Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2011

Christopher introducing us to classical music

Yes, we have just hired an expert on classical music for our blog and this person will be Mr Christopher Tarifa from 1º Bach A. 

Stand up and let's give him a big round of applause.

OK, and now our first lesson: Listen and watch this till the end!

Lesson number 2 by Mr Tarifa and many more:  1 

And Ana Megías has just recommended this masterpiece by Vivaldi.

Write your comment about your feelings and mood you are after listening to the whole piece.

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  1. jajaja..... Mr. Alberto, you´re fantastic! Thanks a lot for your cumpliment. So now am I going to be your blog classic music expert? jajaja....ok, I really like the idea.
    This is our second lesson: passacaglia, by Häendel. It is also beautiful!

    Classical music is not very popular among most of students, but now it will change: Cristopher is going to teach you that classical music can be funny!

  2. At the beginning of this song it remember me a terror film but later it is slowier that I sleep. I prefer music faster and with more rythm than this song.In my opinion this music is bored, so I think that in this page should be music that make that people don´t boring.
    By:Almudena Pérez Puertas 1ºA BACH

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  4. I don't really like listening classical music, but I respect people who like classical music. I don't like this music because I didn't imagine listening this music every day, but occasionally, why not? For example, to relax this music can be good. The people of classical music can be the best in the world because it's very difficult to play these instruments that make very nice music.

  5. This kind of music is perfect for me when I am painting. The classical music is the best to relax the vibe and to concetrate on your paint. I think the classical music and painting are two things that the young people don't appreciate. A lot of people don't know anything about famous musicians, neither anything about the famous Spanish painters, for example Velazquez. I think both, music and painting, must be appreciated by all ages, because not all people in the world can play an instrument or paint correctly. I must be admit that I don't usually listening this music every day but I have listened the two compositions and I need listening classical music when I paint.

  6. I really like classical music because it relaxes me. I sometimes hear this kind of music while I do my homework. I also like listening to band music because I play the clarinet in a band. I think this kind of music is the inspiration for many artists: painters, sculptors, poets, writers, composers... Although in my free time I don't hear this type of music, I like hear this music when I need concentration.
    By: Noelia Fernández Béjar 2º Bach A

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  8. I really like classical music, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, etc are my favorites composers. For example Tchaikovsky composed a famous piece, 1812 Overture, (used in V for Vendetta) The piece was written to commemorate the Russia's defense of Moscow in 1812 when Napoleon attacked Russia.

    Other famous piece that I like so much is "The four seasons" from Vivaldi.

    I think the classical music is very good but the young people doesn´t like because they prefeer Metalica or Gun's and Roses, but I like so much!

    By: JuanJosé Rovira Medina

  9. I think that classic music is very relaxing. This kind of music is very beautiful and the scientists recomend it to develop baby´s intelligence. For me the best compositors are Mozart, Beethoven and Bach because I think that they music are really amazing. I listen this music sometimes when I am stress. In conclusion it should be more appreciate for the people because it is one of the kind of music more difficult to compose and it´s really wonderful.

  10. I think that each moment in your own life has a own song and sometimes, the classic music is the best option. For example, almost all soundtrack´s films are classic music because sometimes this type of songs transmit more than a urban song. Anyway, I like classic music because when you can´t explain how you feel with words, you can find a classic song and be identified with it.
    BY: Marái González 1Bach A

  11. Classic music is sometimes more expresive than other kinds of music and that's because I like it. I play the piano and I love to express my feelings by playing classic and make the piece of music mine. I think everybody likes music, some people listen to pop or to jazz or others and in my opinion, it's sad that not many people like classic music.
    By: Anna Rodíguez 1°Bach/A

  12. Classic music and especially this songs are wonderful, I know this world because my sister is studying a run for to be professor in a higher level conservatory and I have already listened this songs and I have listened a lot of songs of Itzhak Perlman and I think that this man is a genius because although he has a disease he has been able to fulfill his dream.
    But I don´t like get up listening a violin.

    Enrique García Prados

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  14. When I was a child, I always listened to classical music because my parents loves the opera. When I was two years old, I saw my first opera in a theater in Madrid. It was the "Magic Flute". I can not remember, but from that day I always listen to classical music when I do the housework. When I was seven years old I learned to play the violin, but I only played it for five years. Now I'm sad about it, I would like to learn it again. Classical music helps me to sleep, all nights I listen to Vivaldi for a while before going to bed.

  15. this type of song personally I don't like to work because I don't motive I fall asleep is more relaxing. Here sticking more a song striking to the young more moderm. this classics songs are a little heavy although there are classic songs that are a true work of art.

  16. I don't like very much the classic music, I prefer other types of music as the pop or the rock, but often when I need to relax or to center to do my homework I listen to classic music.
    My favorite is Tchaikovsky's nutcracker, because it makes me resemble a film that I saw when I was small and it me brings very good recollections.
    In conclusion I believe that the classic music is one of the best types of music but it is very slightly normal that the young persons listen to her.

