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by Bruce Lee

domingo, 13 de noviembre de 2011

Would you buy a Mac or a PC?

Here are some ads J.J. Rovira (1º Bach A) has just sent me. Watch them and tell me if you can get something clear out of it?

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  1. I don't know which I would buy. This summer I had the oportunity to manage one of the newest Macs and I was impressed because of its speed and its size! But I think that there are also good PCs which are being released nowadays. If I would have to buy a computer for me, I don't mind if it's a PC or a Mac, the main thing is that it works properly and that it is not too expensive.
    However, if I had to choose one of them now, I think I would like having a Mac, but tomorrow perhaps I change my mind.
    By: Anna Rodríguez 1°Bach A

  2. I'm sure I would buy a Pc because all my life I had use a PC. But, I know that Mac is a incredible pc system however is most used for enterprises. I think Pc is more compatible than Mac for all programs.
    By:José Miguel Ruiz Cano 1ºBach A

  3. I don't know which I would buy.I prefer have a PC because I don't matter this type of tecnology,I just look for something that allows me to get me information on news, entertainment and social networks. Also I prefer some that is more cheap but within a few years would be a best mac.

  4. I think I prefer a Mac because is more useful and more complet, but there is a little problem... the money, if I could buy a Mac I would buy a Mac, but if I haven´t got enough money I will buy a PC.A PC isn´t bad, because it´s easy to use and lote of people use this,but... I prefer a Mac.

    By: José Ramón Mira Bosch 1ºA Bach

  5. I think I prefer a Pc beacuse it is more useful and easier than a Mac, Mac is a new technology and it is more expensive than a normal Pc, and both are similar in their works.So I´ll buy a Pc and not a Mac.

    By: Carlos Sánchez Arnedo 1ºA

  6. I think if I had to buy a computer, I would buy a Mac. PC and Mac are excellent computers but I prefer Mac because is more modern and it´s better. But I´m a problem, a Mac it´s more expensive than PC. It´s because I will probably buy a PC. But I prefer a Mac.

    Ana Béjar Sánchez 2ºBACH B.

  7. To me the computer easier, it will be what I've ever had, I prefer a PC because it is cheaper and easier to use. Maybe in the future I would like to have a Mac to test it and I think the PC is more interesting than the Mac...

    Jesús Guirado Paloma 1ºBACH - C

  8. Obviously, I prefeer a Mac. Apple is great so I like so much. The technology that mac uses is amazing! You can do a lot of things with a Mac, like chat with friends on FaceTime, play,surf the internet, etc.

    I have an Ipod Touch so i´m really glad with this mobile phone! I can take photos, surf the internet like a Mac or a Pc computer.

    Pc is so good too, but it's really slowly and ou can get virus on your computer. In mac it doesn´t happen!

    By: Juan José Rovira Medina 1ºA Bach

  9. I prefer the PC because, in my opinion, is easier than Mac, and it can make all the things that I need of a computer.A Mac has some advantages, but its too expensive compared to the PC, so I choose the latter for the simplicity and the price that it has.

  10. I prefer a mac because i think that it has the best technology, but a mac is so expensive for me, so I couldn't buy a Mac and I will must buy a PC.
    However, I prefer a Mac.

    Alba Pineda Montoro

  11. Hi everybody!
    Personally I prefer the PC because is easy to use and for me my PC is perfect. Mac is more complete but I don't need it and Mac is also more expensive.
    In addition I don't use a lot my computer because I prefer go out and talk to my friends face to face instead to chat to them on Internet.
    So my conclusion is I prefer a PC.
    I think Mac is made to people who work a lot and therefore they need it, if not in my opinion that is just not worth.

  12. I prefer a Mac because the system is incredible but Mac is very expensive although the programs are more complete than Pc

    but quality and price I buy a Pc because more or less the Pc is the same than a Mac

    A lot of people says that a Mac is better to work but Pc is better to normal person than had a computer to surf in the internet listen to music watch videos

  13. I prefer a Mac because the advantages are: the viruses are less accedible than PC but the disadvantages are some programs can have errors and fails and also because it is the most expensive.

    But when we talk about PC her advantages are always that is more cheaper than Mac. And the disadvantages are that can has virus because her software included programs of others companies that pay.

  14. Nowadays computers are essential to our daily lives. Most people couldn't imagine life without them, as they have been a breakthrough for humanity. There are many different kinds of computers, large, small, portable ... However, there are two operating sistems that dominate the world: Wondows and Mac. Which do you prefer?

    On the one hand, Mac offers a great quality. Computers are more resistant and more difficult for viruses to enter on them. Almost everyone dreams of having a computer with an "apple", however, is it accurate for us? These more powerful computers are recommended for specific jobs, such as design, as they have a much better graphics card. However, they also have disadvantages. They are much more expensive than other computers, and they need special programs to pass information from one device to another one.

    On the other hand, Windows computers are more widespread in the worldwide. They are used in most offices and schools, and that its operating system is compatible with other devices such as Android phones. They are cheaper than Macs, and allow you to use Google services.

    There are also other free operating systems like Linux, but are less used and are ,ore simply. Taking all this into account, personally I prefer to use a PC as they are the computers that have always used and I have two at home. For my purposes, the system is quite good and I can do whatever I want with them without spend a fortune to buy them.

    Clara Prados. 2ºBACH.

  15. Nowdays everybody have a computer in his house . In my opinion although the PC have virus I prefer the PC because you can have got a better pc with less money , but Mac there haven't a good computer for the price of this .

    Really , you have to know that you want to use your computer if you want the computer to media ( listen music , download films , music , images , and social networks your best option there are a mac .
    But if you want the computer for more performance , I personaly recomendate a PC because the PC is better for games and grafichs , the PC developed more power than the Mac , if you buy a PC Gamer , there are better than Mac and cheaper than Mac .

    Jose Manuel Diaz España 3ºB

  16. I don´t really know, because a Mac is very good computer and has a lot of memory, but there are lot of apps that are in a normal pc, but not in a Mac and if your Mac brokes down a repair for that computer costs a lot of money, more tha a pc. A pc also is great, because there are plenty of different apps and if it brokes down you can repare it for a normal ammount of money. But at the end a computer is a computer and we use them for the same thing, that´s the reason wich I
    don´t metter to buy a Mac ore a pc.