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lunes, 26 de diciembre de 2011

Learning English by means of a TV sitcom

Here is a video my colleague Victoria has got in her blog, REALLY FUNNY!! Don't you think? Hw
Why don´t you watch the following video from Mind Your Language, a TV sitcom from the 70s. I´m sure you´ll get a good laugh. 

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  1. This video is really funny and entertained, I have laughed very much with it. It's fantastic! I think that this video is a reflection of the reality. People who is learning a language and who still doesn't speak it well, normally doesn't pronounce correctly and they say things that don't want to say confusing so to another person. This video also reflects the conflicts between different countries and the personality of the person of every country. I think this sitcom is funnier than many of the current sitcoms.
    Mireya González Paredes 2ºA BACH

  2. In my opinion, this sitcom is very funny and I like it a lot because you can see the different ways of talking and behaviours in the different countries which the people come from. That is why it is so important to speak appropriately not to have any misunderstandings when you are speaking. I'd like to watch some more episodes like this one.
    Albert jr.

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  5. It´s really funny! i've seen another videos like this but this is funnier than the others.

    I really like the teacher, it's the best!!. I understand almost all but I couldn´t understand some phrases only listening so I think it's so easy to undestand!!

    I really like the serie, but are there another chapters?

    By: Juan José Rovira Medina 1ºA Bach

  6. I think that this video is really funny and when I was watching it,I couldn´t stop laughing.This sitcom, whose students are from different countries and speak languages very different too, is very interesting because it shows us the important to know and international language to communicate with other people, but if you only know your language you don´t understand other people when you go to other countries, for example.This video remembers me that nowadays is very important learn other languages for example, the English because to work you need and foreing language.Finally I think that to learn other languages can do with funny ways as this video.
    By:Carmen Presenta Prados Ramón 2ºA BACH.

  7. I saw a part of this video the other day, it's really funny, I've enjoyed it a lot. I like very much the fact that every student is from a different country, and that in the video are shown the characteristics between each one, for example, the efficiency between Japan and Germany, the hatred between the religions.
    I love The Miss's pronunciation, it's a really delight listening to her. I wish to pronounce like her, but it will cost me a long time... but nothing it's imposible, I guess!
    And I wanted to share another, maybe for the majority unknown, thing (or I'm the only who 'wants' to see it). Japanese people, when they are talking English, when the word ends with a consonant (not all of them), almost always add the sound 'o' at the end of the word. For example, they pronunce the word 'first' as 'fersto' (I don't know to put that better). I know this because of I've seen a lot of anime series, and they do it very often.

  8. The video is very cool, yes, I laughed a lot but I want comment about the principal point in this humor, apart of the scenes of the Mr Browm with The Miss (the old history of the woman boss feminist and the young newcomer, a cliché), I´m refering to the fact of seeing to a foreign from a concrete place of that form so typical, this is always funny because it´s very true, the pronunciacion of the english (as the "R" of Ali), the mixture of languages (as the of Giovani), the jokes with the word games
    (- I´m Mr Browm.- - You aren´t browm, you are white.- xD) and the most important of me: The form so confident they have of talk, perhaps they don´t talk correctly, but if we never dare to speak english, even bad, never we will say anything

  9. This sitcom is very funny. When I saw this video I laugh a lot of. In my opinion the best student in the class was the Spanish´s student. In the class there are persons from Japan, Italy, Spain... The pronunce is funny, because they speak a little of his or her language. The teacher Mr Brown is also very funny. I think this sitcom is fantastic.