurain (7 Tour de France), Fernando Alonso, Alberto Contador, etc.
    Today Spanish sport is at its best, 2012 will be a year with many joys for Spanish sport because this year held the olympic games and the Eurocup and spanish athletes are favorites to win the titles.

    Enrique García Prados 2ºA Bachiller

  5. I don't like tennis but was in the news as he played and played very well too but Nadal and Federer play tennis better than Federer is the best and hope to continue winning more tennis matches! YOU CAN!!
    Jesús Guirado Paloma 1ºBach-C

  6. One time more Nadal has won Djokocic. Nadal is the best tennis player in Spain. Nadal led Spain to the top in tennis story.He started play when he was very small. He plays much hours at day when his uncle, who trained him. It´s prove that not football is the only sport in Spain and spanish atlethes are well in more sports than football.
    There are other good atlethes in Spain like Contador or Pau Gasol, but atlethes who plays football are more recognized than others atlethes, that is so bad.

    Ana Béjar Sánchez 2ºBach B.

  7. The matches between Nadal and Djokovic are always incredible, the last year they played face to face a lot of times but the only who won was Djokovic.

    I think Djokovic is better than Nadal, being a good player is demonstrated when you are consistent and the most consistent in the world last year was Djokovic.

    Djokovic has become better and better but Nadal hasn't given up and he definitely has won to Djokovic, if the Nadal slump has finished, I'm sure Djokovic is going to lose a 70% of the matches they play because Nadal is the best in tennis and all the world know it.

  8. In my opinion Djokovic is a good tennis player, but I think Rafael Nadal is the best tennis player in Spain and in all the world. Also Federrer, David Ferrer, Verdasco, Murray...

    Before Djokovic was wining everthing, but now Rafael Nadal is going to stop him. When Rafael Nadal had fifteen yers old he won his first competition in Balears Island then his uncle started to practise tennis with him and he started to won ever thing like now.

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    2. In my opinion I think the match in Montecarlo was very easy because Djokovic didn't have his day and Nadal was fantastic. I think it's a new period of time for Nadal, he is going to win more finals against Djokovic. However, Rafa is better in clay than Djokovic, and Montecarlo is clay, an this is also a problem. All in all, I would Rafa will win in Roland Garros.

      Alberto jr.

  9. Rafa Nadal is the second best tennis player of history at the moment, because Roger Federer is in first position but Rafa is five years younger that Roger, for this if Rafa has not got problems with his knees, I think that he will be the better tennis player of both because again he has reached a fantastic tennis level like we could to see in ” Conde de Godó” where he played incredibly good in all his matches and in the final he won against David Ferrer in a very interesting match. All spanish people and tennis fans hope that Nadal follows this level so they can enjoy his spectacular tennis.

    Carlos López Ruiz 1ºBach D

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  11. It's incredible how Rafa Nadal reached the fame so early. He is the best Spanish player and I think he will probably be the best tennis player of the history in a short period of time.
    He is undoubtedly the king of clay, he has broken all the records on this surface. With only 25 years he was able to win four Roland Garros consecutively, and twice three years later, so he has the opportunity to win this championship for the seventh time. I wish he could do it!
    However, Djokovic will intend to take revenge after losing the final of the Master 1000 in Rome against him, but it will be difficult for him because Nadal plays on "his" surface and he is very confident because he broke a losing streak of six defeats. Nadal has reached a fantastic level, but he must be careful with his knee problems.
    He had bad luck with these knee problems that kept him away from many championships. If they weren't, he could have won many more championships, but he had in front of him the best tennis player right now in history, whose name is Roger Federer, and another great player who dropped his moral, who is Novak Djokovic. In the best conditions surely Nadal would win Roland Garros and Wimbledon, which is the most prestigious tournament.

  12. It was incredible Rafa Nadal victory. I wanted watch the final of master 1000 in Rome. The final was scheluded for sunday at four o´clock but when I turned on the final hadn´t started. At half past four, commentators said that the final waould begin later because rain prevented the women´s final will be played. Later rain stopped and the women´s final ended. Everything was ready to start but when the players were about to enter the court, started to rain again. Therefore, the men´s final was postponed for the next day morning. Therefore, I didn´t watch the final´s men because that day morning I had to go to school.