    Marina Jódar Navas 1ºBachC

  17. After having listened to these three themes of music, I think classical music helps you relax when we are in a bad mood or tired. Although I don´t really love this types of music but sometimes you need to focus, for example when we are doing homework or music sleep.I prefer more animated and lyrics.But I admire the musicians and artists that make songs this type because they have a lot of effort to make classical themes.
    By Alicia Rodriguez Guirado

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  19. Normally, I don't usually listen to classical music . However, when I'm under a lot of stress or when I need some concentration to do my homework or study, this type of music helps me to do my things better. Nowadays, most young people don't appreciate the value that it can have, as it is said, classical music makes people bigger inside. In my opinion, we should give an opportunity to this music and not to centre us only in fashion.
    By: Laura De La O Sánchez. 1ºBachA.

  20. this type of song personally I don't like to work because I don't motive I fall asleep is more relaxing. Here sticking more a song striking to the young more moderm. this classics songs are a little heavy although there are classic songs that are a true work of art.

  21. I like this song because it is very beautiful and exciting, but the classical song I like the most is Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. It's fantastic!. I love classical music. Also I play the horn in the music band of Molvízar. It´s a very difficult instrument but his sound is beautiful. Normally when I say people the instrument that I play, they don´t Know it. I hope you do.
    Mireya González Paredes. 2ºA BACH

  22. Personally I dont't like this kind of music, but I think there is a type of music for each moment, more specifically, for every mood. When I'm sad I like to listen to slow and sad songs lying on the bed eating chocolate. But when I'm happy I like to hear happy songs for not to get sad. Actually I think I never got to hear a whole song of classic music because they bored me and I go to sleep when I hear them.
    María Rodríguez 1º BACH. A

  23. Hey! I forgot tell you something about Scala and Kolacny Brothers. They´re a women choir that makes covers of famous songs. The conductor and the pianist are Kolacny brothers. All of them are from Belgium and have made famous films soundtrack like social network, or tv series soundtrack like Dawnton Abbey.
    Tey´re fantastic!

    Creep is from the social network:

    Every breath you take is from Dawnton Abbey:

    Specially I like these covers:

  24. This is beautiful music, I think in this gender there are authentic masterpieces of the music, but I don´t enjoy hearing it, but it doesn´t annoying me, I prefer other kind music, I prefer Rock music, I love bands like Metallica, Gun and Roses, Queen and Green Day...
    Metallica, for example has a lot of songs with classical music bases and they record a CD playing with a classical orchestra!
    Rock and classical music are hand in hand!

    José Ramón Mira Bosch 1ºA Bach

  25. I think that this very good classical music, is very relaxing and peaceful, but I share the opinion of Jose Ramon. I believe too that it is better to have a bit of everything for everyone.Types of music like rock and pop to give a bit of pace for our blog also types of music like reege and classical music.The songs that we now have especially the first song is perfect for these dates.

  26. To me classic music I don`t like so much but I admit that it is very difficult to touch, it is necessary to work, to test many hours many years and to struggle to obtain it enough. Though my musical tastes are different not this one badly.

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  28. I really love classical music. In fact I've spent 8 years of my life learning to play classical music. I played the viola, well, I still playing the viola, but it isn't the same. For me playing an instrument is a way of express myself, it's a way of disconnect of the world. I feel really good when I play music, but i've to admit that i'm not like Mozart.
    We don't realize but today's films are full of pieces of classical music which are the soul of the film.
    By the way Albert you haven't corrected my last comment

    Javier Pulido Álvarez 2ºA BACH

  29. I´m sorry Mr Alberto, I think you will kill me tomorrow, but I must say I have a concert on Tuesday and I´m going to play that song on the piano.

    You´re all invited!
    (And now, I´m going to comment in another post)

  30. I do not like classical music, but I think that classic music is very relaxing for do homework

  31. Have you seen this morning The New Year's Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra? It has been fabulous, like always. It's a concert of classical music that takes place each year in the morning of January 1 in Vienna, Austria. It is broadcast around the world to an estimated audience of 50 million in 72 countries.The concerts have been held in the "Großer Saal" (Large Hall) of the Musikverein, where I went las summer holidays, and this is one of the best places I´ve ever seen! This year the conductor is Mariss Jansons.

  32. Sorry because I should have warned you before!
    Last Tuesday the Strauss European Orchestra gave a concert at the Teatro Calderón in Motril.
    I inform you a little about this orchestra:
    Strauss Orchestra Europe brings together the best musicians from Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Bulgaria. Due to its high level of interpretation, Strauss Orchestra Europe quickly became known, being invited to perform in theaters and auditoriums in Europe, with the best reviews.

    PS: Mr Alberto, please don't scold me because I have made ​​five comments on other post before this.

  33. Hello again,
    Today I would like to talk you about a young singer called Adele. She doesn't sing classical music, but I really love her music and I think is one of the best voices of the moment. I met her listening to her beautiful song "Someone like you", and after I fell in love when I listened "Rolling in the Deep".
    Adele was the big winner of the Grammy Awards in 2012, taking 6 awards: The amount of Grammy Awards she has won exceeds the number of other artists as Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Pink and others.
    Albert, if you want, you could make a post about her!