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by Bruce Lee

martes, 8 de noviembre de 2011

Fly like an eagle or just...the magic?

Which of these two incredible basketball players do you prefer? Or perhaps both?  Who are they? Write a comment about them and your opinion after watching the videos.



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  4. They are Michael Jordan and "Magic" Johnson, for me the best basketball players in the history of the basket. I have seen a lot of great players, as Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird and Lebron James, but I think Michael and "Magic" are amazing. I prefer Michael Jordan because he is an incredible player who has incredible results:
    He won six rings with Chicago Bulls, averaging 30.1 points per game in his career, the highest average in league history. In addition, he won 10 scoring titles, 5 MVP of the season, 6 of the Finals MVP, named the NBA's best five ten times, nine times on the defensive leader in steals for three years and an award for best defender of the season.

  5. They were part of the real DREAM TEAM that played in the Olympic Games in Barcelone in 1992. Just unforgettable!
    by Albert (your English teacher)

  6. They are Michael Jordan and "Magic" Johnson two of the best basketball players in the world. I prefer "Magic" Johnson because I think he's an incredible player, he can do amazing things! I like so much!

  7. They were Michael Jordan, the best basketball player in the histoy of the world, and "Magic" Johnson one of the most important players of the basketball.
    It´s obviously that for my the best is Michael Jordan because he made the basketball the most important sport in EEUU and he was a before an after in the history of the basketball. The data from the years that Jordan played are amazing but I do not give importance because "Magic" Johnson too were amazing.
    "Magic" Johnson I haven´t watched much because is older tha Jordan and I haven´t heard much about him, so I´m not going to talk a lot of him although but what little I´ve seen is amazing.
    It is clear that both of them were the best basketball players of his time keeping in mind others players as Larry bird, Joe Dumars, Larry Nance, Tom Chambers, Dominique, Clyde Drexler, Dee Brown, etc.

    Enrique García Prados 2ºA bachillerato

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  11. Obviously these two players are two of the best players, but for me Jordan is better. Magic Johnson is nothing bad, but there are more players like him, for example Kobe Bryant or Lebron James. Nevertheless there aren´t any players so good as Jordan, he can´t be compare to anybody. I wish I had seen him play.
    Miguel Román

  12. They are Michael Jordan, who played in Chicago Bulls, and Magic Johnson, who played in L.A. Lakers. I prefer Michael Jordan, because I've heard my family talk about him since I was a child, and, although it's just a film, I've seen "Space jam" more times that any other film. I think Michael Jordan is the best player and that he's a main part in basketball's history.

    by Elisa Matín Cano (2º Bach A)

  13. These players are incredible, probably the best players of the history, even though I prefer Michael Jordan to Magic Johnson. For me Jordan has been the best, he is in the first place and Magic, Larry Bird, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are on the second place... These players have been superior than the rest, but Jordan has been the best!!...Every year I watch the NBA and I wait that a new Michael Jordan appears or someone that is only half as good as he was.

    Carlos López Ruiz 1ºBach D

  14. I have never seen this players of basket althought I have heard of them. this basketball players are Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. I have always heard that Michael Jordan is the best player of the history, but when I have watched the videos, I think that Magic Johnson is better than Michael Jordan. I like Magic Johnson pass incredibly the pass his teammates but Michael Jordan I think that was a wonderfull player.

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  16. The last video luckyly is very good, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan are incredible players of basketball. If he would have to choose who of both is the best one, I would say that both, they make it spectacular. The first video has impressed me much, in the minute 0:28.

    Jesús Guirado Paloma 1ºBACH C

  17. They are Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, two fantastic basketball players. It's really impressive how high these players can jump, this requires many years of hard training and effort.
    Both players are really good and I can't choose between one of them.I think they are the best basketball players in the world.

    Mireya González Paredes 2ºA BACH

  18. I think they were two of the best players of the world. I wasn't born yet, but in my opinion I think Mickel Jordan is better doing slam dunks and "Magic" Jordan scoring points in the last minute or scoring with the eyes shut.
    They were also in the Dream Team in the Olympic Games in Barcelone in 1992.

    by Alberto jr

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  20. I think that this is the hardest decision ever in the story of sports. It's true that today we also talk about Phelps and Mark spitz but I think that the cases aren't similar because Phels and Mark spitz are swimmers who have swum in a different epoch.
    I think that Michael Jordan is a little bit better than Magic Jhonson, but, both of them are incredible players. I expect that one day a player like them bring us the magic they brought.

    Javier Pulido Álvarez 2ºA BACH

  21. This two basketball players are the greatest players in the history, Michael Jordan is for me the best basketball player that I have ever seen, He played as SG, Shooting Guard, He didn´t shot 3 points shots very well but he was so fast, and his dunks were amazing, I don´t know if he had win any Dunk Challenge but like I said his dunks were amazing.

    On the other hand we have Magic Johnson, in my opinion the best PG, Point Guard of all time, better than the nowdays MVP Stephen Curry, when I saw for the first time Magic Johnson I didn´t think that he played as PG because he is 2,06 m tall, how he could be so fast and so skilled? It´s impossible!!!

    Finally if I had a NBA Team I´d choose Michael Jordan because he´s a legend in the story of basketball

    Eduardo Pérez Muelas 4ºB

  22. Michael Jordan, for me, the best basketall player of the history. He was born 17th february, 1963. Currently owns the NBA team Charlotte Hornets. It is considered by most fans and experts as the best basketball player of all time. He finally retired in 2003 in the Washington Wizards, he is having done so on two previous occasions, in 1993 and 1999, after playing 13 seasons with the Chicago Bulls.

    He won six Chicago Bulls rings. He also won 10 titles of top scorer, 5 MVP of the season 6 Finals MVP, was named to the All-NBA Team in ten occasions, defensive nine times, leader in steals during three years and a prize the best defender of the season.

    Since 1983 he appeared in fifty occasions in Sport Illustrated. In 1991 he was appointed best athlete of the twentieth century for ESPN and second after Babe Ruth for Associated Press.