Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2011

How bizarre!

Listen to the song, watch the video clip and give me your opinion. You can also have a look at the lyrics in my website.

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  1. I love the music but I don´t like this song.
    The "singer" cannot sing too much,is a bit strange :)and the letter doesn´t express very much.
    I like almost all type of music, I prefer the reggae, but this song is horrible jaja.

  2. I don't understand what do we should to do when we see the video Albert. It's horrible but funny really funny, also I saw the lyrics which aren't nothing new. After see the video and listen to the singer, I can't stop to laugh. The man have an incredible style to sing and to move his body. The videoclip is amazing!JAJAJA!!

    P.S.:What is your aim with this song, Albert?

  3. For me this song is very bad, because I have read the letter of this song in spanish and english and it has no meaning. The message of this song is pathetic and I think that is one of this songs that are easy to dance and sing as "La Barbacoa" (georgie dann), "La Macarena", etc.
    But this song will never be comparable with the great songs as "Man in the mirror", "lose yourself", "I just call to say I love you", and many other of the number one of the song in the history.

    Enrique García Prados 2º A Bachiller

  4. I don't like very much this song, because it isn't the type of music that I use to listen, but the videoclip is very funny. this song was very popular in New Zeland at 1997, so it is a old song.

  5. I don't like very much this song, I think it's a bit pathetic but It's also funny and weird...
    I usually dance with my friends this kind of music to have fun x) but, indeed, I don't like it a lot because it's a brick.

  6. Hello Albert!
    I don't deal very well the meaning of this song but I don't like very much.
    The singer is pathetic and the song is .. "special" jajajaja
    In spite of the fact that I haven't liked it I have laughed a lot with the video and with the dance of the singer,I have spent a good time seeing the video jajaja

    That you spend a good bridge Albert (:

    Marina Jódar Navas 1º Bach C

  7. He had never heard this song, but I don't regret because I don't much like the song; I don't understand neither the video or the song.
    It isn't the kind of music that I listen. Although the song is old, 15 years ago, there's best songs in 1990s. For example:

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  9. The truth is I don´t like this song, because I don´t understand, the music and the lyrics are pathetic, isn´t my type. The video is very funny and is old. The singer hasn´t a beautiful voice and doesn´t like to hear it.There are other old singers are better than this
    I like pop music, with singers who have a beautiful voice and beautiful music.

  10. I think it's a funny song to listen when you are with your friends and have a good time laughing because the letter of the song is a bit bad and isn't the kind of music that I listen everyday,I prefer to listen other music more present.
    Lorena Gutiérrez Paqué 1ºB Bach.

  11. I think that this song is a bit bad and ridiculous, but also I think that it is very funny and I have laughed a lot listening to it. I don´t like the song, but my father said to me that he listened it when he was young. He love it!(although I don't understand him). I have seen the lyrics of this song and I can´t see any sense, it´s really bad, although if you listen to it in English, this song isn´t so bad. Also I have seen the video clip, it´s as ridiculous as the song and it´s very repetitive, but it´s amusing. Definitely there are many songs better than this.
    Mireya González Paredes 2ºA BACH.

  12. I think that this song it´s so bad, it´s horrible. I like many types of music but I don´t like regge or flamenco. I think this song are good for other times but now I think it´s not appropiated. I like other types of music like Jazz or rock, but not all types of rock. The video is very funny but the lyrics are not well.
    By: Ana Béjar Sánchez 2ºBACH B.

  13. I don't understand the lyrics of this song. The chorus sais "how bizarre" and I say that how bizarre is their song and their videoclip.
    I think that this song tell us about a circus, because they sing about monkeys, elephants, acrobats, cameras... Although there are some parts which I don't understand.
    For me, this song is ridiculous and very pathetic and the dance of the women is horrible.
    By: Noelia Fernández Béjar 2º Bach A.

  14. I don't like this song, I think is horrible,ridiculous and it make no sense.
    I don't understand the video, I think it talks about fame, for the cameras. I don't know where, but I've listened this song in another site.
    The song is old because the clothes they wore are from the 80's or 90's.

  15. I think this song is a shame... and the band members are also a shame, they are weared so bad and they sing horrible. Also, the singer mix styles and the result is this, a bad and ridiculous song, in my opinion.

  16. I think I heard this song on an advert on TV but I do not remember which. It is not my style of music and I don't like this song but it's catchy. The clothes are horrible and the dance too.

    By: Laura González 1ºA Bach

  17. I like many types of music but I don´t like this song.I really think the song is horrible and that the singer isn't very good.I've laughed with the video , it's amazing.
    By: Eva Pérez Ortiz , 1ºBach A

  18. It's a strange song, people says that is a bad song, I heared more horrible songs, I only change the singer, he sounds like a old goat, the girls voices are good ,the instrumental is not bad, but the videoclip is so ridiculous..

    This kind of songs don't like anybody.

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  20. I think the song is a bit old but I think the singer is quite ugly. I also think the song isn't very good because I don't like this type of music, which is quite bizarre.

    Alberto jr

  21. I think the song is very old, but it's very interesting. My favourite types of music are electronic music, Hip-Hop and pop. These types of music are really good. My favourite song is ''international love''.

    Francisco Garcia Garcia 2B.