    I think that Rafa Nadal is better than Novack Djokovic in clay court, and he demostrated yesterday and in Montecarlo. I think that Rafa Nadal will win Roland Garros this year next week.

    Fermín García Prados. 2 A bachiller.

  13. Our sport has given to great athletes, basketball Pua Gasol, Fernando Alonso in Formula 1, Andres Iniesta in football and finally what is considered by all experts the greatest athlete in history Spanish Rafa Nadal.
    Nadal has won many individual awards in recent times to become the world number one, but stressed not only individually, has also won international awards with the Spanish as the Davis Cup Award has become Spanish in the recent times.
    Finally say that not all been easy for Rafa Nadal since joining the tennis world has been faced with the greatest like Federer at first, or Novac Djokovic now has won all and have become one of the most important players in history.

  14. I couldn´t watch the final of master 1000 in Rome because it was held in Monday,because the day before, when it was scheduled to play the final, it was raining and Monday morning I had to go to highschool.
    when I got home I watched a digital newspaper and saw that he had won in straight sets, I think that Rafa Nadal is the best tennis player in the world on clay, He is the number one, H e is one of the best Spanish sportsmen of all time, along with Fernando Alonso, Alberto Contador, Miguel Indurain,etc.
    Rafael Nadal has always been in this blog,, because he has always managed to Spanish tennis wins.

    Enrique García Prados 2ºA Bachiller

  15. I remember this match becuse it must have had place on Sunday but finally, we can watch it on Monday. The organization put the blame on the rain.
    Nadal shone again against Novak who is more professional for a few years ago. We can remember when he was concentrated in imitating other tennis players and several famous people.
    In general, Nadal had an easy and short match but not for this case we could enjoy less.

    Lorena Gutiérrez Paqué 1ºB Bach.

  16. Although the match couldn't play the Sunday and finally It was played on Monday and I couldn't see it because I was on the school I know that It was an incredible match!

    Nadal, one more time, teach us that he is one of best player of tennis on the history.
    Again, the match was Nadal against Djokovic, who nowadays is the number 1 on the top of tennis.

    Djokovic was defeated by Nadal and He recovered the number 2 of the top, that It was occupied by Roger Federer.


  17. I like tennis a lot when I was little I used to play in the sports center and I was good.
    I saw the game the other day,it was a very interesting match , and Nadal won Djokovic again, YUHUUUU!! :D But although I knew he would win, I was nervous, I ate all my nails!
    I think Nadal is a great tennis player, for me the best Spanish player of the times.
    I would Rafa will win in Roland Garros, he deserves to win it.
    I really love watch tennis matchs o because they are always exciting.

    Marina Jódar 1º BAch C

  18. I really like and, when Rafa plays, I always see his matchs.
    In my opinion, the best player in the world playing tennis is Rafael Nadal, he is te best player but, only in general.
    Although Rafa is my favourite tennis player, apart by he is Spanish, the best tennis player at the moment is Djokovic.
    But the style of play of Rafa is unique, he always run until the last minute, fihgting for win the game, for this, he's the best.

  19. I think Rada Nadal is a good person and he's a succesful sportman, because he estarted to play when ha was younger and now he works a lot and he has won a lot of prizes. I don't like tennis very much but I like that Spanish people have success in sports and everybody in the world knows them.

  20. In my opinion I don´t like so much tennis but I think Rafa Nadal is a very good player. He wins a lot of prizes of this sport and a lot of people in the world know Rafa Nadal.

    It´s a men that love the sport of tennis and he He enjoys practising this sport and in it is very good playing tennis.

    Laura Pretel Donaire 1º bach C

  21. In my opinion the tennis is a sport very difficult because is very tired. In Spain there are some good tennis player like Rafael Nadal and Verdasco.

    I think the best tennis player is Rafael Nadal. In the last years there is a person who stops him, is Djokovic. But this year Nadal stop him. In the world there are some good tennis players like Murray and Federer.

    By: William :)

  22. In my opinion, the tennis is a soport very funny and very entertaining. Can´t play any for this game are very well known rules.
    is a game slightly difficult, this game in Spain is represented by Nadal and he have very good opponents, Feder and Djokovic.

    Laura Trujillo Reyes